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Now in a sentence

1. All we have is now.
2. He was so near now.
3. It was dark by now.
4. Now I had to smile.
5. By now he was calm.
6. We see now why in.
7. And now I held in.
8. I can see that now.
9. It was now or never.
10. They now had a plan.
11. Lift it nownow.
12. You got one job now.
13. By now it was late.
14. Now is not the time.
15. Now we had two outs.
16. The clock now says 4.
17. Now that is an idea.
18. Now I can't go back.
19. Ma, I'm an Angel now.
20. But now as time was.
21. You all by now, how.
22. You now have one too.
23. By now there was no.
24. So now, I backup my.
25. He too is crying now.
26. Now the door to the.
27. He had no choice now.
28. All bets were now off.
29. This is his woman now.
30. They felt it was now.
31. I can now use him to.
32. Now the A is achieving.
33. Right now he means it.
34. Now then, let us begin.
35. Will was beside me now.
36. Alan relaxed a bit now.
37. It was truly over now.
38. Now the game was tied.
39. He could see that now.
40. He saw her clearly now.
41. Now the Spirit of the.
42. Now, there has been a.
43. He'll be crying by now.
44. It should be empty now.
45. It was now nearly 10:00.
46. Alan is lost to us now.
47. Now it was Chloe's turn.
48. Now fuck off out of it.
49. I realise now that it.
50. Now it was really good.
51. Now he waited for the.
52. I was very close by now.
53. I have to tell her now.
54. I was sweating now and.
55. And now to the weather.
56. Now it was the turn of.
57. I got his call just now.
58. Now this is what I want.
59. He couldn't take it now.
60. Now he was 50 feet tall.
61. And look at us now!.
62. Nothing can stop him now.
63. Our shop now offers both.
64. I wonder where he is now.
65. Now, that has all changed.
66. Dead these many years now.
67. My bones ache always now.
68. And now he was not alone.
69. Justice will be done now.
70. It was now up to him to.
71. It’s ok now said Joe.
72. And now, here was family.
73. Where is her mother now?
74. He wants to end this now.
75. Yes, I feel sleepy now.
76. Until now, the West was.
77. Now what did he want to.
78. They lived in America now.
79. Right now he had neither.
80. It was ten past three now.
81. It was habit now I guess.
82. Now he could take a break.
83. Now is the time to use it.
84. Right now it was Noonsleep.
85. I think you must go now.
86. Now it was for camouflage.
87. I was in deep trouble now.
88. That much was clear by now.
89. But she was rail thin now.
90. Now that would be perfect.
91. I should know that by now.
92. But now a believer, as I.
93. They both knew the way now.
94. Now what to do? Thought I.
95. Ah, but come now, Red Mage.
96. He wouldn’t ask that now.
97. He didn’t sound angry now.
98. He was now ready—He went.
99. Now that Job was a real man.
100. There will be no sleep now.

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