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Missy in a sentence | missy example sentences

  1. Oh it went okay Missy.
  2. Put Missy on the phone.
  3. Missy takes a deep breath.
  4. Missy moved off in the dark.
  5. Not a word, little missy.

  6. However, Missy is in a coma.
  7. Missy was instantly on guard.
  8. Missy laughed a hearty laugh.
  9. Two things kept Missy alive.
  10. Missy then hangs up the phone.
  11. Missy Hal yday at the Casanova.
  12. Missy I'm on my way over there.
  13. Missy is in the back room alone.
  14. Missy is not one to lie around.
  15. Missy was poisoned with cerbera.

  16. That means Missy is still alive.
  17. Missy stares nervously into space.
  18. Missy arrives home that afternoon.
  19. Why not Missy?! Dana shouts.
  20. Marty handed an envelope to Missy.
  21. Missy continually stares at Helen.
  22. Missy, venez donc à notre table.
  23. They leave Missy in the room alone.
  24. Raymond comes and approaches Missy.
  25. Has Forrest moved Missy again?

  26. Is something wrong with Missy?
  27. Lead the way, missy, said Joey.
  28. With everybody else, Missy was okay.
  29. I’ll take care of you later missy.
  30. Gracy asks, "Missy are you alright?".
  31. Missy kept his hand longer than usual.
  32. Missy and the triplets go to the gate.
  33. That would be one Missy Hal yday, Mr.
  34. Missy and Londa nervously look at Dana.
  35. Call it off, Missy, she’d said.
  36. Missy stunned looks at Russell and Neil.
  37. He goes to Missy and says, Hello Missy.
  38. Oh no Missy, those weren't blood stains.
  39. That same morning, Missy is at the school.
  40. OK, Missy, we’re getting outta here.
  41. Seated with Missy were two other fairies.
  42. Missy and Jody stop down to say good-bye.
  43. Now you hold it one minute missy!.
  44. Missy Murphy shook her head back and forth.
  45. You better call the cops, Missy said.
  46. Missy goes to the school that same morning.
  47. Missy comes forward from around the table.
  48. Things happened pretty fast with Missy.
  49. Then he said, I love you so much, Missy.
  50. That same morning, Missy goes to the school.
  51. A minute later, Missy comes to the telephone.
  52. Missy grabbed Lov's pointy ear, stopping him.
  53. He approaches Missy and says 'hello' to her.
  54. Kathy sighs and says, Oh thanks a lot Missy.
  55. Sam… if we don’t, Missy is going to die.
  56. Missy turned to stone; he had touched a nerve.
  57. She couldn't take living there anymore Missy.
  58. Thanks for keeping an eye on Missy for me.
  59. They took his Missy, but it was his daughter.
  60. Missy and Robert nervously look at each other.
  61. Nord heard Missy scream above the battle noise.
  62. The question is can Missy last that long?
  63. Do let him eat, said Missy, with a smile.
  64. They then look towards Missy and the triplets.
  65. John called me and told me Missy had arrested.
  66. Missy and the triplets thank Thomas and Robert.
  67. Missy sits at the table, being sad and nervous.
  68. Missy flipped around, then turned back to Nord.
  69. Missy starts to cry her eyes out very silently.
  70. Missy, hey, missy! he bent over her once more.
  71. It’s OK, Missy, Sir Richard interjected.
  72. Missy and Sammy tearfully hold on to each other.
  73. He sees Missy in the hallway and approaches her.
  74. Christine asks, "Where's Missy? Is she ready?".
  75. Missy handed her knife over, a scowl on her face.
  76. Raymond looks at the pad and says, Thanks Missy.
  77. Missy, hey, missy!’ he bent over her once more.
  78. Missy seems to be taking that murder pretty hard.
  79. Missy tells the small student, Wait on the side.
  80. I'm Missy, and yes, I work with your grandfather.
  81. Missy was lying stretched out on top of the table.
  82. Sir Richard, Missy basically had a heart attack.
  83. What are you doing? Missy asked in a whisper.
  84. Missy licked her lips a little out of nervousness.
  85. Missy looks on nervously, but does not say a word.
  86. No we didn’t know that Grandpa, Missy says.
  87. He sadly watches Missy as she goes down the street.
  88. Missy led Lov out the front of a stalagmite building.
  89. Missy flew over to Jaxon, and punched him in the ear.
  90. Christine and Missy then go inside the basement door.
  91. That same morning, Missy goes into the school office.
  92. Kevin Wilson has confirmed that Forrest has Missy.
  93. Missy blows the train whistle and away they go again.
  94. They all help Missy to lay down on the resting couch.
  95. You really should watch that temper of yours, missy.
  96. Then she looks at Missy and gives Missy a cold stare.
  97. She hysterically asks, "What are you saying Missy?".
  98. Missy met him at the front door with a hug and a kiss.
  99. Missy shockingly puts her hand over her mouth again!.
  100. Missy shook her head, looking to the front of the line.

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