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Vague in a sentence | vague example sentences

  1. In a vague way, yes.
  2. This was vague to Mr.
  3. It was all very vague.
  4. It was vague in the.
  5. He felt a vague alarm.

  6. There was a vague reply.
  7. With a vague part of his.
  8. A vague smell of chemicals.
  9. She was still pretty vague.
  10. I was vague, but convincing.
  11. It had a vague familiarity.
  12. The term rings a vague bell.
  13. It all sounds rather vague.
  14. They began to feel a vague.
  15. Cindy was vague about Thomas.

  16. I cleared up the vague parts.
  17. He seemed very distant, vague.
  18. The vague aspects of all the.
  19. The vague notion of ever at-.
  20. Vague relief permeated my pores.
  21. Vague mental pictures came to.
  22. I had expected something vague.
  23. It's al vague to me after that.
  24. But he was very vague about it.
  25. Road, Pune in a vague semicircle.

  26. Her fingers cast a vague shadow.
  27. A kind of vague but enduring link.
  28. LP's memory of the place was vague.
  29. He had a vague idea where that was.
  30. She got a vague feeling of unease.
  31. Yet there is often a vague sense.
  32. With only a vague recollection of.
  33. He knew it with a vague acceptance.
  34. In a vague way he hated her for it.
  35. She was very vague with her answers.
  36. He felt the vague pain in his chest.
  37. Jacob ended the call, his face vague.
  38. Heaven itself is nebulous and vague.
  39. The scriptures are also vague about.
  40. He had a vague memory of making love.
  41. It had all become so vague and distant.
  42. Vague impressions of height and weight.
  43. Branan Stoke was very vague about the.
  44. I have some idea of it, but very vague.
  45. He made a vague excuse as to why they.
  46. He describes his childhood with vague.
  47. Now what is vague is doubtful; and it.
  48. A vague hope of finding a clue, he had.
  49. The old lady turned vague eyes toward him.
  50. The area was familiar to her in a vague.
  51. The joy of childhood is said to be vague.
  52. There was a vague, unreal feel about her.
  53. A vague uneasiness stirred in the Patrón.
  54. I was staring in Jezza’s vague direction.
  55. Kate has been very vague as to where I am.
  56. Indecent? He was rather vague about her.
  57. He could barely make out a vague line of.
  58. I’ve toyed with the idea of this vague.
  59. His memories of them were vague and remote.
  60. Two metres above him there was a vague ledge.
  61. The hoarse vague echoes of my sorrows sound.
  62. Just a vague, shadowy, nebulous idea of him.
  63. Something vague registered within him, and.
  64. What? Why were emotions so damn vague? Fuck.
  65. Her memory of that night will be very vague.
  66. She had a vague and hazy image in her head.
  67. This is where the details start to get vague.
  68. At that time, the plans were vague about an.
  69. A vague conversation like this is NOT helpful.
  70. This is more than a vague hunch, I said.
  71. But I won't describe my vague sensations as.
  72. Below them stretched a vague expanse of sand.
  73. Her memory of him, however, was rather vague.
  74. I thought that I would leave the vague plot.
  75. He put out his vague hands like a sleepwalker.
  76. He included a vague outline of the street he.
  77. He would be suitably vague about this to them.
  78. She had even fantasized vague plans of rescue.
  79. She was just always so VAGUE, about everything.
  80. Only the eyes appeared lost, vague and unsure.
  81. Nearing the top, vague shades of gray rose as.
  82. The vague form in the distance portrayed a door.
  83. His memory of the previous night was very vague.
  84. A vague shadow crossed his mind like a prophecy.
  85. She was going to have to be as vague as possible.
  86. There is this vague unspoken question hanging in.
  87. A vague concept that sounds good, but says little.
  88. Lucy went into her marriage with very vague ideas.
  89. The images became vague as she started to breathe.
  90. I looked him over and there was a vague familiarity.
  91. Vague at first, but the insights grew, hinting at.
  92. Suddenly everything becomes vague and questionable.
  93. A vague memory of a dream floated about in her head.
  94. A pledge, vague and hopeful and probably improbable.
  95. Vague disquiet accompanied Jaume the rest of his day.
  96. She was still very confused by Avery and her vague.
  97. He countered these with equally vague responses or.
  98. When he woke up, he had a vague flash of remembrance.
  99. The primal memory, she said with a vague smile.
  100. Janice waved her hand in a vague Northerly direction.

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