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    1. That water's green and hilly out there in sailor's nowhere and my saddle-worn stomach couldn't deal with that

    2. "It's probably a lot like the Dos basin, rather upland and hilly," Byia began

    3. That part of the Island is very hilly and Alastair’s old van was struggling at times

    4. There was another half mile thru hilly little plots to canyon bridge

    5. They stopped in many kinds of wilds, hilly jungle and shaftwood covered peaks a lot like Wescarp, neat farmland and small inns, open prairie like the wilds along the Lhar

    6. The late-October sun streaming through invited him to go out into the hilly vista, still snow free on the last few days of a predicted warm spell

    7. Inland creeks and rivers across Lennox County have hit new lows, according to Hilly Bakhander of the Lennox Region Conservation Authority

    8. On some of the larger, with hilly interiors and waterfalls spilling into the bay, villages inhabited by Cuna Indians – who continue to live much the same as their ancestors for countless generations – could be seen

    9. all the roads are winding and very hilly with steep drop-offs on each

    10. The surrounding area was hilly and open, reminding me of vistas in the Cape, where I’d always wanted to be

    11. The drive from the airport to Papa Gord’s house up in the hilly countryside of St

    12. Just riding along the slightly hilly puna felt like climbing a tall mountain

    13. The spies said that the land ahead was hilly and not well watered

    14. It was hilly, with dense forest, rain all year long, and a seemingly constant westerly wind, sometimes very strong

    15. The terrain was hilly, but not difficult

    16. Overlooking the hilly main road

    17. Maybe they wanted it as cold as other hilly places which rich people visited

    18. Located in the countryside, toward the border of the resort City of Hurricane, Hurricane Auction House stands on the hilly lands of a Country Club, surrounded by manicured grounds, has a green forest of pine trees, and a glorious botanical garden

    19. Heading toward the hilly Autumn Reigns, miles away, we follow along the River Stills

    20. It’s a two-lane curvy, hilly road, with dense trees curving inward as if bowing for the cars as they drive past

    21. There was a magnificent sunset in progress there, revealing herds of hundreds of fine horses running over hilly pastures, then a vastly expanded area of corrals and barns, then four new large two-story buildings in an open block around a complex of runs and yards, and finally the previously existing yards and buildings of the guest ranch

    22. we were managing to carve through the hilly landscape

    23. The woods opened upon a hilly glen

    24. Far north Scotland is bleak, treeless and mildly hilly, and the east coast road provides pretty sea views, bays and bridges

    25. As you know, the roads there are narrow, hilly and twisting and especially treacherous when they’re wet

    26. "Butterflies can't fly very well if their wings snap and then they can fall into the hilly rocks,"

    27. I look behind me and see, to my great satisfaction, we have left the hilly country and drive into the built-up area

    28. It is situated on a low, hilly terrain, it is made up of a total of six villages that are evenly spread over an expansive area

    29. hilly tracts of land

    30. was on a hilly embankment so I could see behind the forest on

    31. of the hilly embankment

    32. emanated from the hilly embankment leading to the forest

    33. walking on the hilly part of Westmount

    34. the hilly part of Westmount

    35. large, hilly, and full of trees, grass and congregations of

    36. There were however no roads or trails in the area and the hilly countryside made the trip a four-hour affair over rough, rocky ground

    37. The former are cautious, walk with canes, avoiding stairs and hilly terrain

    38. hilly street, and then through a parking lot

    39. As we walked this well-traveled road, began to notice all the many different cultures that used this same corridor, as it was one of only two that could be used in this hilly terrain

    40. Mostly in the hilly areas to the west

    41. We were walking for hours and reached in the hilly place far away from the riverbank and the railway tracks

    42. The hilly place was situated at some height; and from its top, we could see the entire area

    43. There was a big flat rock at the top of the hilly place

    44. I was worried and started looking them all around the hilly place, but my gaze caught me on the rising black smokes in the far sky

    45. We spent day and night in the hilly place without food and water; both sunny day and rainy day

    46. It was the beginning of rainfall in our small hilly town and the sprouting of seedlings of my love

    47. “It’s a bit hilly round here,” commented Allan

    48. (Sowing time-March in the hilly area and October in the plains)

    49. (Sowing time-Oct in the hilly area and March in the plains)

    50. (Sowing time-March in the hilly area and February in the plains)

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    Synonyms for "hilly"

    cragged craggy hilly mountainous uneven rough broken rocky rugged

    "hilly" definitions

    having hills and crags