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Now in a sentence

Now I had to smile.
All we have is now.
It was dark by now.
He was so near now.
By now he was calm.
And now I held in.
We see now why in.

It was now or never.
I can see that now.
They now had a plan.
Now that is an idea.
Now is not the time.
Lift it nownow.
You got one job now.
Now we had two outs.
The clock now says 4.
By now it was late.
Now I can't go back.
Now the door to the.
He too is crying now.
He had no choice now.
You all by now, how.
All bets were now off.
But now as time was.
You now have one too.
Ma, I'm an Angel now.
By now there was no.
So now, I backup my.
It was truly over now.
They felt it was now.
Now the A is achieving.
This is his woman now.
Alan relaxed a bit now.
Right now he means it.
Now then, let us begin.
Now the game was tied.
He could see that now.
I can now use him to.
Will was beside me now.
Now it was Chloe's turn.

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