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Oil in a sentence | oil example sentences

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. How to use soya oil.
  3. The oil is olive oil.
  4. The oil is washed out.
  5. Heat the oil on high.

  6. Heat the oil in a pan.
  7. Heat oil in a fry pan.
  8. No oil, no war machine.
  9. You know why? Palm oil.
  10. Nadya seized an oil lamp.
  11. Add the onion to the oil.
  12. Buying the Blood in Oil.
  13. Brush with half the oil.
  14. I had to reheat the oil.
  15. The oil and gas industry.

  16. So is the Holy oil used.
  17. Best in oil based paints.
  18. Here comes the snake oil.
  19. Oil is what Candy needed.
  20. Mad Max is mad about oil.
  21. An oil tanker loomed ahead.
  22. Drain off the cooking oil.
  23. Then simply oil the floor.
  24. The oil may be used as a.
  25. The cry over spilled oil.

  26. Oil futures can be traded.
  27. Oil dripped down his chin.
  28. He was glistening with oil.
  29. NEVER cook with flax oil!.
  30. The oil started to pour out.
  31. Snake Oil by Clifford Stoll.
  32. Add the oil and prosciutto.
  33. Oil companies get a bad rap.
  34. Nadya held up the oil lamp.
  35. Do you really believe oil.
  36. Get more oil and more wine.
  37. Use the massage oil on the.
  38. I still have a sad oil co.
  39. Their oil revenues are huge.
  40. Latex and oil based paint.
  41. Lucky I have oil on the way.
  42. Heat the oil in a sauce pan.
  43. Lightly oil the grill plate.
  44. Your vat of oil is cooked.
  45. Oil became a political issue.
  46. A few drops of this oil can.
  47. She had dark hair, with oil.
  48. Milly too rock oil and flour.
  49. He was hoping the oil would.
  50. Strain and boil with the oil.
  51. The oil fire had done its job.
  52. Oil floats on water, and the.
  53. Into the bowl was poured oil.
  54. When the oil is hot, Dip the.
  55. This oil is found in avocados.
  56. She dabbed oil on the leather.
  57. And pour oil on troubled waters.
  58. Palm oil has been reported to.
  59. Apply the essential oil daily.
  60. Add oil and 1/2 cup warm water.
  61. Try 2-3 drops water: 1 drop oil.
  62. She held up the cap of the oil.
  63. The oil is described as gold.
  64. Treat your skin with Jojoba oil.
  65. Example C: Barnsdall Oil Company.
  66. Oil, gold, and other commodities.
  67. But then we haven't got any oil.
  68. Brush bread shell with olive oil.
  69. But with record-high oil prices.
  70. The oil is massaged into the hair.
  71. But ery hkely it won't come oil.
  72. Tim arrived with oil on his hands.
  73. Stir the oil well into the flour.
  74. We never had an oil shock before.
  75. Prevent Hair Loss with Olive Oil.
  76. I just remember that I used oil.
  78. The oil was apparently exhausted.
  79. What’s the deal with peak oil?
  80. Lightly oil the grill plate and.
  81. I want oil, and here's my check.
  82. As vegetable oil had previously.
  83. Pam Rushing knows the oil and gas.
  84. Heat remaining oil in a heavy 99.
  85. Sprinkle with basil and olive oil.
  86. Heat about two tablespoons of oil.
  87. Just look at Canada’s oil sands.
  88. Heat the oil in a pressure cooker.
  89. Oil moves in increments of 1 cent.
  90. Shark liver oil they use to clean.
  91. They were bursting with sweet oil.
  92. He was head to toe in grime and oil.
  93. Let the pot with oil heat for 5 min.
  94. The Oil and Gas Extraction industry.
  95. Corn, Wheat, Soy meal, and Soy oil.
  96. And the bath oil! Mary shouts.
  97. Paint, effect of oil in thick, 191.
  98. Heat oil in the wok over high heat.
  99. Oil lamps were invented much later.
  100. Oil trading will also be suspended.
  1. Oiling me is easy.
  2. Hear that? The hinges need oiling.
  3. It'll probably need oiling and pumping up.
  4. The groundsman was oiling mowers in the tractor shed.
  5. Man shoots wife while oiling matchlock garter pistol.
  6. I sleep with Him, said one of the women oiling Him.
  7. I was flabbergasted! One oiling every ten years, I could be.
  8. An hour later, while oiling a revolver, he almost blew his brains out.
  9. If there are no restrictions on oiling, you will want to apply a thin.
  10. My mom’s hands were always rough and dry, she was constantly oiling them, to no avail.
  11. I began the inventory, dry-firing, oiling, and arranging everything in the back of the Humvee.
  12. If there are no restrictions on oiling, you will want to apply a thin coat of baby oil to your body.
  13. We hastily made camp and spent much of the evening polishing up all metal and oiling up all leather.
  14. The train was packed with troops, and we were oiling our rifle bolts and checking our ammunition to be ready for action.
  15. Today she would be rid of me for most of the day, and I could imagine her oiling and polishing to her heart’s content.
  16. He took care of the firearm as if it was one of his own children, oiling the parts daily and cleaning it rigorously every time it was used.
  17. I left him seated amid his pink radiance, oiling the lock of his favorite rifle, while he still chuckled to himself at the thought of the adventures which awaited us.
  18. At one of these ends there was an enormous camera on wheels, and a whole army of Oompa-Loompas was clustering around it, oiling its joints and adjusting its knobs and polishing its great glass lens.
  19. The walls were all grey and peeling, the hinges of the wooden doors with old- fashioned handles all needed oiling and there was a black bust of a wise man with prominent moustaches in the majestic stairways.
  20. The weapon you carry is only as good as you keep it so I spent the next hour cleaning, oiling and sharpening the weapons that I had been using over the last couple of days since I hadn’t hadn’t been able to do more than wipe them off at the time.
  21. Fly? I thought, and spoil thinking about murder all across the plains? Spoil oiling the pistol and loading it and thinking of Ralph Underhill’s face when I show up thirty-six years late to settle old scores? Fly? Why, I would rather pack cross-country on foot, pausing by night to build fires and fry my bile and sour spit and eat again my old, mummified but still-living antagonisms and touch those bruises which have never healed.
  1. The oiled hair, geeky face and.
  2. I wished I had worn my oiled cloak.
  3. There was a groan of oiled machinery.
  4. He was pretty oiled up, for one thing.
  5. They are oiled and cleaned every day.
  6. He had oiled the trapdoor that morning.
  7. You could tell he was a little oiled up.
  8. His beard was black, precise, and oiled.
  9. Andrei ran for coins and I oiled the tack.
  10. Inside was a bag made of oiled wool, still intact.
  11. She would tie him and shove banana-scented oiled.
  12. His long hair was neatly oiled and tied in a knot.
  13. He heard the screeching sound of not oiled, rusty metal.
  14. The door drifted away on absolutely silent oiled hinges.
  15. I oiled that thing a million times, Stacks grumbled.
  16. The tools within were immaculate, their blades oiled and.
  17. Candy, when was the last time that you oiled yourself?
  18. Place dough in oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and a warm.
  19. She then oiled his penis and stroked it up and down a few times.
  20. Random thoughts circulated in my head, like oiled fingers in hair.
  21. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap.
  22. Almost young, he slept with his mustaches oiled to his lip by fever.
  23. Among these and the others were dressed-up children with oiled hair.
  24. Press this mixture evenly on the bottom of a lightly oiled 8 pie pan.
  25. He sat at her kitchen table and methodically stripped down and oiled the.
  26. You’ve oiled him up enough; how about my back and shoulders now?
  27. He oiled all of the moving parts and put a light coat of oil on his sword.
  28. Superbly polished and oiled wooden stairs on castor wheels stood all around.
  29. Oiled, with tube bones cut from bronze and sunk in gelatin, the robots lay.
  30. Place the salmon on an oiled sheet pan and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.
  31. As the oiled, gleaming iron neared her face, she did not move or glance at it.
  32. He adjusted hinges, oiled locks, screwed knockers tight, and planed doorjambs.
  33. No machine should be oiled, cleaned or adjusted while it is in operation unless.
  34. In thirty minutes, Andrew had Duke hitched to the wagon with the oiled canvas cover.
  35. The door whined with the nasal squeal of hinges that had probably never been oiled.
  36. Within seconds I was on my back, legs in the air, oiled up and he was pounding away.
  37. At his touch it swung open so readily that its hinges might recently have been oiled.
  38. This time a badly oiled hinge suddenly emitted amid the silence a hoarse and prolonged cry.
  39. The mechanism was well oiled, and the round entering the chamber made almost no sound at all.
  40. Caris saw some muddy white material that looked like the oiled linen sometimes used for shrouds.
  41. Even deeper than that, the rusted gears turning in his mind felt like they had been newly oiled.
  42. He twisted the doorknob and it opened on oiled hinges, revealing an exquisitely feminine bedroom.
  43. The floor was very smooth and the wheels on the trolleys were well oiled, so friction was not great.
  44. Having done that, he then packed his field kit and cleaned up and oiled his already spotless StG-41 7.
  45. Angelo twisted the doorknob and it opened on oiled hinges, revealing my own exquisitely feminine bedroom.
  46. On lightly oiled baking sheet, press chilled dough into 9 x 12 inch rectangle, crimp edges to form a rim.
  47. He sank in waters as oiled and scummy as his coat, as terrible and dark as his soul, to be covered and lost.
  48. In the mechanical ravines of the city oiled shafts plunged, balance wheels dipped over into green oil pools.
  49. They had oiled her skin with some kind of fine lotion and the smell was soothing with a hint of spice to it.
  50. The gate’s lock had been snapped, and hinges oiled to keep it silent; they stepped through and out into ….
  51. Sullivan had a three-year-old Winchester in the trunk of the car, which he kept cleaned, oiled, and ready to go.
  52. Holloway and the oiled metallic smell of the delicate snowflake-interiored watches he repaired in his home shop.
  53. Lakes of water lay where there had been pools; rails and machinery glistened as if they had been carefully oiled.
  54. The heavy door opened silently on the well oiled hinges and she stepped out on to the thick carpet of the hallway.
  55. When he had finished, he thanked her kindly and oiled himself thoroughly with his jeweled oil-can, to guard against mishap.
  56. There were several well-thumbed books; old classics mostly, and on the top there was a heavy bundle wrapped in oiled canvas.
  57. It was obvious that this gate and those hinges, carefully oiled, were in the habit of opening more frequently than was supposed.
  58. The oiled hair is wrapped in plastic, covered with a warm towel, and left for half an hour: the heat helps the oil to penetrate.
  59. She untied it and unrolled the oiled leather wrap, Levitating it level and horizontal at her waist’s height to display the weapons.
  60. As my hands passed over my body they came in contact with pockets and in one of these a small parcel of matches wrapped in oiled paper.
  61. Long brown hair was pulled back in a thick plait, every other part of his slim, bronzed body had been shaved smooth and copiously oiled.
  62. He looked up, and there was Zametoff—that same Zametoff, with his rings and chain, his oiled locks and fancy waistcoat and unclean linen.
  63. The small motorbike pulled up outside the carousel building with a young man in swimshorts astride, his body bronzed and oiled and beautiful.
  64. He quietly opened the trap door, (something easily done, since he’d oiled it’s hinges recently), and snuck into Annie’s house undetected.
  65. Waiting for darkness, drifting with lowered sails in the open water over the horizon, fighters sharpened and oiled the blades of their weapons.
  66. Fry the stuffed batter-coated bread slices in a lightly oiled skillet until golden brown on the outside and the cheese is melted on the inside.
  67. Ilse was a familiar figure, just a sunburnt country girl with oiled hair, in her Sunday clothes; but Ingeborg was a foreigner, an astonishment.
  68. How they use the salt, precisely—who knows? Certain I am, however, that a king's head is solemnly oiled at his coronation, even as a head of salad.
  69. Colling had cleaned and oiled the pistol on board the Orion Belle, and it did not appear to require any additional attention before he returned it to its hiding place.
  70. There were bottles and cases of queer-smelling stuffs, chemicals no doubt for experiments, and there were coils of fine copper wire and yanks and yanks of thin oiled.
  71. They dragged the bicycle out of the shelter and wiped the moistness off with an old dry rag, oiled it and reset the back wheel, as it was leaning heavily against the frame.
  72. I had just oiled and put my rifle back together Elijah having finished minutes before but he was not as fastidious as me with his cleaning he handed me a smoke which I lit.
  73. Gumboes and shrimp Creole, doves in wine and oysters in crumbly patties full of creamy sauce, mushrooms and sweetbreads and turkey livers, fish baked cunningly in oiled paper and limes.
  74. On the broad green to the west of the church, hundreds of traders had set out their stalls – then hastily covered them with sheets of oiled sacking or felted cloth to keep the rain off.
  75. Redoubling, then, the active energy of his thrusts, favoured by the fervid appetency of my motions, the soft oiled wards can no longer stand so effectual a picklock, but yield, and open him an entrance.
  76. As he pondered, he found himself opposite the engine, which was being oiled, wiped, and generally caressed by its affectionate driver, a burly man with an oil-can in one hand and a lump of cotton-waste in the other.
  77. But if we had not demanded that he go to the window and fire it he would have requested the court's permission to do so, and the pistol would have fired because someone has quite obviously cleaned, oiled and reloaded it.
  78. You could hear the barking-jingling fade, rise, fade again as he cut down alley, over lawn, to fetch back Mr Holloway and the oiled metallic smell of the delicate snowflake-interiored watches he repaired in his home shop.
  79. Well, to make a long story short, we found the island and the treasure—a great iron-bound oak chest, wrapped in many layers of oiled sailcloth, and as strong and firm as when it had been buried nearly two hundred years ago.
  80. Greppin came through the front door the oiled silence of the door opening and swinging close behind him was like an opening and shutting dream, a thing accomplished on rubber pads, bathed in lubricant, slow and unmaterialistic.
  81. The beast snuffled at him in a friendly fashion; though it was crimson-eyed and had flanks like oiled silk, it was nevertheless a real flesh-and-blood horse and, indeed, was in all probability better treated than most beasts of burden on the Disc.
  82. Simply to glance at that flaxen, smoothly brushed head, at the tuft of hair he combed up on his forehead and oiled with sunflower oil, at that dignified mouth, compressed into the shape of the letter V, made one feel one was confronting a man who never doubted of himself.
  83. The worst part was that the rain was affecting everything and the driest of machines would have flowers popping out among their gears if they were not oiled every three days, and the threads in brocades rusted, and wet clothing would break out in a rash of saffron-colored moss.
  84. When dough becomes too stiff to stir, transfer to a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and shiny (7 to 10 minutes) Place in a lightly oiled bowl and turn to coat dough with oil Cover and let rise until doubled in bulk, about 1 3/4 hours In a medium skillet over moderate heat, render.
  85. A few years before he had gone to a dangerous assignation, his heart heavy with terror of what might happen, and he had found the door unlocked and the hinges recently oiled so that he could come in without a sound, but he repented at the last moment for fear of causing a decent married woman irreparable harm by dying in her bed.
  86. Kantor’s Bushmaster AR15 semi-automatic rifle - the California version of the military M16, modified to meet the strict gun requirements of states like California and Massachusetts to limit automatic repeat features and reduce the number of rounds per magazine - lay on Kantor’s carefully tung oiled Crate & Barrel maple kitchen table, looking as out of place as a dog turd on a Persian rug.
  87. We’ve heard, through the years, late in the night, the great boa constrictor, the terrible endless snake of concrete rushing upon us, nearly soundless, no men swearing or shouting or revving tractor and truck engines, but just a terrible oiled hiss, the sound of reptiles sidewinding the grass or sifting the sand, all by itself, no men guiding, no one riding its loops and folds, a destination to itself, mindless but drawn by body warmth, the heat of people.
  88. Everything was solemn, joyous and beautiful; the priest in his bright, silver chasuble, dotted with gilt crosses, the deacon, the chanters in holiday surplice of gold and silver, the spruce volunteer singers with oiled hair, the joyous melodies of holiday songs, the ceaseless blessing of the throng by the priests with flower-bedecked tern candles with the constantly repeated exclamations: "Christ has risen! Christ has risen!" Everything was beautiful, but more beautiful than all was Katiousha, in her white dress, blue belt and red bow in her hair, and her eyes radiant with delight.
  89. It was three days later that the first storm hit us from the east, we dropped our sail and put out the sea buckets to keep the bow to the waves and with nothing else to do we wrapped ourselves in oiled leathers and waited, twenty four days the storm raged but our sturdy craft suffered no more damage than one plank sprung from its pegs, fortunately it was above the water line and we soon repaired it, we had no way of knowing were the storm had pushed us, this was not as bad as it sounds, this was not the first storm we had lived through, a lot of them in boats less sturdy than the Raven, and the next clear night I would read the stars, consult my charts and know approximately where we were.
  1. The scents from essential oils wil.
  2. Cook with the BEST fat burning oils.
  3. Essential oils are best in supporting.
  4. Luxuriating in the feel of the oils on.
  5. Oils have poor color retention over latex.
  6. Most oils turn rancid when they are heated.
  7. Using essential oils can offset this type.
  8. No writing equipment, no oils, no parchment.
  9. There are other aromatherapy oils you can use.
  10. Essential oils can be used in a number of ways.
  11. Native trees are packed with combustible oils.
  12. These are not the oils of a beautiful painting.
  13. He paid her; she picked up her oils and walked.
  14. Unsaturated fats are in liquid form as in oils.
  15. Different types of oils to promote hair growth.
  16. You want to cook with lighter oils when cooking.
  17. That puts them almost higher than the best oils.
  18. Avoiding rancid oils is one of the keys to health.
  19. Manda wondered if she rubbed oils on her patients.
  20. The oil also holds a richness that is rare in oils.
  21. The greatest benefits occurred when the oils were.
  22. Use Aromatherapy oils in the bathroom as it is easily.
  23. One of the most commonly used essential oils is lavender.
  24. I think she’s got some over on the shelf with the oils.
  25. Jungle Rain is made from Citrus Oils and Peppermint soap.
  26. It is also important to remember that essential oils are.
  27. These oils are prevalent throughout Barkbook, my beloved.
  28. Oils: the pro is that they are like a shell when they cure.
  29. The odors in the golden vials are scented oils, which are.
  30. Add aromatherapy oils to papier-mâché, the result is the.
  31. There are many places where you can purchase essential oils.
  32. Pain Away: This is a blend of oils that includes Helichrysum.
  33. Other aromatherapy oils are used for massage treatments, too.
  34. This will remove dead skin cells and oils that clog the pores.
  35. Oils - Any fat which exists in liquid form at room temperature.
  36. Coconuts and coconut oils contain a high amount of saturated fat.
  37. The inhaled aroma from these Essential Oils is widely believed to.
  38. Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and can.
  39. She sells aromatherapy, incense, oils, and a bunch of other stuff.
  40. Essential oils are scented liquids that are removed from plants by.
  41. Young Living essential oils are only available through their website.
  42. Sim followed along, as he examined watercolours, oils, and montages.
  43. Calcarea Fluorica (calcium fluoride,CaF2) is one of 12 essential oils.
  44. The smell of new leather and the oils that tanners used to soften it.
  45. However be careful when you add oils, butter, or heavy sauces to the.
  46. In aromatherapy, the essential oils are utilized topically instead of.
  47. You should take time to familiarize yourself with the oils that can be.
  48. Watercolour, she felt, seemed somehow nearer the Commandments than oils.
  49. Not only does the heat strip essential oils, but it creates a mild burn.
  50. One preliminary trial found that a mixture containing volatile oils of.
  51. And since that time we have been fed a pack of lies regarding these oils.
  52. Cut and crush the herb so that juices and oils are more readily available.
  53. It provides you with commonly used oils that can be used in many recipes.
  54. These are the best oils to eat and are called polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  55. This is what happens when you use essential oils to maintain a clean home.
  56. Hand protection that has been contaminated by chemicals, oils or greases.
  57. Experts say that trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils are worse for.
  58. These oils enhance flavors in a healthy way without the grease and the fat.
  59. You can add olive oil and other oils into your salad with the flax seed oil.
  60. For instance, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils can protect against.
  61. All the tools you need are some high quality, natural oils and a few recipes.
  62. But during WWII, when these oils were in short supply, she had little choice.
  63. These are lighter oils and it is a big step towards healthier eating if you.
  64. Nonetheless, oils are still ranked in terms of kraken oil quality steps.
  65. These lumbers contain natural oils or profiling compounds that resist rot and.
  66. One of the first things I learned was that oils don’t mix well with latexes.
  67. Although canola oil is gaining in popularity, most cooking oils used in the U.
  68. Oils are a water repellent substance that traps moisture inside the hair shafts.
  69. Oils are also any substances that do not mix with water and have a greasy feel.
  70. It is the chemicals in shampoos that strip the hair of the natural oils present.
  71. They include most vegetable oils, such as olive, cottonseed, corn, and mineral.
  72. Sometimes this can be caused by painting over contaminates such as oils or grease.
  73. Some of which would include eggs, essential oils, powdered herbs, clay, and henna.
  74. Essential oils are very concentrated and should never be used directly on the skin.
  75. Massage the cream into your face gently so the skin absorbs the oils in this cream.
  76. These oils are also found in many favorite foods, such as chips, crackers, and so on.
  77. Margarine and other processed foods containing partially hydrogenated oils should be.
  78. Some people have found that fish oil capsules are helpful because of the Omega-3 oils.
  79. Topical applications of several botanical oils are approved by the German government.
  80. After Mother sewed it, I rubbed it with the oils boiled from the wool after gathering.
  81. It used to be simple adoration, massages with expensive and delicately perfumed oils.
  82. The most popular or common way that the mixture of essential oils are usually used is.
  83. Cold oils slid along his veins, chilling his blood: age crusting him with a salt cloak.
  84. And the resulting oils are then used as treatment for a variety of ailments and healing.
  85. They were forced to use oils and resins derived from plants they were currently growing.
  86. There are different types of oils being used in cooking based on the dish being prepared.
  87. Lavender is pretty much a heal-all remedy and is one of the safest essential oils to use.
  88. Essential oils are not meant to be taken oral y, but have been used as a treatment for a.
  89. The painting was an unusual mix of oils, water colours, crayon and coloured pencil, with.
  90. There is much more about aromatherapy oils but I’ll have to leave it for the next book!.
  91. Thompson is known to favour oils and has previously exhibited in several London galleries.
  92. Citrus Oils are powerful extracts, used with care as it will kill off beneficials as well.
  93. Other oils: wheat germ oil and olive oil are both popular ingredients in hair care products.
  94. You can prepare an effective mixture of oils to nurture your scalp and strengthen your hairs.
  95. Herbs and essential oils are probably the most common forms of natural remedies for hair loss.
  96. The oils have a high level of essential nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.
  97. The oils help to prevent excessive production of sebum, the natural oil produced by the scalp.
  98. Essential oils are very conducive to providing a positive environment for your home or office.
  99. Chapter 5, these vegetable oils are exceptions to other fatty foods in that they contain large.
  100. There are some unusual oils such as macadamia nut oil that provides the dish with a nutty flavor.

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