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Notch in a sentence

Knew his notch on the.
He used to make a notch at.
Tiller seemed to relax a notch.
Make a wedge to fit the notch.
One notch under red-necked grebe.
I consider this top notch service.
Hope’s interest went up a notch.

This notch should be a 1" by 1".
She had to take him down a notch.
Her pulse ratcheted up another notch.
Just have to rack it up a notch or two.
K perhaps half a notch above torpor wil.
He racheted the switch to the last notch.
Her heart rate ratcheted up another notch.
More recent erosion had carved a new notch.
But how would he take his game up a notch?
A tiny notch in the center of an ornate scroll.
A notch away from the truth of battle they were.
Notch out 35mm x 133mm in each corner to clear.
Since High Winter the training had gone up a notch.
Notch the poles to prevent the ropes slipping off.
Children’s programming is top notch, with Sesame.
Always remember this day! It elevated a notch.
You might want to have one more meal in a top notch.
But there was no open notch in the ice above the wire.
The firmament shifted a notch, and I knew differently.
Notch the ends and slip the cords into the notches (a).
His usual concrete control seems to have slipped a notch.
Here are some ways to kick the romance volume up a notch:.
The mouth of the gully was a black notch in the dim cliff.
You may need to notch the raft for the base of the A-frame.
At these words Scott's confidence slipped yet another notch.
If this Jeff guy's rich, his parents will hire a top notch.
She shifted her gaze to his eyes and lifted her chin a notch.
There was plenty of greenery on it, growing from each notch.
It is the second-highest medal awarded, only one notch below.
As for training in martial arts, he is a notch above the rest.
She decided she was going to take this man down a notch or two.
And some days later, with the price just a notch higher than the.
Score a point to me, she thought, and her hopes rose another notch.
I moved over to intercept it, notching an arrow as I went.
They drew their weapons, Jaron and Theia notching arrows to their bows.
Mitch? Dumond prompted again, the fear in his voice notching higher.
Notching the ends of these gripper bars will stop the ropes from slipping.
This is better than Tribble base ball, Carol shouted, notching another arrow.
Now John was effortlessly lifting the heavy bales of cloth while Dora counted them by notching a stick.
Notching an arrow to the composite cavalry bow, Barrad’s horse slowly ambled towards the tree, the music grew louder and its tempo more excited.
When you talked about notching ears and slitting noses I judged that that was your own embellishment, because white men don't take that sort of revenge.
Notching one to the bowstring, he put the bow aside; and then carefully shoved two arrows down the back of his coat-collar, inside of his coat, and into his left back pocket.
Notching the pieces so that they were well joined, he held them up, looked beyond the simple cross to see that it was acceptable, that it would respect the final resting place of his brother.
The price will rebound falsely and then fall, so that the stop order to buy will establish a long position and the protective stop order to sell will shortly afterwards close the position for a small loss (but beware notching up too many whipsaw losses in this way).
The blade was notched.
He had notched an arrow and let it fly.
Jaron took a third arrow and notched it.
His silence notched the worry up to panic.
The notched key fitted at once and unlocked it.
They had cut, shaved and notched all the timbers so they.
He'd just notched up another point against his wayward colleague.
Jerking his head up, Dad notched the boat speed higher immediately.
Jaron notched an arrow and spun, releasing the arrow in one movement.
It seemed to be stone, sometimes fairly smooth, some places notched.
Frodo shuddered, remembering the cruel knife with notched blade that.
He had notched his second from last arrow when some movement caught his eye below.
I picked up a bow by my side and notched an arrow only to let it fly seconds later.
Thirty archers on the raised hillside behind silently notched arrows into bowstrings.
Two saplings are notched to interlock when bent towards each other over the game trail.
Before I could regain my balance, Zoe and Bianca had arrows notched, aimed at my chest.
She cut the engine and let the car roll, slowly notched up the handbrake, took out her.
No armour was visible and, although they both carried bows, no arrows had been notched.
Climbing back up, he notched his left foot, propelled himself up another foot and a half.
Laeron! he called out as his hands slipped off the notched scale that had held him.
A notched and broken sword lay by him, as if he had hewn at the rock in his last despair.
The next round had not yet been notched in the launching bows when Yigal sprang upright and.
The cross beam notched into the top of the pole and ropes are tied around his waist and neck.
As Strider raised it they saw that near the end its edge was notched and the point was broken off.
Bru whipped open the side door of the van, slung the quiver on his shoulder, and notched up an arrow.
I learned of the northern continent, a myth I had notched up as folk tales and the ravings of mad men.
I left my sword sheathed and instead pulled the composite bow from my back and notched an arrow into it.
The men’s team won a record 34 times (1959–2012), while the women have notched up 15 wins (1980–2008).
She ended her career with more tournament victories than any other player, having notched up 112 wins since April 2000.
Glaring at Vaughn wasn’t accomplishing much as I straightened my shoulders and notched my chin high, stalling for time.
There indeed lay Thorin Oakenshield, wounded with many wounds, and his rent armour and notched axe were cast upon the floor.
I stumbled to Relentless and pulled my bow off the saddle and notched an arrow and brought it up so Raya was clearly in sight.
On an instinctive impulse, he reached over his shoulder and pulled out an arrow, and notched it to the string in cautious silence.
If the rambling structure was artless, the woodcraft was solid, notched with admirable precision and each joint miraculously fitted.
It is an old, curious, square tower, and at the brink of its notched edge there is a shingled helmet which was erected by one of the late Orzos.
Two forked sticks hold down a cross-bar which engages with a baited notched upright (attached to a line in tension), which holds it in place and carries the snares.
Conan's breeks hung in blood-stained tatters; his girdle and sheath were gone, his sword, driven upright into the deck beside him, was notched and crusted with red.
The light of those swords and arrows would have made them stand out to other assassins hiding in towers with arrows notched to bowstrings or the ability to wield the Power.
On legs wide-braced, hands gripping notched and dripping swords, blood trickling down their arms, they stared at one another across the mangled corpses of friends and foes.
Many of the animals killed for a plate have already been branded, de-horned, castrated, de-beaked, de-combed, ear notched, tail docked, and otherwise painfully injured on the farm.
Yinxue by several notches.
Six notches under thrush nightingale.
Then notches were rubbed at both ends of the bow.
I didn’t put notches in the bedpost or anything.
Notch the ends and slip the cords into the notches (a).
At length the ball dropped off into one of the notches.
Jacob sensed the tension level increase a couple of notches.
I know you’re not one to carve notches in your gun barrel.
The key has notches which correspond to the notches on the tumblers.
The hammer would gain several more notches on its shaft after today.
Ge Zhonghai martial skills were really several notches higher than Mei.
You have no idea how much notches that raised my ego to, he chuckled.
Brander nodded with a sharp exhale as his shoulders relaxed several notches.
The tumblers have notches that hook over the bolt to keep it locked in place.
One must know that if his swiftness skill were stronger by a few notches, he.
I was following a warrior who slipped over to put a few white notches on his bow.
The ball went hopping round the wheel until it began to settle through the notches.
Felix went up a few notches in my estimation, as I would have figured Thomas to be.
At the end of the month, my father paid him for the number of notches on the stick.
Cut two notches into the fluke of a buttress spaced to the desired handle length (b to c).
Did he want this again? Would take their relationship several notches up from a one-off shag.
A middle-aged man in a leather tunic was sitting at a table counting notches on a tally stick.
Based on its color, he compared it to a brick with notches cut out so the tires had room to turn.
The feathers were thin, filmy pieces of bark, inserted in notches at the end of the wooden shaft.
Now my annoyance escalated by several notches: he was the one who’d so angered me at the braai.
She’s a foreigner in Babylon; she has no rights, remember! Zarko’s voice had risen a few notches.
I wish for my husband’s conceit to come down a few notches and for him to listen to me for a change.
The notches got smaller toward the corners, and the corners of the pyramid were a continuous expanse of well-worked stone.
Oh, so they could be here? she asked, lowering her voice several notches, as her eyes again searched between the trees.
If his swiftness skill were weaker by several notches, he would have fallen into an earlier trap and not be trapped here too.
Though Tragus had risen a few notches to the point where citizens tolerated him, he was still considered a man of little worth.
He'd carve notches on our stick with his knife, one notch for each loaf of naan he'd pull for us from the tandoor 's roaring flames.
Without thought, question or doubt, E walked over to the still running car and hopped in, pulled it up a few notches and waited inside.
Help! Help! Henry squealed, as the man continued by cutting notches in his ears before flipping him around and snipping off his tail too.
He made notches on the drawing for the different degrees, and then drew in a string attached to one end of the straw, anchored at the end by a washer.
The Grandmother could scarcely remain seated in her chair, so intent was she upon the little ball as it leapt through the notches of the ever-revolving wheel.
Perhaps this incident would prove how frivolous her obsessions had been and bring her down several notches from the lofty position on which she considered herself.
The posts on the headboard in his bedroom were becoming dangerously weak as he whittled them away to nearly nothing with his little morning notches and aide memoirs.
The Blondie was pretty hot and everything, but in light of the fact that she was a smoker, I had to knock her down a few notches on the hot list, if you know what I mean.
The imprevidibility of the future: once in the summer of 1898 he (Bloom) had marked a florin (2/-) with three notches on the milled edge and tendered it m payment of an account due to and received by J.

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