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Occupancy in a sentence

1. I am that which evaluates and forms occupancy.
2. The right and the occupancy, however, are inseparable.
3. She was then thrown into a single occupancy prison cell.
4. I was convinced Beth had taken occupancy of my mother’s.
5. Gordon’s inability to get a certificate of occupancy at first.
6. It is an absence of relation, not a lack of occupancy in itself.
7. Twists and turns bring you to areas constructed but void of occupancy.

8. Occupancy rates at the newly built Trade Center hovered around 30 percent.
9. The Christian white men recognized the Indian's right of occupancy as a right.
10. For example, break-even occupancy for hotels declined steadily between 1986 and 2000.
11. Evidently, Spalding had a change of heart and gave him the certificate of occupancy.
12. False is a lack of occupancy of place by the predicate-pointed subject-space element upon.
13. If propositional truth is based upon pointed-to occupancy on evaluation, then what more can.
14. Spalding initially denied a certificate of occupancy but issued a CO a couple of days later.
15. Restrictions such as a ban on surface occupancy tie up 46% of the onshore federal oil and 60% of.
16. For example, hotels over the last decade have been able to change their break-even cost for occupancy.
17. Apparently, the building isn’t all that safe, but he gave Gordon the certificate of occupancy anyways.
18. It had a history that dated occupancy back to the Palaeolithic era though that was of no interest really.
19. I want all the current reports on the reservations, payrolls, occupancy, and a breakdown of the food and beverage costs.
20. Restrictions such as a ban on surface occupancy tie up 46% of the onshore federal oil and 60% of the onshore federal gas.
21. Only one disheveled guy moved off the floor completely and found refuge on the second level where Kerr tried to maintain occupancy.
22. In a state of nature, occupancy gives a right to soil, upon the ground of supposed labor on the part of the occupant in taking possession.
23. But the moment he discloses that knowledge to the public he abandons his occupancy, and the invention becomes subject to the use of others.
24. The final pages of the file were a scanned copy of the certificate of occupancy signed by Spalding and dated only days after the report date.
25. Fouquet pulled everything off the racks and chucked it in the general direction of the bed, a big four-poster, showing signs of recent occupancy.
26. Upon remedy of said structural violations, I and my staff will inspect the building and render a decision on reconsideration for your certificate of occupancy.
27. For some reason, Spalding had had a change of heart and signed the certificate of occupancy days after issuing this report questioning the integrity of the building.
28. Having the issue of height restrictions and encroachment resolved by the courts, it is our decision that we cannot issue you a certificate of occupancy for your development.
29. Prospective guests will be requested to submit their first bids tomorrow morning, three hours before noon Nine Valleys time, for occupancy at noon local time at each location.
30. In chapters 5, “From Among Many” and 6, “Whither Comest Thou,” I introduced my understanding that Man became self-conscious, probably during his occupancy of the garden.
31. And should any Spanish military force remain within the country, after the occupancy by the troops of the United States, you may, in such case, aid in their removal from the same.
32. Miss Marie Young, who was a music instructor to President Roosevelt's children and had known Major Butt during the Roosevelt occupancy of the White House, told this story of his heroism.
33. Stumbling across the boxes, colliding with beds and tables left from the occupancy, they staggered across the great cavern, frequently jumping aside as boulders rolled across their path.
34. In order to ascertain this, it is proper to take a cursory view of the settlement of the country; the basis of European title to colonies in America being prior discovery or prior occupancy.
35. A roof over our heads, an inviting straw bed all to ourselves, an entrance which could be blocked to indicate occupancy and another hole in the wall for the window - what else could we possibly want?
36. How had Peter accomplished this? Without Spalding’s approval on the certificate of occupancy, the building would be sitting vacant unless the developers had come up with tens of millions of dollars to fix the problems.
37. All I could do was hope we wouldn’t have such a huge McAllister contingent there that they’d max out the occupancy of the place, thus defeating any chance of dancing with someone I hadn’t known since I was in diapers.
38. But the gentleman has said that Spain is no longer able to hold Florida; that foreign emissaries will take it if the United States do not, and that it may be lawfully taken by the United States on the ground of the law of occupancy.
39. Of a previous common accord, Joan Ferguson and Mark Cisco took shared occupancy of one of the cabins, not because they were planning on dating each other but because they trusted each other out of their work together at the JUPITER.
40. The tarpaulin covering an unshingled patch of roof would remain there for the length of her occupancy, but there was a deep tub in the bathroom and a fireplace in the den, and shops and restaurants to serve the people her age nearby.
41. The wisdom of Congress will, at the same time, determine how far it may be expedient to provide for the event of a subversion of the Spanish authorities within the territory in question, and an apprehended occupancy thereof by any other foreign power.
42. Somehow, Peter had managed to obtain a certificate of occupancy despite the questionable structural integrity of the luxurious and much-sought-after development that had reputedly been the most expensive project in the city totaling over $500 million.
43. In such a conjuncture I did not delay the interposition required for the occupancy of the territory west of the river Perdido, to which the title of the United States extends, and to which the laws provided for the Territory of Orleans are applicable.
44. The police presence at the hotel was discrete, but embarrassing for management who were reluctant to disclose any information related to a guest who had made an advanced payment of ten thousand dollars for a twelve day occupancy of the entire top floor.
45. Yet Aunt Susan could not be a martinet; her hall, furnished for other people, showed due regard for their comfort; the living room, which took the entire western side of the cottage, bore unmistakable signs of much occupancy, with wide and varied interests.
46. What is the nature of the title set up by the gentleman from Vermont? Not under the treaty, he has candidly owned, but he supposes a title to exist on the ground of certain quaint principles of the common law, relative to the doctrines of estoppel and occupancy.
47. Could it be that for granting the certificate of occupancy Spalding was rewarded both financially and politically? Perhaps upon learning of his wife’s infidelity with none other than Peter Gordon he planned to make public the report on The Plantation development.
48. As to the occupancy of Mobile by the Spaniards, it was not a valid objection; but if it were, he said he hoped it would soon be invalidated; he trusted that the spirit of the country would aid the disposition of the Executive to repel every foreign enemy from our territories.
49. As the building does not meet code on a number of these factors, the certificate of occupancy will be withheld until such a time as the factors outlined in the attached report are addressed to bring the building up to code in full and the building is reinspected for compliance.
50. When a company buys equipment or builds a building, it sets depreciation schedules based on useful lives and other accounting conventions, but those schedules know nothing about the future supply and demand for that equipment, or the occupancy levels and cap rates for that building.
51. The original expenses consist in the instruments of husbandry, in the stock of cattle, in the seed, and in the maintenance of the farmer's family, servants, and cattle, during at least a great part of the first year of his occupancy, or till he can receive some return from the land.
52. But honest history will record it [at least in its early part] as an attempt at restoration of stolen Christian/Roman lands and the relief of persecution of innocent pilgrims whose only wish was to visit the many shrines built during the many centuries of previous Christian occupancy.
53. He wants you to experience what he has experienced, see? He can't do anything to attack God, so he sets his target on the people God has designed to replace the devil's occupancy in the spirit, the people God has designed to arise, and begin to occupy places in the spirit, and have dominion in the earth.
54. A curtain of burlaps screened one corner, hiding the toilet arrangements, which would have suggested that the couch served as a bed by night; and the flowering plants at the window, the arrangement of artistic posters and sketches on the walls, and, above all, the neatness and orderliness of the room, proclaimed feminine occupancy.
55. That part of the produce of the land which remains to him after paying the rent, ought to be sufficient, first, to replace to him, within a reasonable time, at least during the term of his occupancy, the whole of his original expenses, together with the ordinary profits of stock; and, secondly, to replace to him annually the whole of his annual expenses, together likewise with the ordinary profits of stock.

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