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Oil in a sentence

Heat oil in a pan.
How to use soya oil.
The oil is olive oil.
The oil is washed out.
Heat the oil on high.
Heat the oil in a pan.
Heat oil in a fry pan.

You know why? Palm oil.
No oil, no war machine.
Brush with half the oil.
Nadya seized an oil lamp.
Buying the Blood in Oil.
I had to reheat the oil.
Add the onion to the oil.
Best in oil based paints.
Mad Max is mad about oil.
Oil is what Candy needed.
So is the Holy oil used.
The oil and gas industry.
Here comes the snake oil.
Then simply oil the floor.
The cry over spilled oil.
An oil tanker loomed ahead.
Oil futures can be traded.
Drain off the cooking oil.
The oil may be used as a.
Oil dripped down his chin.
Snake Oil by Clifford Stoll.
Nadya held up the oil lamp.
Do you really believe oil.
Get more oil and more wine.
He was glistening with oil.
Add the oil and prosciutto.
Oil companies get a bad rap.
NEVER cook with flax oil!.
The oil started to pour out.
Their oil revenues are huge.
Latex and oil based paint.
Lucky I have oil on the way.
Use the massage oil on the.
Oiling me is easy.
Hear that? The hinges need oiling.
It'll probably need oiling and pumping up.
The groundsman was oiling mowers in the tractor shed.
Man shoots wife while oiling matchlock garter pistol.
I sleep with Him, said one of the women oiling Him.
I was flabbergasted! One oiling every ten years, I could be.
An hour later, while oiling a revolver, he almost blew his brains out.
If there are no restrictions on oiling, you will want to apply a thin.
My mom’s hands were always rough and dry, she was constantly oiling them, to no avail.
I began the inventory, dry-firing, oiling, and arranging everything in the back of the Humvee.
If there are no restrictions on oiling, you will want to apply a thin coat of baby oil to your body.
We hastily made camp and spent much of the evening polishing up all metal and oiling up all leather.
The train was packed with troops, and we were oiling our rifle bolts and checking our ammunition to be ready for action.
Today she would be rid of me for most of the day, and I could imagine her oiling and polishing to her heart’s content.
He took care of the firearm as if it was one of his own children, oiling the parts daily and cleaning it rigorously every time it was used.
I left him seated amid his pink radiance, oiling the lock of his favorite rifle, while he still chuckled to himself at the thought of the adventures which awaited us.
At one of these ends there was an enormous camera on wheels, and a whole army of Oompa-Loompas was clustering around it, oiling its joints and adjusting its knobs and polishing its great glass lens.
The walls were all grey and peeling, the hinges of the wooden doors with old- fashioned handles all needed oiling and there was a black bust of a wise man with prominent moustaches in the majestic stairways.
The weapon you carry is only as good as you keep it so I spent the next hour cleaning, oiling and sharpening the weapons that I had been using over the last couple of days since I hadn’t hadn’t been able to do more than wipe them off at the time.
Fly? I thought, and spoil thinking about murder all across the plains? Spoil oiling the pistol and loading it and thinking of Ralph Underhill’s face when I show up thirty-six years late to settle old scores? Fly? Why, I would rather pack cross-country on foot, pausing by night to build fires and fry my bile and sour spit and eat again my old, mummified but still-living antagonisms and touch those bruises which have never healed.
The oiled hair, geeky face and.
I wished I had worn my oiled cloak.
There was a groan of oiled machinery.
He was pretty oiled up, for one thing.
They are oiled and cleaned every day.
He had oiled the trapdoor that morning.
His beard was black, precise, and oiled.
You could tell he was a little oiled up.
Andrei ran for coins and I oiled the tack.
Inside was a bag made of oiled wool, still intact.
His long hair was neatly oiled and tied in a knot.
She would tie him and shove banana-scented oiled.
He heard the screeching sound of not oiled, rusty metal.
The door drifted away on absolutely silent oiled hinges.
I oiled that thing a million times, Stacks grumbled.
The tools within were immaculate, their blades oiled and.
Candy, when was the last time that you oiled yourself?
Place dough in oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and a warm.
She then oiled his penis and stroked it up and down a few times.
Random thoughts circulated in my head, like oiled fingers in hair.
Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap.
Almost young, he slept with his mustaches oiled to his lip by fever.
Among these and the others were dressed-up children with oiled hair.
Press this mixture evenly on the bottom of a lightly oiled 8 pie pan.
You’ve oiled him up enough; how about my back and shoulders now?
He sat at her kitchen table and methodically stripped down and oiled the.
He oiled all of the moving parts and put a light coat of oil on his sword.
Oiled, with tube bones cut from bronze and sunk in gelatin, the robots lay.
Superbly polished and oiled wooden stairs on castor wheels stood all around.
Place the salmon on an oiled sheet pan and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.
As the oiled, gleaming iron neared her face, she did not move or glance at it.
He adjusted hinges, oiled locks, screwed knockers tight, and planed doorjambs.
No machine should be oiled, cleaned or adjusted while it is in operation unless.
In thirty minutes, Andrew had Duke hitched to the wagon with the oiled canvas cover.
The door whined with the nasal squeal of hinges that had probably never been oiled.
Within seconds I was on my back, legs in the air, oiled up and he was pounding away.
At his touch it swung open so readily that its hinges might recently have been oiled.
This time a badly oiled hinge suddenly emitted amid the silence a hoarse and prolonged cry.
The mechanism was well oiled, and the round entering the chamber made almost no sound at all.
Caris saw some muddy white material that looked like the oiled linen sometimes used for shrouds.
The scents from essential oils wil.
Cook with the BEST fat burning oils.
Essential oils are best in supporting.
Luxuriating in the feel of the oils on.
Oils have poor color retention over latex.
Most oils turn rancid when they are heated.
Using essential oils can offset this type.
No writing equipment, no oils, no parchment.
There are other aromatherapy oils you can use.
Essential oils can be used in a number of ways.
These are not the oils of a beautiful painting.
Native trees are packed with combustible oils.
Unsaturated fats are in liquid form as in oils.
Different types of oils to promote hair growth.
He paid her; she picked up her oils and walked.
You want to cook with lighter oils when cooking.
That puts them almost higher than the best oils.
Manda wondered if she rubbed oils on her patients.
Avoiding rancid oils is one of the keys to health.
The greatest benefits occurred when the oils were.
The oil also holds a richness that is rare in oils.
Use Aromatherapy oils in the bathroom as it is easily.
One of the most commonly used essential oils is lavender.
Jungle Rain is made from Citrus Oils and Peppermint soap.
I think she’s got some over on the shelf with the oils.
It is also important to remember that essential oils are.
These oils are prevalent throughout Barkbook, my beloved.
Oils: the pro is that they are like a shell when they cure.
The odors in the golden vials are scented oils, which are.
Other aromatherapy oils are used for massage treatments, too.
Pain Away: This is a blend of oils that includes Helichrysum.
There are many places where you can purchase essential oils.
Add aromatherapy oils to papier-mâché, the result is the.
Oils - Any fat which exists in liquid form at room temperature.
This will remove dead skin cells and oils that clog the pores.
Coconuts and coconut oils contain a high amount of saturated fat.
She sells aromatherapy, incense, oils, and a bunch of other stuff.
The inhaled aroma from these Essential Oils is widely believed to.
Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and can.
Essential oils are scented liquids that are removed from plants by.

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