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Song in a sentence

A song to my years.
It was a new song.
The song has to come.
This song is for me.
The song was in her.
This Song is for You.
The song of the moon.

The song of the rain.
I wrote her a song:.
Says this is my song.
I listened to the song.
A song crossed my mind.
The man played a song.
Then we sing that song.
And then the song ended.
The words of the song.
The song went on and on.
Was my sad song of love.
This is not a love song.
Song of the Open Road.
The song was about him.
I were lost in the song.
Man that song was morbid.
With dance and with song.
The women started a song.
It was a song, they knew.
We had a song, you know.
Hey! I like that song.
It is a song about THEM.
It was a different song.
Because its a nice song.
Better put on a song or.
Ask them to name the song.
The uni-verse is one song.
Song of the Spring Queen.
Nice song out there, sis.
She found a song and as.
She spoke to me in a song.
A song with no refrain.

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