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Control in a sentence | control example sentences

  1. I was out of control.
  2. It was out of control.
  3. I was in control and.
  4. The evil is in control.
  5. He was back in control.

  6. We got it under control.
  7. This is out of control.
  8. He lost control of his.
  9. He had control of all U.
  10. Put a call into control.
  11. But you CAN control the.
  12. I was always in control.
  13. He can control his urges.
  14. We have no control over.
  15. I lost control of myself.

  16. He has so little control.
  17. It was out of your control.
  18. He had no control over it.
  19. She had it in control now.
  20. Control Room back in India.
  21. What she wants is control.
  22. He had not been in control.
  23. I control it now, Red Mage.
  24. We are in complete control.
  25. I cannot control your will.

  26. He’s in the control room.
  27. It had touch screen control.
  28. I tried to control my nerves.
  29. He regained control of his.
  30. The fires are out of control.
  31. She had to re-exert control.
  32. I lost control of the mouse.
  33. His rage was out of control.
  34. He had no control over them.
  35. He had no control over the.
  36. You should have control now.
  37. You have no control over PR.
  38. I can’t control its growth.
  39. This was called mind control.
  40. No control over his emotions.
  41. He had find the control room.
  42. They could control the world.
  43. I tried to control m emotions.
  44. Now, he had it under control.
  45. Gun control clearly can work.
  46. We will have to control the.
  47. My control is a little off.
  48. But I’m still in control.
  49. It does not have any control.
  50. They think they're in control.
  51. She IS a control freak, though.
  52. He's got things under control.
  53. A stormy ocean out of control.
  54. No doubt who's in control here.
  55. She just could not control it.
  56. Stop trying to control yourself.
  57. By then, I had control of the.
  58. Control of the XUSING Project.
  59. I had some control over myself.
  60. He was not in ultimate control.
  61. Quiet Control is what you seek.
  62. She paused to control her anger.
  63. God is in control of all things.
  64. My hormones were out of control.
  65. Perhaps it was a control thing.
  66. He returned to the control room.
  67. I tried to control my breathing.
  68. Ranger took control, Yes, we do.
  69. It went spinning out of control.
  70. I lost control over my thoughts.
  71. And without her control no less.
  72. God, who had control over these.
  73. I have this under control, John.
  74. All his SS's back under control.
  75. Send him to the control room.
  76. It’s my need to be in control.
  77. The moth takes over all control.
  78. She couldn’t control her tears.
  79. He fought to control his temper.
  80. You have control over advertising.
  81. Control reports of the objective.
  82. In either case control is needed.
  83. She is in control, a good mother.
  84. You cant control these events.
  85. God has learned to control itself.
  86. You only al ow it to have control.
  87. When to use weed control products.
  88. They both entered the control room.
  89. My shaking was under control again.
  90. Burke realizes he has lost control.
  91. He had to remain calm, in control.
  92. When I had control, I knew the way.
  93. What control do I have over this?
  94. They can control their hands and.
  95. They fight for control of the gun.
  96. He then went into the control room.
  97. Thereafter it had civilian control.
  98. Stop trying to control the outcome.
  99. He cannot control the ship anymore.
  100. After grasping the remote control.
  1. The simple key to controlling.
  2. Otherwise it is controlling you.
  3. Controlling time is what Folk do.
  4. I’m controlling what he can see.
  5. Because she was too controlling.
  6. It was a mind controlling ancient.
  7. The cat is controlling the arrows.
  8. Controlling the amount of tobacco.
  9. He is manipulating and controlling.
  10. Controlling the heat to avoid fire.
  11. He was controlling your every move.
  12. Controlling is the process where the.
  14. Unfortunately, controlling the raw and.
  15. What habits are controlling your life?
  16. His fingers spread apart, controlling.
  17. There was no purpose to controlling it.
  18. Controlling when subjects can have sex.
  19. Controlling the prophecies never works.
  20. Paul certainly liked controlling things.
  21. She starts controlling her surroundings.
  22. She can be very controlling, but it’s.
  23. He had difficulty controlling his thoughts.
  24. He's been controlling the demon all along.
  25. Controlling outcomes is a fearful pursuit.
  26. They can be very controlling, with a low.
  27. And for controlling misinformation as well.
  28. And controlling it is incredibly difficult.
  29. Johnson without us controlling the situation.
  30. Controlling your emotions was part of basic.
  31. Yeah, he can be very controlling sometimes.
  32. The gray eyes, cold and sterile, controlling.
  34. Controlling the ability to ash one of you?
  35. You mean other than a controlling cell!.
  36. What is controlling the UFO is puzzling to him.
  37. Nobody knows what’s controlling what any more.
  38. He still wasn’t confident of controlling the.
  39. Controlling the motion of the straps is key here.
  40. Because, Gary said, I’m controlling it.
  41. You should be proud of me for controlling my rage.
  42. You will control it instead of it controlling you.
  43. Following are several methods for controlling fear.
  44. Controlling the caching behavior on specific views.
  45. Second, the trader must focus on controlling losses.
  46. S feels are more controlling that attempt to do this.
  47. He balled his hands into fists, Im not controlling.
  48. Controlling herself, she turned to the lion and asked.
  49. He'd never been adept at controlling his temper, but.
  50. It's not safe for them, she said, controlling her.
  51. By controlling emotions you will overcome the anxieties.
  52. OM To you with controlling eyes who remain as the vajra.
  53. Controlling information is more useful than releasing it.
  54. On the dragon's back was Cilus, controlling where it went.
  55. But a Remo could phase over there with you controlling it.
  56. And so, it had become a subtle means of controlling Ravan.
  57. What is the controlling factor in this method of thought?
  58. Since I am going to have a controlling interest in Itam.
  59. Of pacifying, increasing, controlling and wrathful actions.
  60. His response: „There was no controlling legal authority.
  61. Jazz was doing a reasonable job of controlling her emotions.
  62. Controlling caching based on specific HTTP request headers.
  63. Such a mind must always be thinking, scheming, controlling.
  64. Controlling for inflation, federal tax revenue today is 23.
  65. What is the controlling factor in every commercial pursuit?
  66. The one controlling the wind and the other sealing the silo.
  67. Melissa was having more and more trouble controlling herself.
  68. That’s excellent, because it means we are controlling risk.
  69. The questions were coming thick and fast but the controlling.
  70. It was as though someone outside himself was controlling him.
  71. Controlling my temper, I asked Cuddles about the incident and.
  72. The biggest problem traders have is controlling their emotions.
  73. At last I feel I have found someone capable of controlling me.
  74. He would occupy the position of controlling the powerhouse of.
  75. However, there is a problem when talking about controlling fear.
  76. It was the controlling device used by Hurd and his city council.
  77. Controlling for emotional bias is simply a process skill that.
  78. She is controlling me and I am just letting her, like an idiot.
  79. If anyone is going to have a controlling interest, it’s Joey.
  80. What are you trying to control through controlling them? Why?
  81. They are a known quantity, capable of controlling the masses.
  82. He may be isolated from controlling the power of the presidency.
  83. Is it a Delhi thing or a Punjabi thing? Controlling what women.
  84. I found you increasingly like that, controlling and close-minded.
  85. Anytime you treat the cause, you will be controlling its effects.
  86. She rarely got angry, but she really hated people controlling her.
  87. Alric isn’t that controlling, especially to someone he loves.
  88. About the totalitarian evil controlling most of the Earth's lands.
  89. They both go back into the darkest of ages of controlling property.
  90. In short, they built and controlled the empire by controlling all.
  91. They ought to have better mechanisms for controlling their demons.
  92. He went to the monitor that was controlling the chamber and put in.
  93. He knows that she can be a little controlling and yes, manipulative.
  94. Yes, Brad, Lope! By controlling fire, she has communicated to us.
  95. That’s how Jeanine figured out who the simulation was controlling.
  96. That it what a top mage spends his time controlling – the fallout.
  97. But in the end, by controlling your mind and relaxing your body, you.
  98. He had controlling interest of Grayson Industries and Nick wanted it.
  99. This is the first step in controlling your moment-to-moment attention.
  100. His family was his testing ground for his obsessions, his controlling.
  1. He is controlled by MONEY.
  2. He is controlled by BOSSES.
  3. He controlled it with his.
  4. Even then he controlled his.
  5. We are controlled to such a.
  6. Drugs had controlled him to.
  7. The feet controlled the seat.
  8. In a controlled trial using.
  9. The world is being controlled.
  10. Control what can be controlled.
  11. With effort he controlled his.
  12. Speaking in a low, controlled.
  13. And Moses controlled the bridges.
  14. The voice too can be controlled.
  15. He is controlled by RELATIONSHIPS.
  16. Lowering weight in a controlled.
  17. Back then, he controlled about 2.
  18. It was my area, I controlled them.
  19. My job controlled my drinking, i.
  20. He is controlled by RELIGIOUS FEAR.
  21. Besides, it was a controlled fall.
  22. His voice was stern and controlled.
  23. Make your life pure and controlled.
  24. Thatch buildup should be controlled.
  25. However, no controlled trials have.
  26. Her mood is one of controlled anger.
  27. The USA is secretly controlled and.
  28. She controlled the element of earth.
  29. The Vatican tightly controlled what.
  30. But it’s not a controlled strength.
  31. Do not be controlled by your emotions.
  32. Jamie watched his controlled outburst.
  33. He needs to be controlled, that's all.
  34. They controlled our lives for so long.
  35. He hears a voice, calm and controlled.
  36. These moods can be controlled by you.
  37. Marek controlled the medical board.
  38. It’s a ball controlled by the owner.
  39. Carefully I controlled the atmosphere.
  40. We were being controlled by the Encala.
  41. He is controlled by LAWS and GOVERNMENT.
  42. I held myself and controlled my nerves.
  43. A controlled fit, but a fit nonetheless.
  44. However, there have been no controlled.
  45. He who has controlled his mind is happy.
  46. That’s why he’s always so controlled.
  47. His anger so controlled him that it was.
  48. God cannot be controlled and manipulated.
  49. What you are learning here is controlled.
  50. Just as her life had once been controlled.
  51. Society is constructed and controlled by.
  52. USA and secretly controlled by the Vatican.
  53. They used computer controlled mechanical.
  54. Valt’s programming still controlled her.
  55. Valt’s last command still controlled her.
  56. TV and the newspapers are state controlled.
  57. Yuki controlled herself, but she was elated.
  58. In another controlled trial, high-density.
  59. Your self is not supposed to be controlled.
  60. We started a controlled descent immediately.
  61. Bennett controlled his anger with difficulty.
  62. The market is not controlled by Wall Street.
  63. Another controlled study found a series of.
  64. She drew in a deep breath and controlled it.
  65. That preserve would be controlled by the UN.
  66. This annoyed him, but he controlled himself.
  67. Plato says that they controlled large areas.
  68. She was sick of being controlled by her fear.
  69. At first, hesitation controlled his thoughts.
  70. A review of 23 controlled trials found that.
  71. I controlled my smile as best I could however.
  72. So how is the magic controlled, he asked.
  73. Schmidt’s intervention controlled the abuse.
  74. The disagreement was still controlled, perhaps.
  75. With his friend Anapater, Papa now controlled.
  76. Nature can neither be contained nor controlled.
  77. His remote controlled cameras had picked it up.
  78. The operations are all controlled back on Mars.
  79. The uses are controlled by the age of the fowl.
  80. But while she controlled herself she could not.
  81. Stress has to be controlled or it will kill you.
  82. Carrie nodded, the tears she had controlled un-.
  83. The windows of a VW are electrically controlled.
  84. That’s another reason why they’re controlled.
  85. Execution of any processes and controlled or by.
  86. She was still angry, but the fire was controlled.
  87. Both preliminary and controlled trials achieved.
  88. C the Minoan empire controlled Crete autonomously.
  89. I detected a controlled irritation in these words.
  90. Carrie controlled the sneer of contempt that al-.
  91. The Humans in the club can be controlled by Jael.
  92. It was their grandmother who controlled the money.
  93. The crew on the bridge controlled the engine room.
  94. They also controlled Judaism and were behind the.
  95. When he spoke, his voice was carefully controlled.
  96. I said nothing; I controlled my volcanic eruption.
  97. For a Christian, all of life is controlled by God.
  98. I was also shown that they were rich, controlled.
  99. They secretly controlled the primary empires that.
  100. Apparently our minds are being controlled by beams.
  1. You see? He controls the.
  2. It controls the way that.
  3. It had no controls, either.
  4. Put in systems and controls.
  5. He controls the whole operation.
  6. It still secretly controls all.
  7. Gifted is he, Controls the task.
  8. They have no pollution controls.
  9. No one controls either of these.
  10. There appeared to be no controls.
  11. He controls and moves all threads.
  12. As he manipulated the controls a.
  13. Step away from the controls, Gary.
  14. His hand never reached the controls.
  15. The strong man controls conditions.
  16. Finally, I gave up on the controls.
  17. The species that controls the most.
  18. These controls are found in Settings.
  19. Julius knew how to work the controls.
  20. The bank that controls the World Bank.
  21. The controls effectiveness is measured.
  22. What are the validation controls in asp.
  23. Tridden's gloves on the brass controls.
  24. His is a fire which controls itself.
  25. Nobles’ Nook controls 20% of the market.
  26. I placed the controls on the year 1932.
  27. Which means no one but me at the controls.
  28. But the concept never controls the flavor.
  29. Yet, you are at the controls of this ship.
  30. He had no idea how to operate the controls.
  31. His fingers raced swiftly over the controls.
  32. Jose briefly inspected its controls, in awe.
  33. It’s the brain that controls the muscles.
  34. So be the person that controls the message.
  35. Do you know where the controls are?
  36. This means that she controls him, after all.
  37. I went ahead and scanned the proper controls.
  38. With the proper controls, RO membranes can.
  39. Instead: their ego-pride-fear controls them.
  40. He checked the instruments and the controls.
  41. Don’t touch any of the controls in here.
  42. His hands moved across the controls of his.
  43. It is the jewel that controls the seasons.
  44. It controls the direction that we are headed.
  45. He who controls the past controls the future.
  46. Fortunately, these aircraft had dual controls.
  47. He who controls the present controls the past.
  48. The weapons controls were built into the seat.
  49. Thankfully, the controls were easy to operate.
  50. Remote controls are the bane of a prospective.
  51. One can open some seldom-used controls of the.
  52. This controls rotation and counters shortening.
  53. We sat in the front cart where the controls were.
  54. Oh, he controls you does he? I mean in this day.
  55. It is the same muscle that controls the flow of.
  56. Controls caterpillars, corn borers and mosquitoes.
  57. Em's fingers raced continually across the controls.
  58. Because, I repeat, a thought controls an action.
  59. She looked at the controls of the alien ship and.
  60. Garcia operated the controls that opened the Gate.
  61. The truly evolved did not need emotional controls.
  62. Reaching toward the controls on his arm, he winced.
  63. He hits the window controls, and it glides upward.
  64. This controls the synaptic nerves in your brain.
  65. The other side’s opening controls were destroyed.
  66. Leitrim, looking annoyed, played with his controls.
  67. He controls all feelings and sensations of humanity.
  68. He looked at the controls and noticed the engine off.
  69. When she got there, he was hunched over the controls.
  70. He who controls others may be powerful, but he who.
  71. They say that whoever controls the oil, has the power.
  72. Dexter tapped away at the controls for several minutes.
  73. He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has.
  74. The cry ‘Hardin, Hardin’ buckled Davis’ controls.
  75. God rules the Earth, and controls all upon the earth.
  76. Joshua said, She who controls the stars twinkling in.
  77. That subject is covered in the chapter on Pest controls.
  78. So the Empire dominates and controls the trade routes.
  79. He accessed Brittany’s controls and lifted himself up.
  80. Rider–One who sits atop and controls what he is riding.
  81. In other words, the Vatican secretly controls all three.
  82. The controls and electronics in the airship went haywire.
  83. It was Bill and his mind was now at the controls of his.
  84. Rex paid no mind; he continued to focus on the controls.
  85. It's the light that controls all the colours that we see.
  86. It’s the big electronic thing that controls the ship.
  87. Here are the controls that appear on the Control Center:.
  88. He controls the Black Door, isn't that right, LeCynic?
  89. Max climbed into the helicopter and assessed the controls.
  90. Pull back on the controls as hard as you can, I said.
  91. He blasted the controls, hoping that would slow them down.
  92. Dalen used its antennae to probe the controls and displays.
  93. There may be times when one controls ejaculation at BSR 9.
  94. Bill had climbed down from the controls of his helicopter.
  95. We now had a choice, use the computerized controls or the.
  96. Rebecca punched in the necessary controls and then waited.
  97. Jennie gathered up all her courage and seized the controls.
  98. The same thing holds true for other remote controls as well.
  99. Corey is still holding the controls, but now it is my turn.
  100. He attempted to operate the controls and found them locked.

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