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Nick in a sentence

1. It had to be Nick.
2. In the nick of time.
3. Nick was in the Ops.
4. Nick put his gun away.
5. Nick blows out a sigh.
6. Nick got out of the car.
7. Of course I do, Nick.

8. Nick was still in the Ops.
9. Nick rings at the weekend.
10. Nick thought for a moment.
11. Nick never shows; no call.
12. Had this to do with Nick.
13. She then asked about Nick.
14. I motioned to Val and Nick.
15. The house is in good nick.
16. And go easy with her, Nick.
17. Nick smiled and so did Vera.
18. Nick gave Carl one last look.
19. I know that, said Nick.
20. Nick had called this talent.
21. Nick wanted Cool Amy anyway.
22. Her next thought was of Nick.
23. Stu went over to assist Nick.
24. Soon, Nick, the Voice taunted.
25. There he is, Nick said.
26. I'll do that, Nick said.
27. Nick bobbed his head slightly.
28. Finally, Nick looked up again.
29. When Nick was away, of course.
30. And I'm not going again, Nick.
31. Thanks for the party, Nick.
32. What is all this, Nick?
33. This was unusual thought Nick.
34. I thought Nick was with you.
35. Jaro and Nick were made prone.
36. I will as soon as I can, Nick.
37. Nick had been pissed that day.
38. Nick checked the clip in his.
39. Nick glanced over his shoulder.
40. She is going to undo you, Nick.
41. Nick started a wood fire and.
42. I need to ask you this, Nick.
43. Nick and Bruce didn’t attend.
44. She’s in obvious shock, Nick.
45. Afterwards, I help Nick wash up.
46. It wasn't hard, Nick said.
47. That was crazy! Nick said.
48. Nick Pappas raised a beefy hand.
49. There was a phone call for Nick.
50. Nick managed to compose himself.
51. She hoped Nick hadn’t sent him.
52. Nick grabbed me by the upper arm.
53. Nick despised the rental counter.
54. You should rest, Nick said.
55. Nick had another sleepless night.
56. CLOSE button in the nick of time.
57. Nick Adams had entered the room.
58. What about you? asked Nick.
59. But he had known Nick for years.
60. It was just at the nick of time.
61. The next morning Nick woke early.
62. How very intrepid of you, Nick.
63. I almost hope so, said Nick.
64. Nick turned around and looked up.
65. I just wish Nick was around more.
66. He is trying to nick our stuff.
67. Nick wished he earned more money.
68. Charles, Nick and Nora Charles.
69. That was just in the nick of time.
70. Nick wanted to have a quick look.
71. This is Nick Johnson, by the way.
72. Nick nodded his head thoughtfully.
73. Nick paused and all heads leveled.
74. Is that what you want, Nick?
75. Nick and I took turns carrying Val.
76. You and Nick should both be there.
77. Nick immediately told Bill Clayton.
78. That’s the plan, Nick said.
79. Since I already have the nick.
80. I have a present for you, Nick.
81. Got it, Nick says, appearing.
82. That was the way Nick saw tattoos.
83. The mall will be searched, Nick.
84. Nick turned to his son inquiringly.
85. Nick, Deb runs the office here.
86. By the way, Nick, Boney said.
87. Shanti kissed Nick and whispered.
88. Nick always mocked my endless lists.
89. Nick pulled out onto the empty road.
90. If Nick heard me, he didn’t reply.
91. Still trying to unravel them, Nick.
92. Stanley had tried to talk to Nick.
93. Clayton called Nick into his office.
94. Any idea who that was, Nick?
95. Sensors and gauges, said Nick.
96. Oleg probably told Nick that they.
97. No, what’s this? asked Nick.
98. Nick recognised it as one of theirs.
99. Who Kathy? Nick asked urgently.
100. Nick was a little afraid of heights.
1. Nicking things was expected.
2. They stop the locals nicking.
3. Nicking blemishes can be avoided by shaving lightly and only when necessary.
4. Glass showered over them, some small splinters nicking the skin on his cheek.
5. So why the hell didn’t they use it instead of nicking another motor?
6. There were easier ways of nicking cars but Hobbs didn’t seem to be aware of it.
7. Bullets suddenly whistled past Carroll’s face, nicking the brooding stone body of a crouching gargoyle.
8. Standing on my toes, I lent into the crowbar, determined that an inanimate object wasn’t getting away with nicking my supper.
9. They were just two leery lads who, in another life, might have been nicking lead off a church roof, and I mean that in a complimentary way.
10. I had experimented during the day by nicking my finger on one of sharp corners of the camp bed frame, but I never did master writing in blood.
11. Panicked, she kicked over her milk pail, nicking Dolores’s hand and causing her to curse, which startled Ramona enough that she fell off the fence.
12. His facial skin was quite smooth for a thirty-five year-old man and he took pride in shaving it closely each day with a straight edge razor, never nicking himself.
13. Hacking blades were nicking chips out of the jambs about his ears, but the door flew open under the impact of his shoulders, and he went stumbling backward into the room.
14. Anyone intent on nicking two million quid would almost certainly put it in to their own account or a phantom account specially opened for the purpose, and not use someone else’s.
15. For the drunken Orgy was yet in full force and the Men were nicking Bottles, drinking two Swallows or three from ’em, and tossing the Rest at Whitehead, who seem’d nearly dead with such Abuse.
16. Now, only minor misdemeanours such as street mugging, burglary, rape and murder are untouched by the new broom that sweeps through the British Police force and we can all feel a lot safer in our beds that Pc Plod is out there nicking all the evil motorists before they slaughter us in our own homes.
17. Our Provisions were almost out, so there could be no Pyrate Feast of Salmagundy—that great peppery Stew of divers Meats and Fishes—which was usually cookt to celebrate the Taking of a Prize; but the Men made merry with the Grog, rolling Puncheons of Rum along the Decks only to hack ’em open with their Boarding Axes, and nicking Bottles of Brandy with their Cutlasses instead of troubling to uncork ’em.
18. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket.
1. The bullet nicked his heart.
2. So they nicked your ball, that's not nice.
3. Nicked again, Rob said under his breath.
4. The bullet had only nicked his shin but he was.
5. I tied it to the bush and nicked its neck with my dirk.
6. The bullet and a piece of the bone nicked your artery.
7. You’re nicked, and marched me off to the Black Maria.
8. He had nicked my throat and drew a drop of blood, which to.
9. The people in Pugilist has nicked you as the Cold Blood.
10. Although she was nicked the Cold Blood Concubine but she was very.
11. He fell asleep at the side of this fire, and someone nicked his leg.
12. Phonograph records, some broken, some only nicked, were strewn about.
13. I must have nicked his heart or something with the sharp tip of the.
14. The man who was nicked Black Eagle trembling replied with his hands on.
15. Therefore everyone in Pugilist nicked her as the Ageless Phoenix and a.
16. He came around, jerked his head and I nicked the lobe of his left nostril.
17. Therefore the people in the Pugilist nicked him as the Heavenly Crow Priest.
18. Mei Yinxue was nicked ‘Cold Blood’ but this old man blood was a hundred.
19. The shot passed through the liver and apparently nicked the common hepatic artery.
20. Mei Yinxue that all in the Pugilistic Fraternity was the whore that was nicked the.
21. The responsible Marketing guys each got chewed out in turn by the badly nicked and.
22. Everyone in the Fraternity had nicked her ‘cold blood’ but they had also added a.
23. Karel was very lucky that the Linders' asshole security guy only nicked him with the.
24. Perhaps they used it to go away in, or it’s been nicked if they left under duress.
25. Rafael had nicked the neck of the man who held him and blood was spurting from the wound.
26. One was the challenge, even though I thought some kid had nicked them for his billy cart.
27. He was always too careless with the blade, and scraped the back of my neck, or nicked my ear.
28. The handle was nicked in several places and the wood had turned an orange color from the age.
29. He’d never used one before, and he knew what the guards would do to him if they were nicked.
30. It took him a few minutes to locate the problem - the main distributor lead had been nicked by a bullet.
31. First couple of times, he had to sprint to catch up after cutting the ivy, and once he nicked his finger.
32. With one powerful blow down came the axe but instead of chopping off the head the axe merely nicked his neck.
33. Nicked a student thesis and put it in a posh report, when all they needed to do was look at the bloody receipts!.
34. Devastated, I called the vet, sure the anesthesia tube had nicked her esophagus during surgery, and rushed her back.
35. He shocked me by showing up for the supper, bandaged and smiling, with a bag of onions he’d nicked for the occasion.
36. He squeezed off a single shot and a moment later the only sound in the basement was emanating from a nicked water pipe.
37. Corsa’s could be easily nicked and there were a million of them on the road, not his choice of car but he was on a deadline.
38. What’s all the fuss about a few stupid boxes of food, J? If they do happen to get nicked, there’s plenty of shops we can stop at.
39. His elbow nicked the vial he had put down, and he couldn’t catch it before it spun off the edge of the desk and cracked on the floor.
40. Gary believes when Donna was at Forrest’s penthouse, they somehow nicked his virus program, re-programed it and turned it into a BSV.
41. As I made to strike with the knife Smith started screaming like a girl having her virginity nicked and all hell broke loose once again.
42. And if I needed more proof, from around the house came Jacob Gill, his shirtfront stained red with blood from where I’d nicked his throat.
43. The bear seemed only to have been nicked on a shoulder, but he screamed and went after Finn faster then anyone would imagine a fat bear could run.
44. And this is Junior’s third protégé brother and is also one of the Zhijiao Twin Sword, who is also nicked the ‘Quiet Swordsman’ Shi Chen!.
45. Hours later, he stitched and stapled the boy back together after finding the nicked vein in his liver and repairing the punctured lung and torn bowel.
46. Hougomont viewed on the map, as a geometrical plan, comprising buildings and enclosures, presents a sort of irregular rectangle, one angle of which is nicked out.
47. I don’t think so…oh hang on a minute there was the bowling alley attendant, he thinks I nicked his bowling ball on purpose…he probably came here to teach me a lesson.
48. He could cadge free lunch in the residence halls, so long as he carried a book to immerse himself in (and if he hadn’t brought his own, one could always be nicked from the library).
49. Over one arm he’s slung his army knapsack filled with the two remaining grenades, some of last night’s ham and bread, and a large bottle of water he nicked from a store on the way.
50. I swear one this morning was stalking me and as soon as the chance came, it ran down the trench wall nicked the last bit of bacon off the tip of my bayonet and scarpered with it.
51. What if the lizard disapproved, she thought, at having a little girl eating a part of it? But, she tried to reason, it hadn’t done anything when her father nicked off a piece of its leaf.
52. There was a large gash just under her ear from where a harpoon had nicked her, but the beautiful thing about a harpoon was that once it was thrown, the attacker was rendered defenseless and open.
53. Thus he nicked, at length, the warm and insufficient orifice; but he was made to find no breach impracticable, and mine, though so often entered, was still far from wide enough to take him easily in.
54. Well you see, Uncle Hobart and a few of his mates went round to the late-night store to pick up some extra beer for the party, and while they were there, he was nicked for trying to leave the shop without paying.
55. It was March now and it still continued to rain heavily we were sat in a dugout which was reasonably cosy because someone had nicked a brazier from somewhere and we had bunk beds made out of chicken wire and wood it was sheer luxury.
56. On his finger was a ring he’d worn now for fourteen years, nicked and scratched and lovely white gold, and when had he last really noticed it? It was as if, Keith thought, he had acquired his own Demon Brother: the depresh, the megrims, the black dog that followed you wherever you went.
1. Have your nicks graduated to new heights?
2. A hand is exposed to their nicks, the rapacious nips.
3. There are a few new nicks, but it still looks functional.
4. Rolled edges as well as nicks will show up in its reflection if the.
5. With her finger, she finds the nicks on the house’s sides, the slope of its roof.
6. Nicks whinging stopped and he started to hobble and pulled pathetic pained expressions.
7. He took Nicks tissue wrapped dentures out of his shirt pocket and placed them in the box.
8. This time the kickback doesn’t startle him as much, and the bullet nicks the top of the target.
9. CONS: Stubble reappears quickly, risk of cuts and nicks to the skin, risk of ingrown hair if blade is not sharp.
10. You tend to attract more attention when everyone in your group looks like a refugee from a Stevie Nicks concert.
11. I pulled a folded cloth out of one of my pockets my hands slick with blood from one of her inflicted nicks on me.
12. Look for razors with safety guard wires over the blades to minimize the risk of cuts and nicks and skin irritation.
13. Hopeful comics rehearse jokes, careful not to say anything above a whisper in case one of the enemy nicks a punch line.
14. As the skin on the scrotum is loose, special care must be taken to avoid nicks and cuts as this area will bleed profusely.
15. It looked like a bow and the branches, complete with nicks in the blunt ends for the bowstring to fit into, looked like arrows.
16. I had gotten a few nicks and scratches the first several times, but by the end of my session, I was avoiding all of them completely.
17. Splash the skin with cold water after shaving to help stop any bleeding from small nicks and also remove any traces of soap or lather.
18. He nicks his top lip shaving beneath his nose and dabs at it with toilet tissue, tearing off a small dot and sticking it onto the cut.
19. It was blackly stained, and showed many deep nicks as if a keen edge, cutting through some yielding substance, had sunk into the wood.
20. Then if the oil comes in contact with the skin, olive oil will be much better for the scalp, especially if there are nicks during shaving.
21. When five long minutes had passed, the mirror reflected back two clean-shaven faces, one unspotted yet still tense, the other smiling from one ear clear across to the other, his face covered with nicks and bits of bloody tissue.
22. As with the previous crystal it took a third blow of the axe before it shattered violently - again, his hands were covered in what appeared to be shaving nicks from the tiny green slivers that had been scattered by its destruction.
23. There was bad blood between them at first, says Mr Vincent, and the lord Harry called farmer Nicholas all the old Nicks in the world and an old whoremaster that kept seven trulls in his house and I'll meddle in his matters, says he.
24. I didn’t believe it wise to alter into my human form just yet, for all I knew TJ may have been harbouring a stake beneath her jumper right now, and I didn’t want to go into battle today with any bothersome nicks that my brothers could take advantage of.

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