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Little in a sentence | little example sentences

  1. It was a little girl.
  2. We moved away a little.
  3. That throws me a little.
  4. The elder is a little.
  5. Her smile fades a little.

  6. How little the fear of.
  7. Wasn't it a little too.
  8. Has when they are little.
  9. There was a little pause.
  10. A little bit later the.
  11. Both are a little tipsy.
  12. Little more than a child.
  13. Raise the paper a little.
  14. But a little too neutral.
  15. Mary Had a Little Lamb, v.

  16. Not a little child, but.
  17. She melted just a little.
  18. I’m a little wiped out.
  19. I was also a little wild.
  20. Be safe, my little Anakim.
  21. The little girl was Sophia.
  22. I scratched a little more.
  23. Just one tiny little soul.
  24. They could tell him little.
  25. Little Jack made no reply.

  26. In this little boy of mine.
  27. What of this little flock?
  29. There would be two little.
  30. Danny was a little shocked.
  31. That little was all he had.
  32. Aspen smiled a little sadly.
  33. Here is a little experiment.
  34. Cletus was a little braver.
  35. I could see a little more.
  36. We'll have a little merry.
  37. Yeah, for a little while.
  38. Tell us more, little man.
  39. A little soon to say that.
  40. Not real bad, just a little.
  41. Add a little touch of magic.
  42. He has very little to go on.
  43. His stomach turning a little.
  44. A little short of ten feet.
  45. A father hoisted his little.
  46. That did sound a little vain.
  47. So, Little Mary has a baby.
  48. Though why so little was.
  49. Jock leans in a little closer.
  50. Their little room seemed to.
  51. The little bastard tricked me.
  52. You look a little stressed.
  53. There was too little activity.
  54. I knew so little about myself.
  55. Yes, a little something extra.
  56. I knew so little about people.
  57. Probably a little too large.
  58. He needed a little night life.
  59. He called me a bad little pig.
  60. My control is a little off.
  61. He looked at the little child.
  62. It had been a good little show.
  63. It's little black eyes bulging.
  64. If anything a little too whiny.
  65. A little bit of investigation.
  66. He was little more than a year.
  67. I was just a stupid little boy.
  68. Then the little star was afraid.
  69. So the little boy lays in bed.
  70. Jimmy hung his head a little.
  71. There was very little room up.
  72. I told you, my little sister.
  73. They left me when I was little.
  74. He dared to move a little more.
  75. In fact, it was a little more.
  76. SAMANTHA: Yes, in a little while.
  77. When they came in, little Miss.
  78. At least not for a little while.
  79. He’s a very grabby little guy.
  80. This way, there is very little.
  81. His face clears a little at that.
  82. A Little Boy and a Little Girl.
  83. Maureen accepted his little joke.
  84. Take care of our little ones.
  85. Well, one little chore to go.
  86. But the little child seemed to.
  87. If I stay a little more in the.
  88. There was little to worry about.
  89. The other one had been a little.
  90. Kind of large and little awkward.
  91. Hold on little one, here we go.
  92. Although there was little to no.
  93. Cook them in as little water as.
  94. Even gave me a little raise!.
  95. She loved Shelagh's little house.
  96. Pim had left her little module on.
  97. It should be a quick little test.
  98. We said little, only thanked them.
  99. For the future one can say little.
  100. He kept a little Brazilian decor.

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