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Necktie in a sentence

1. The ends of the necktie went.
2. A necktie from one of the bedrooms.
3. The shock of a necktie was leaving Doc.
4. He took a step back and fiddled with his necktie again.
5. And she went all to pieces and cried all over his necktie.
6. Where's my blue necktie? The one with the white mice on it.
7. He wore khaki trousers and a blue shirt and a black necktie.

8. His hands were raised and he seemed to be settling his necktie.
9. He wore a long-sleeved trubenized shirt with a striped necktie.
10. His hands were raised, and he seemed to be settling his necktie.
11. After a few minutes, Number One Fan strangled the guard with a necktie.
12. I tug on the uncomfortable black necktie and shrug my shoulders in the suit coat.
13. He’d fumbled with his necktie for a full ten minutes, but couldn’t seem to get it right.
14. Lord Henry entered then, still dressed but in his shirtsleeves, without coat, waistcoat, or necktie.
15. Number One Fan tightened the necktie on the guard’s neck until he could not breathe and passed out.
16. He’s wearing a black vest and a necktie, and his hair is combed so that it flares upward at the front.
17. His dress was quiet and sombre—a black frock-coat, dark trousers, and a touch of color about his necktie.
18. It will be uncomfortable enough without worrying about that tightness around your waist or the itchy necktie.
19. He wore no collar or necktie on his shirt, just a low-neck, generic white T-shirt on underneath and gold jewelry.
20. Hoping his old fedora and necktie made clear he wasn’t an intruder, he walked around to the neglected backyard.
21. Be that what it may, I would (much) prefer leaving my necktie on the tie rack rather than wrapping it around my neck.
22. He removed his collar, with contained black necktie and collapsible stud, from his neck to a position on the left of the table.
23. Did I forget to write address on that letter like the postcard I sent to Flynn? And the day I went to Drimmie's without a necktie.
24. He was wearing a somber taffeta suit, a shirt with a round and hard collar, and a thin silk ribbon tied in a bow in place of a necktie.
25. He was perhaps ten years older than me and beautifully dressed, down to the club scarf in his pocket and the jeweled pin in his necktie.
26. Number One Fan pulled him into the corner, checked his pulse, and tightened the necktie more to look like the guard committed a suicide.
27. No hat, no necktie, jacket or vest and, scandalously, the top buttons of his shirt were undone so that his bare chest was partially visible.
28. When in your report you said that you had seen the cyclist as you thought arrange his necktie in the shrubbery, that alone should have told me all.
29. He framed the picture and hung it in our hallway, nailing it right next to the old black-and-white of himself in his thin necktie shaking hands with King Zahir Shah.
30. One singular point which struck her quick feminine eye was that although he wore some dark coat, such as he had started to town in, he had on neither collar nor necktie.
31. By the stove a soldier in a coarse shirt with a necktie and black trousers, and with one top-boot on, stood blowing the charcoal in a somovar, using the other boot as bellows.
32. Later that night the boys were treated to the annual Loyal Shoudy banquet, where they found the traditional purple necktie and a five-dollar bill waiting at each place setting.
33. He wakes in distant quarters of the night and sees Frederick in his bedroom in Berlin, wearing his eyeglasses and necktie, freeing trapped birds from the pages of a massive book.
34. She wore a small blue silk necktie, that kept up like a ruff a gauffered cambric collar, and with the movements of her head the lower part of her face gently sunk into the linen or came out from it.
35. She seemed in high spirits, she ate with a remarkable appetite, and she talked and laughed incessantly with the large, pink-faced lady on her right and the jolly youth in a blue necktie on her left.
36. There was a pair of white flannel slacks; a white straw boater with a blue hatband; a crisp white dress shirt; white socks with red, white, and blue edging; white leather shoes; and a blue-striped necktie.
37. How you folded your handkerchief and placed it in your suit jacket breast pocket, whether you used a single- or double-knot on your necktie, whether your cufflinks were sterling silver, and other pointless fashion details were given special regard.
38. They were about to leave the place when the drunken guests became noisy, the fiddler struck up a lively song of the first figure of a Russian quadrille, the pianist began to thump in unison, a little drunken man in a white necktie and dress coat caught her up.
39. Well, do you know what he had done? I ran down to question, and to extract Johanna and explain the trumpeter, and I met the poor genius, very pale and damp-looking, his necktie struggled up behind to the top of his collar, its bow twisted round somehow under his left ear.
40. She no longer cares that her great-uncle put on an ancient necktie and stood by the front door on two separate occasions and whispered weird rhymes to himself—à la pomme de terre, je suis par terre; au haricot, je suis dans l’eau—trying and failing to summon the courage to go out.
41. That morning you were wearing a dark blue velvet jacket, a sulphur coloured necktie, and a magnificent shirt with Alen9on lace on it; you were standing before the looking-glass with a manuscript in your hand, and were busy declaiming Tchatsky's monologue, and especially his last exclamation : * A coach, I want a coach.

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