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Navigate in a sentence

I still had to navigate.
Navigate to the Advanced tab.
Navigate Within and Among Apps.
I still had to navigate.
I’ll just navigate between them.
It was hard to navigate these streets.
Raya sat up front with me to navigate me.

There was no sun or stars to navigate by.
Had to navigate the waves of protestors to.
He never had learned to navigate this place.
We have a proven map with which to navigate.
Rob brought the laptop with them to navigate.
The stars provided ample light to navigate by.
The forest will help you navigate a safe path.
I quickly learned how to navigate the internet.
We had to navigate over piles of giant boulders.
D) Swim with Sharks but Navigate in the Waters:.
Beyond that point it was impossible to navigate.
Apparently the Surface Web was easier to navigate.
We cannot see to navigate with the fish all around.
In that app, navigate to where you can see the item.
I’ll navigate, then, Henry replied helpfully.
We know how to navigate the waters of estate planning.
He has been known to pilot, to navigate, and to bomb.
MP3 player, and navigate through a computer and a web.
It suggests ways in which we may navigate and explore.
Papa and Larry helped me start to navigate towards Tans.
Visitors usually don’t have the patience to navigate.
I’d begun to navigate with one eye by turning my head.
So you take the helm, Will, while I navigate us in to a.
But still it will help you to navigate through loads of.
I knew the way it felt to navigate it one step at a time.
And it's easier to navigate and figure out than Aweber (my.
I found the tiny print to be incredibly difficult to navigate.
Start the web server and use a web browser to navigate to it.
When my legs decline to function and I've stairs to navigate.
If they were knocked out, planes and ships could not navigate.
Its prettier and more beautiful, and looks easier to navigate.
But how long would it take to navigate under the Ice Bank to the.
This has caused most humans to think that it is best to navigate.
It was navigating at random.
While navigating the site, the.
Thus, when navigating a complex.
It has to do with navigating the tax code.
Navigating the research publication process.
I am thus navigating on visual at this time.
Below are pointers for navigating this phase.
The ocean as the universe that we are navigating.
Flow is a state that we can achieve by navigating a course.
Sam, the star by which he was navigating, offered no direction.
Navigating the tunnels, they continued to follow the northerly.
But taking it slowly I soon got use to navigating about my face.
Equally, it is important that users navigating around your site.
It was on this oceanic river that the Nautilus was then navigating.
However, we do have one navigating tool, like a rudder on the seas.
Ethan, Hooper with be working on the security system and navigating.
He shook his head to get back to reality and concentrate on navigating.
The question really is how you are managing and navigating your career.
He departed her bedside, navigating the same route he had used to approach.
It was an enjoyable and impressive way of navigating that did indeed recall the.
Fritz would lock into – he’d be the one operating and navigating unfortunately.
At the same time, you can't simply risk navigating through these waters on your own.
It is not necessary that the persons navigating an American vessel should have them.
There are other times when navigating certain business obstacles will require a slow.
If not for Ameana, navigating the fireball away from him, he would have been set ablaze.
During this navigating in the midst of the ice, Captain Nemo often stayed on the platform.
The dog was their only method of navigating this Godforsaken maze of rooms and corridors.
I was navigating two meters beneath the surface of the water when the collision occurred.
Navigating streets named using sequential numbers and letters in alphabetical order is easy.
It is capable of flying itself, navigating, making its own decisions, and protecting itself.
At any time within the navigating centuries mankind might have addressed it with the words:.
Gadai ignored him and opened a browser, navigating to Gmail on the village’s satellite link.
What is it? Wickland replied nonchalantly as he continued navigating the computer screens.
He then gave it the ID of Roidon’s craft and it set about navigating along the trace emissions.
What a mess! I couldn't help but yell out loud, while I was navigating the overcrowded place.
Navigating through light and darkness with peace of heart is our spiritual quest, as I see things.
An offshoot of timing was navigating at sea, although I had no talent for the mathematics behind it.
Given the way the Nautilus was navigating, it would have been sheer insanity to think of escaping!.
One minute he thought he was navigating the journey, the next he felt like he was locked in the brig.
The agency's thought tubes continued to tumble quietly in space, navigating their lonely satellite vistas.
Sea, where the Greeks navigated.
By the time he'd navigated through the.
She navigated the obstacles with experience.
He navigated safely to the hallway to the bedrooms.
They had to be created before they could be navigated.
Thomas navigated the labyrinth of bodies looking for Cheryl.
Star steadied it, as they navigated down the concrete stairs.
Are you trying to tell me that a ship navigated from New St.
Amaranthe slid over the ledge and navigated a cautious descent.
They navigated through the crowd once more, this time moving in the.
Alex navigated through the main city station as he did every afternoon.
She turned toward the window as they navigated the largely empty roads.
I navigated back to the blog, checking to see if I had missed something.
Janie navigated our trip it was our intention to spend as little of our.
Gathering speed little by little, the ship navigated on the surface of.
Naturally, the day the cruiser navigated its waters it did rain copiously.
They watched as he carefully navigated across the room, clutching his tray of drinks.
Behind Lezura and the rest of the officers followed him as he navigated the corridors.
He smoothly navigated the labyrinthine corridors and stopped at the mirror Emily had.
This is powerful! he exclaimed as he navigated the ocean of computer data he had.
She navigated through a few submenus until she found the song that she was looking for.
During this part of our voyage, we navigated on the surface of the waves for entire days.
He picked it up and quickly navigated through its menu to see what it was trying to tell him.
The drive to work only took thirty minutes and his mind drifted as he navigated the quiet roads.
Ethan wiped his forehead and asked Nicole, while she navigated through the thick, swampy bushes:.
She went to work on the problem as she navigated the series of space folds to get her back to Earth.
The name came from when Captain James Cook navigated and mapped the east coast of Australia in 1770.
He stopped at one point in his recitation to announce that Amundson had navigated the elusive Passage.
She brought up the NASA intranet and navigated through the site to the specifics of the Ares missions.
How bad are our wounded? Aazuria asked briskly as the three girls navigated the warmly lit caves.
Baba drove the bus, sipping hot tea from the thermos, and I Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner navigated.
They were familiar with the stars and had their own names for them, but they had never navigated by them.
Galley: A low flat-built vessel, with one deck, and navigated with sails and oars; used in the Mediterranean.
Getting lost in SAP COIN had dire consequences as we navigated to water points and I learned a valuable lesson.
Joey you are a very troublesome boy, said Lezura bitterly as she navigated between a signpost and a woman.
The difficult terrain of the ramp was unexpected, but it looked no worse than other terrain he routinely navigated.
I navigated the steps to Mother’s, placing the empty bottles in the trash, and the two pieces of cake on the counter.
She moved past Muffin Face, navigated through a herd of children, and nearly tripped over an aged woman draped in a shawl.
What’s going on with her? Truman asked from behind the bar when Beth had navigated them safely to the top of the stairs.
Brett monitored the systems as he carefully navigated the course at the ludicrously slow speed of one-hundred-fifty miles per hour.
But unless the Nautilus navigates on dry land and crosses over.
He wipes the screen with his sleeve and navigates with deft fingers to our mother’s first journal entry.
With identities grounded securely upon who-they-are-in-Christ, mobilize a movement that navigates students above and beyond any segregated ministry structures.
A strategic interventionist navigates a variety of scenarios ranging from individual problems to those of the family, the peer group, the organization, and the larger social system.
If the liberty of American citizens is to be subject to the will, not of the English Government, but what is infinitely worse, of every petty officer that navigates a British ship, it is in vain that we boast of freedom; we do not possess it; and only let the British Government understand you distinctly on this point, and you need talk no more of American commerce.

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