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Occupation in a sentence | occupation example sentences

  1. This is not an occupation.
  2. This man's occupation is gone.
  3. The occupation had existed for.
  4. Popularity is not an occupation.
  5. This ended the French occupation.
  6. It is the occupation of dreamers.
  7. A Pause in the Day’s Occupation.
  8. These flowers were his occupation.
  9. Occupation: Governmental aide to Mr H.
  10. What was the patient’s occupation?
  11. Can you smell his occupation?
  12. Lowood, when I had no other occupation.
  14. The Ottoman occupation fol owed, which.
  15. Yet he had to live and to find occupation.
  16. Pursuit of knowledge was my 24/7 occupation.
  17. Yes; my old occupation, and she smiled.
  18. She’ll understand what her new occupation.
  19. Wherever you are and in whatever occupation.
  20. What does it mean to be in the occupation of.
  21. Ottoman occupation, the capital was at Istanbul.
  22. But I watch over them, and like the occupation.
  23. I wasn't referring to your so-called occupation.
  24. Being choked out is a mandatory SEAL occupation.
  25. Paul's old occupation before he changed his ways.
  26. He asked him how he knew which occupation to give.
  27. Every such occupation with other people offends her.
  28. May I ask what his your husband’s occupation?
  29. If your occupation is on this list, there is a very.
  30. Transcend occupation, move beyond economies of power.
  31. This last was, of course, a purely male occupation;.
  32. Piracy’s still a lively occupation in the islands.
  33. His occupation was the management of Government spies.
  34. Being choked out is a mandatory SEAL occupation.
  35. For the record, please state your name and occupation.
  36. His principal occupation was given as barrister-at-law.
  37. But without this occupation, the life of Vronsky and of.
  38. One occupation that I cannot see as working smart.
  39. I was promoted faster than anyone else in the occupation.
  40. Apparently, his occupation has something to do with music.
  41. War was the duty and main occupation of the noble classes.
  42. I thought you said your occupation was shooting trouble.
  43. What is your name and occupation and what skills are you.
  44. Hussein and Ahmed arrived on the sixth day of the occupation.
  45. It seemed that being a writer was a very glamorous occupation.
  46. Since the occupation of Rabaul over four months ago, Sister.
  47. BLOOM: Well, I follow a literary occupation, author-journalist.
  48. Jewish fanaticism under Roman Occupation two thousand years ago.
  49. It was a fortnight after the beginning of the Soviet occupation.
  50. RAOOH Records of Allied Operational and Occupation Headquarters.
  51. Their main occupation was gambling and stealing from each other.
  52. This occupation continued through the end of the American Civil.
  53. The object of the quest is the occupation LET THE DRUMMERY ROLL.
  54. Thus, in the United States, the occupation of typist carried a.
  55. Any other occupation and they would all have been put in jail and.
  56. Gul Tormin is in charge of the occupation, Legate Goris said.
  57. Did he mention the precise order of occupation to which he would.
  58. Told me to fuck off when I suggested it was a dangerous occupation.
  59. Preparation – preparing for the audit is a year round occupation.
  60. Certain occupation where the mother exposed to certain chemical may.
  61. A worthy occupation, no doubt, but not a very profitable one for us.
  62. Any occupation with anything not concerning her, does not interest her.
  63. The mews were active, the Piccadilly houses being mostly in occupation.
  64. The Roman Invasion and occupation of ancient Israel and Judah–63 BCE.
  65. Although it might have appeared that the occupation of the power plant.
  66. I told you something odd happened during the occupation stage of the war.
  67. This temporary occupation of a pupil' s body should not be confused with.
  68. He can only carry on in this world by occupation of a true physical form.
  69. Baring that in mind I started moving ganja as an occupation in early 1998.
  70. For such patients I always recommend a different occupation or way of life.
  71. During the Roman occupation of the Middle East there appeared a gold and.
  72. The US Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-1946, Washington, DC, 1975.
  73. He resumed his former occupation, closing his lids, as if he meant to drop.
  74. Sabbath: A rest; a refreshing; a break in any occupation or accomplishments.
  75. To find out whether your work experience is on the Skilled Occupation List.
  76. The great occupation of her life was to go out with him, to remain with him.
  77. Two major things happened as a result of the French occupation of Germany.
  78. During World War II, many Chamorros died during a brutal Japanese occupation.
  79. On the way back, I passed a small valley and saw the first signs of occupation.
  80. War—because it directs the occupation of this territory by a military force.
  81. It empowers her, gives her an occupation and role at home, for herself, anyway.
  82. Roger’s grandfather had openly opposed the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.
  83. There was no one in sight, although signs of itinerant occupation remained; an.
  84. He resumed his former occupation, closing his lids, as if he meant to drop asleep.
  85. It may be the character of his mind, to be always in singular need of occupation.
  86. Almost, but he shut up long enough to listen to discussions about the occupation.
  87. Believe it or not your total marine star now is under our occupation and control.
  88. Man’s principal occupation, the search for food, evolved through several phases.
  89. Both of the dog's bodies started fitting from the shock of the sudden occupation.
  90. Labouring in vain, he must end in hating himself and his fruitless occupation? Yes.
  91. Tax collecting was a necessary occupation, much as soldiering and politicking was.
  92. I waited while they discussed the final details of the occupation of Tenochtitlan.
  93. Feigning occupation was a standard tactic among noblemen faced with civil servants.
  94. In his position of authority, Freeman learned classified facts about the occupation.
  95. Too bad they had not thought to include occupation as a one of the screening tools.
  96. The Time Patrol will take care of the German occupation forces in the next few days.
  97. Considering her previous occupation, I’d sort of assumed she didn’t have anyone.
  98. And fail not to remember that the will of God can be done in any earthly occupation.
  99. Indeed, this was an occupation which furnished me with one of my greatest pleasures.
  100. Callas made the faulty step to give a concert for the occupation army, the board of.

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