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Little in a sentence

Got a little.
little angel.
My little Leah.
A little more.
Little Bo Peep, n.
There was little.
Nice little touch.

My little Mary.
I know a little.
Tough little kids.
Two chill little.
She's a little shy.
’ After a little.
Little pink bumps.
You little devil.
He poured a little.
He blushed a little.
I entered a little.
Little Red Gangsta.
That helped a little.
A little gallivanter.
Too little, too late.
It was a little girl.
That helps a little.
Little Jack Horner, n.
him at least a little.
Little Miss Muffett, n.
We moved away a little.
The Little White Town.
but with little warmth.

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