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Music in a sentence

1. Music is a moral law.
2. Not a page of music.
3. Love is music of God.
4. The music of his new.
5. The music is too loud.
6. The music was not as.
7. Put the music on hold.

9. She heard the music cue.
10. War Music In The Cherry.
11. The music in whose soul.
12. It is the music we share.
13. I listened to music, I.
14. We had to face the music.
15. It’s music to my ears.
16. Thank god for the music.
17. The music has to be of.
18. Both the music and the.
19. Music pours out of them.
21. All this to Gypsy Music.
22. What he wanted was music.
23. Music came from in there.
24. Dave turned the music off.
25. The club's music is now.
26. The music is in the wind.
27. He’s in the music room.
28. At this, Music Man ceased.
29. And the music is playing.
30. The music of its rushing.
31. That was music to my ears.
32. He said it is like music.
33. It was music to his ears.
34. Here the music is nearer.
35. Q knew a lot about music.
36. Known for its folk music.
37. I didn't like the music.
38. The DJ started the music.
39. Music of the Heart (1999).
40. But the music still plays.
41. The Sound of Music (1965).
42. Not going to be any music.
43. The Sound Of Music (1965).
44. Homer woke up to her music.
45. And turned the music down.
46. There was music in the air.
47. The music awoke my soul!.
48. Proud Music of the Storm.
49. You can do that with music.
50. To a music that is thunder.
51. The music is still playing.
52. They heard the music begin.
53. The music is slowing anyway.
54. The music that has charms?
55. Diane turns the music down.
56. The choice of music was a.
57. As octave changes in music.
58. Not the music from a moment.
59. His music needed an outlet.
60. And then Maggie heard music.
61. The music was muffled but.
62. Maybe it was the music or.
63. A music teacher in Caracas.
64. Programs that add music to.
65. Play music or turn on the TV.
66. The music reached its peak.
67. I do remember hearing music.
68. Music started to play there.
69. The music was internal and.
70. If music was involved, this.
71. It stirred music in his mind.
72. In his head the music stops.
73. Who can live without music?
74. I told her about the music.
75. Without Music And With Your.
76. We shot a music video today.
77. Music appeared to come from.
78. The music was loud and basic.
79. You are the music of my heart.
81. I turned up the music louder.
82. The music was happy and loud.
83. I hear music, Niki said.
84. Wish that music would stop.
85. Set the information to music.
86. Gosh, that music was so cool.
87. She turns on some slow music.
88. They were listening to music.
89. The music thumped - insistent.
90. Nobody found fault with music.
91. We live our life around music.
92. Not just because of the music.
93. Thank You for the Music, Abba.
94. Guru was known as a music guru.
95. Only their music was with him.
96. Q and I made love with music.
97. This was erotic, carnal music.
98. I remember music and a gazebo.
99. She can use sheet music, but.
100. The lovely music surprised him.

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