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Niggling in a sentence | niggling example sentences

  1. Intuition is a niggling.
  2. Nonetheless, niggling thoughts of.
  3. And there was something else that kept niggling him.
  4. A niggling, burgeoning activity that can be mistaken for pain.
  5. But, a niggling feeling deep in my mind warned me to be careful.

  6. But then Brumvack experienced another of those niggling thoughts.
  7. About what? I had a niggling feeling he’d tried it on with her.
  8. And then there was that niggling comment about the emperor and the tea.
  9. A few hours of patching, an engine change or some other niggling problem.
  10. At the back of his mind there was a niggling feeling that something was not quite right.
  11. What about Bino’s daughter? he called out, the niggling questions rushing into his mind.
  12. He was hoping that would end it all, but there was something niggling in the back of his head and he just could not put his finger on it.
  13. Also there was that niggling feeling in the back of her mind that Gavin was now regretting having asked her to the theatre in the first place.
  14. My anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is always with me and comes with all sorts of niggling bonus disorders and phobias, like some sort of terrible boxed set.
  15. I wiped the tears from my face and I knew that the niggling feeling I’d had in me since I first started to come along to study with Evelyn was directing me to this moment.

  16. Lorna had a niggling worry about her weight once again but could not refuse to eat because Maggie was hovering nearby, watching them anxiously to see if they were enjoying the tea.
  17. You don’t remember me do you? I must admit that I didn’t and for the life of me I couldn’t place him but there was something niggling away at the back of my mind telling me that I knew him.
  18. Shoving the niggling doubt aside Ben smiled warmly, her eyes meeting his smile Francesca let her insecurity fade, transforming her forced smile into a reality that Ben recognised as a Francesca trademark.
  19. He deeply resented any niggling reality that thwarted his desires, and the fact that Teagmahn, like any good general, wanted his troops to be properly equipped only increased the Grand Inquisitor’s frustration.
  20. Ever since Madeline had first mentioned Saxon’s name on the night of the book club, there had been something niggling at Celeste, a memory from before the children were born, before Perry hit her for the first time.
  1. And then the truth niggled away in a quiet corner of Hunter’s thoughts and heart.
  2. A small sadness niggled at the back of her mind: this meant Joe would not be coming home until the end of the summer.
  3. How did Lovern give his life so calmly? And the thought still niggled the very dark recesses of my mind: how did Donny do what he did?
  4. A certainty that we"d overlooked something niggled all the way back, but it wasn"t until the bottom of McFife"s street that I realised what it was.
  5. The idea niggled in the back of her brain that those aboriginal peoples who remained in the world were basically non-aggressive, which would equate primitive with peaceful.
  1. They may just be concerns, little niggles we have about how things might turn out.

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1. That niggle of.
2. There was a small niggle of worry in the pit of his stomach.
3. First one hand, then another, probed out to niggle, twitch, touch, itch over the signs.