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Directly in a sentence

He looked directly at me.
You can jump directly to.
I looked him directly in.
Leah looked directly at me.
They were directly in our.
He spoke directly to Evans.
Naomi looked directly at me.

So he asked him directly:.
Jesus gave directly to Paul.
Boggs directly in the head.
Two passed directly over me.
He speaks directly to Ellin.
He found a seat directly in.
The fee is paid directly to.
The sun was directly overhead.
This is directly alluded to.
Tragus stared directly at her.
He was working directly for.
Directly ahead lay a walled.
He looked directly at Whitton.
No, directly east from here.
Do not apply directly to skin.
They go directly for the kill.
At least, not for us directly.
They are shown directly below.
He looked directly at me and.
A shot aimed directly at Mira.
I went directly home, into my.
Therese looked directly at Ashi.
She looked directly in his eyes.
I never looked directly at him.
As I cannot directly alter my.
Theo looked directly at Armenis.
I’m embedding it directly in.
Persis sat directly across 141.
Jack gazed directly into my eyes.
It is moving directly toward us.
Quoted directly from the Oxford.
He looked me directly in the eyes.
At least, not directly like this.

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