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Music in a sentence

Music is a moral law.
Love is music of God.
Not a page of music.
Put the music on hold.
The music of his new.
The music is too loud.
The music was not as.

She heard the music cue.
It’s music to my ears.
Thank god for the music.
Music pours out of them.
It is the music we share.
Both the music and the.
The music in whose soul.
The music has to be of.
War Music In The Cherry.
We had to face the music.
I listened to music, I.
Known for its folk music.
I didn't like the music.
Music came from in there.
The music is in the wind.
All this to Gypsy Music.
He said it is like music.
At this, Music Man ceased.
That was music to my ears.
What he wanted was music.
It was music to his ears.
And the music is playing.
The music of its rushing.
Q knew a lot about music.
Here the music is nearer.
The club's music is now.
He’s in the music room.
The DJ started the music.
Dave turned the music off.
Proud Music of the Storm.
Homer woke up to her music.

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