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Nasty in a sentence

It was a nasty scene.
I said it very nasty.
It was a nasty fight.
It was a nasty thrust.
Money is a nasty tool.
That was a nasty attack.
Very nasty cold, it is.

The nasty blend of cheap.
Just your basic nasty thug.
It was true and very nasty.
That stuff is pretty nasty.
Getting it to bite was nasty.
He was quite nasty about it.
She’s taken a nasty fall.
Nasty piece a work that guy.
It leaves a real nasty mess.
She gave me some nasty talk.
THIS had a nasty tang in it.
Nasty but great all the same.
It smiled, too, a nasty grin.
Nasty stuff, let me tell you.
A very nasty form of torture.
He had a nasty cut to his arm.
She was a nasty piece of work.
You’ve had a nasty shock.
You had a nasty wound and Dr.
It could have been real nasty.
It was both pleasant and nasty.
Schultz and he had nasty bowels.
It’s going to be a nasty one.
The stuff was just plain nasty.
She’s got a real nasty temper.
I said something nasty about her.
Camels have a nasty temperament.
Claire continued her nasty tirade.
There were no more nasty surprises.
Nasty fights occur for the alpha.
It was a version of a nasty scam.
They’re all turning nasty on me.
A nasty bit of business, that one.

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