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    1. He did evil - This phrase is misleading but very instructive

    2. profile (not misleading the community with false data or overly-hyped facts), taking precautions

    3. deliberate misleading of mankind? They are not used with

    4. ' Games is a little misleading; holo flight training simulations is what they actually were and the highest level of advanced techniques at that

    5. I can’t recall exactly who it was that first mentioned a Cornish Rex along with the misleading phrase “hypoallergenic,” but I was off and

    6. This is misleading, for the real question is whether those voters want to replace their own congressman

    7. The forces that acted upon him as he sat cocooned in his chair were misleading,

    8. for example, an attitude, that, may appear charming and pleasant on the surface while in fact concealing a darker, insidious nature; that is to say, external impressions are oftentimes misleading

    9. It avoids convenient or simple solutions to complex questions or easy expressions for hard-nosed assumptions that require testing, at every level; prepared to accept in whatever manner, the pretentious challenges of misleading or presumptive propositions whose attainment is (sufficient) reward in itself

    10. She hated misleading her sister, but the woman was pregnant after all

    11. O‘Conner would put an end to his incessant ravings that are over-done and oftentimes misleading

    12. Statistics are sometimes misleading, however; that is to say, they do not necessarily place what is being measured in perspective

    13. “When I told you that Herminia must have misunderstood what Leon said, I was misleading you

    14. Sometimes there is a lot of misleading going on

    15. industrial nations of the world pulled along with it several misleading claims:

    16. Leaders must not be chosen based on charisma, popularity, or ease of communication, all of which are misleading and have little to do with the efficacy of a political leader

    17. The term “mild steel” is a bit misleading

    18. Even the manufacturers website33 is misleading regarding the truth, just as with the cremation process

    19. This is a misleading and deceiving term, but I can understand how it became known as “ash”

    20. As he made his way around the room, my heart began thumping like that of a teenage boy about to ask his long term crush out on a date, (perhaps a little misleading this analogy, though there’s no denying that Massimo is a good looking fella!)

    21. Misleading others by saying something that is not true

    22. What interest could he possibly have in misleading

    23. misleading the House of Commons with the testimony she provided into

    24. misleading the court and failing to send a letter to the Crown in the case

    25. He acknowledged misleading the court and failing to send a letter to the

    26. The Canadian military says it has not been misleading about Canadian deaths

    27. Failed to improve its misleading budget procedures; Did not fully apply all relevant federal laws to itself; Failed to eliminate congressional perquisites that are used to influence elections; Advanced campaign finance reform that would give incumbents even more

    28. Because of this, he is allowed a little leeway, and he can be misleading, so long as he does not speak any blatant lie, and so long as he believes that doing so serves his vow

    29. This is so misleading, and has no value for us

    30. Fraud is intentional misleading by lying and promising the

    31. They jammed the edge, jeering and calling misleading advice, and the boy repeated his successful trick

    32. With every job the stakes got higher and when, on one occasion her misleading intentions were discovered by her mark as she rummaged through his strong box, she was required to fight for her life and Zerch ever near had needed to rescue her

    33. I know, I know it's funny—to you! I told her you showed better manners than the typical crook, but she came up with the idea you must be a confidence man, because they're always misleading people with their charm

    34. While we did mention the trophies first, simply summing the use of PSN simply for that would be misleading

    35. misleading, then a tort of false light might have occurred

    36. The truth is that too often statistics are misleading and misinterpreted

    37. The old life and the old history were left behind; and although my premonitions stated the certainty of war, I decided to dive into the love phrases that Leonardo was whispering to my ears in those few hours that separated me from the other coast that awaited me in Eisenbaum; and leave for another day the misleading shade of war

    38. Will you have what I can tell you, which will be partial and inevitably misleading, or will you wait until you can be told the whole thing?” Not unnaturally we

    39. This somewhat newer tradition, is followed to avoid misleading the faithful into honoring as saints those who are not

    40. The most misleading

    41. Even the word enlightenment is misleading; it implies some other, higher, state of consciousness

    42. He creates online pages and forums to spread spam and false or misleading information meant to confuse or stymie other research projects

    43. “Captain, you accused us of misleading you and withholding information on our last mission

    44. ‘Why he was driven to take legal action against some of those muck-raking reporters because of the inflammatory and misleading stuff they wrote about him

    45. Special – this fish is special all right, but then perhaps that word is misleading

    46. However, there were a few things that were misleading

    47. Please note that the Bible was misleading about the true place of birth of Yeshua

    48. He writes, “War news may be factually correct but very unrealistic in context, and therefore misleading

    49. This misleading statistic is based on the fact that the population is greater downstate and naturally more play the game

    50. Red Socks: A Reporter’s Life, states, “War news may be factually correct but very unrealistic in context, and therefore misleading

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    deceptive misleading vague unclear ambiguous dubious indeterminate indistinct

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    designed to deceive or mislead either deliberately or inadvertently