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    1. Curious little beetles clambered across the mountainous hard core following the unfamiliar animal scents, blood dried and stiff, sweat exuded during the long afternoon hours still pungent in the evening air

    2. It was a very mountainous region, and very high up

    3. There was no moon, and the mist seemed to have a mind of its own as it filled the valley and the entire mountainous area

    4. They were leaving the sparse mountainous area and headed towards a more temperate climate

    5. mostly forested and quite mountainous, to the north of here

    6. But it‘s also a beautiful mountainous land with over 120 rivers and springs, limestone cave labyrinths, gushing waterfal s and mineral springs

    7. This mountainous country was once covered in rainforest

    8. Not only that, but the paths before them were sealed as well, the roadways packed full of mountainous piles of debris

    9. While pondering her own chances -- which seemed as grim -- Nathalia heard a thunderous roar, and suddenly, the light of Minos -- the very moon itself -- was eclipsed by a mountainous form

    10. A maze of mountainous roots blocked his path, but with his newfound abilities, he quickly ascended them

    11. This, too, used to happen almost constantly in Hispaniola, while it was infested by the buccaneers, and before the settlement, improvement, and populousness of the French plantations ( which now extend round the coast of almost the whole western half of the island) had given some value to the cattle of the Spaniards, who still continue to possess, not only the eastern part of the coast, but the whole inland mountainous part of the country

    12. , Italy, according to Guicciardini, was cultivated not less in the most mountainous and barren parts of the country, than in the plainest and most fertile

    13. Scott looked back at the mountainous landscape, thinking that he might catch the mysterious visitor in the corner of his eye

    14. In fact, only a few hours after Joseph"s burial, I realized I had mountainous problems to face

    15. The waves were mountainous and frequently

    16. Gone was the seer and his mountainous son, Flesh’ailer

    17. Interestingly towards the west of Owamboland called the Kaokoveldt the mountainous terrain prevented the armoured vehicles from operating so they conducted most of their operations on foot and got to be exceedingly fit and scrawny

    18. out of the mountainous area

    19. I felt a deep sense of connection to the mountainous

    20. ashes in the same mountainous area of Phoenix

    21. The visitor is truly amazed by the panoramic beauty and the architectural skill that is necessary to construct, in that mountainous and rocky topography, a four-lane freeway

    22. Their leader, clutching the rolled-up fleece, was on a plane to Pakistan, and headed for a mountainous region bordering Afghanistan

    23. Mountainous heaps of rocks rose up out of the ground

    24. son and the surrounding area are mountainous with few guardrails to

    25. They held that the heavens were immutable (didn’t change), the celestial bodies were spheres (smooth, not pocked, mountainous, rifted or spotted), and the earth not only didn’t move, it was located at the center of the universe

    26. This time the current pushed us first east along the coast of Cuba, then west as we neared the mountainous island of Xaymaca

    27. It looked less mountainous and was obviously occupied from all the smoke rising from various areas

    28. Even the offshore islands seemed to be mountainous, but not as high, and many of them were completely covered with trees

    29. Up stairs and down corridors he stalked, passing long rows of windows that looked out on a brown, mountainous highland wilderness, until at last he had reached the double doors of a long-closed room

    30. The first third of the island appeared fairly flat along the coast, but the rest was quite mountainous

    31. Like Switzerland in Europe, Costa Rica in America stands out as a mountainous country of varied topography

    32. altitudes of the mountainous

    33. Moshe now turned his gaze into the west, across the valley of the river to the mountainous terrain beyond

    34. now turned his gaze into the west, across the valley of the river to the mountainous terrain

    35. Flood and strobe lights beaming, the H-3 was driven into the mountainous waves with the loss of the four man crew

    36. Zerubbabel meanwhile in dream-five was equated with Seven Spirits, reminiscent of the dreams of Pharaoh (a mountainous obstacle)

    37. With limited visibility, Lieutenant Commander Bill Peterson and his crew lowered rescue swimmer ASM3 Kelly Mogk into the mountainous seas

    38. Barrad had known that most of the troops were native to this mountainous region, known as the Black-rocks and this would give them one last chance to say goodbye to their loved ones or a greeting to the plentiful barmaids and whores of Monaki

    39. This was also the case for the Woods of Coermantyr and the mountainous regions east of Arkadia

    40. Let’s move onward and learn what we can of the architecture of this mountainous structure

    41. They communicated with mind-song among themselves as the dragon circled the mountainous Spires and spewed green flame

    42. The male stone giant was mountainous

    43. What would their homeland look like? Would it be covered in hills and the occasional forest, like Kildonar? Would it be mountainous and craggy like eastern Mackilla, or flat grassy plain-land like Donube?

    44. He had made contact with a couple of smugglers who would help him to cross the mountainous border between Iran and Turkey

    45. It was a gray ape, one of the grisly man-eaters from the forests that wave on the mountainous eastern shores of the Sea of Vilayet

    46. The entire coast comprises hundreds upon hundreds of mountainous fingers that clutch desperately at the Pacific Ocean, resulting in numerous deep fiords and inlets, sometimes 70 to 100 kilometres in length and terminating in the heart of the snow-capped Coast Mountains

    47. It was another beautiful cloudless day and, despite all else that was happening, the staggering beauty of the Welsh coastline, mountainous backdrop and beautiful countryside in the growing light of the dawn that day overwhelmed her

    48. Lake Cowichan is a fresh water lake on Vancouver Island and is located high in the mountainous area of the island's interior, twenty-five miles from John Elliott's Saanich village, on land occupied by the Cowichan tribe

    49. The KBT originated in the mountainous regions of Kerry,

    50. There was a storm afoot like no other, and the mist came in mountainous waves that ran churning over the gunwales, filling the deck with a thick, turbulent fog that reduced visibility to a matter of inches

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    Synonyms for "mountainous"

    mountainous cragged craggy hilly lofty towering soaring

    "mountainous" definitions

    having hills and crags

    like a mountain in size and impressiveness

    containing many mountains