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    1. uncovered more of the tattoo that decorated it, like the excavation of a relic

    2. up for an excavation job in two days, an

    3. On the way to join the crowd, Amaranthe and Maldynado skirted a second pit, a recent excavation with a mound of dirt piled next to it

    4. But the one that stands out the most is the fact that Chelsea’s dad owns a construction company that uses blasting caps for excavation

    5. “Do you mean as in blasting caps for excavation?”

    6. Originaly known as Corte Culebra (Snake Cut), it now takes the name of Colonel David DuBose Gaillard, the engineer who was in charge of the excavation of about seven and a half miles long through the Cordillera Continental (Continental Divide), during the construction of the Canal

    7. In this section, the excavation was carried out mostly on solid rock

    8. That was the main excavation and the one that caused devastating slides during the building of the channel and soon after the opening of that important waterway

    9. excavation in the small cave

    10. In 1996 the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said that maybe all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on excavation, removal of tanks treatment of soil and etc was misguided and misspent effort

    11. “My name will finally be first on an excavation report

    12. The drawing was a composite of the total excavation site, the structure in front of us with the fire pit in the middle, other structures that were being uncovered, and those we might uncover later

    13. She superimposed a half sphere built with a short, circular, stone wall about fourteen inches high, continuing to the roof in wooden planks and mud or wattle and daub for each of the excavation sights

    14. I grabbed the back of a camp chair that was near the edge of the excavation and sat down

    15. I looked at the actual excavation, and back to the picture

    16. ” I pointed to the excavation

    17. My dad had probably taken me to excavation sites in

    18. The excavation continued deep into the ground and was strengthened by thousands of tons of steel erected by workers who were on the payroll of the Brotherhood

    19. The buildings surrounding the excavation were slowly joined together by further constructions which passed the normal planning applications and seemed to offer good residential and commercial property in an area of the city that cried out for development

    20. As the excavation continued three wide and very high tunnels were dug out and reinforced

    21. A huge hydraulic lifting apparatus was installed into the deep excavation and then containers began to arrive by the dozen full of tank parts and ammunition

    22. From the penthouse they took the lift down into the bowels of the building where the main excavation happened

    23. he found Jo loading a sled with excavation tools

    24. appeared from the labs and several of the excavation crew

    25. especially for the excavation crew

    26. excavation crew who had newly graduated that year as a

    27. excavation crew who had been isolated and working

    28. have quite a bit of space even though the excavation team

    29. excavation crew, the domestic staff as well as the group

    30. of the excavation team had been called following a com-

    31. thousand years ago, Jo had said that recent excavation

    32. trench were four of the excavation crew that Declan had

    33. sound and seconds later one of the Excavation Crew called

    34. Frederick Heinz, one of the excavation crew

    35. full scale excavation, the biggest yet,” shouted Jim as soon

    36. work areas, while others visited the excavation site

    37. complete the excavation of the floor and work on the

    38. control is even within the excavation site,” argued their

    39. who was to head the excavation of the Crete site, had the

    40. was evident that once the initial excavation of the Knossos

    41. 12 years, became Excavation Director of the Elephantine dig and became

    42. I checked and cleared up any signs around my excavation then I lay in the hole pulling what dead falls I could reach to cover the small entrance

    43. “The resident firm of architects and engineers are unaware that, during excavation, they may have uncovered an archaeological site

    44. Obviously no in depth analysis was possible at that stage, it would have to be done once they had seen the excavation

    45. No one spoke as the Land Cruiser drove down the ramp into the excavation

    46. Sometimes there is a mist at night and, whilst we are screened by the 15meter high walls of the excavation, stray light might illuminate the mist above ground level

    47. The breeze flowing through the cab as the vehicle roared across the excavation brought some relief to them both

    48. They headed towards the excavation without lights

    49. Even if someone had found the camp and vehicles, it only needed one person to cover the boards with sand, and a few goats to obliterate any signs of the excavation

    50. Max had figured it would be better to dig the new hole into the side of the excavation

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    Synonyms for "excavation"

    excavation mining dig digging archeological site hole cavity pit mine hollow quarry tunnel unearthing blasting

    "excavation" definitions

    the act of digging

    the site of an archeological exploration

    a hole in the ground made by excavating

    the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth