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    1. century of crude left in the ground

    2. Through the jokes and the crude religious posturing, he almost seemed to want me to escape, or at least to try

    3. He's been good hearted and jolly, a little crude, brags about Trenst a lot, but I've no other complaints about him

    4. She should have known that all this motion and all this crude wine wouldn’t work, but she was in no condition to be that analytical

    5. She relayed that information, it was obvious Yellelle had to elaborate, even had to draw a crude map of the world and point out where Virginia was

    6. To put it politely, it was a crude,

    7. She won't say anything until she and her husband are back on the road with the windows powered up and with the safety of half a mile of tarmac between her and the crude mouthed yokel

    8. It wasn’t possible to do anything useful with the amount of knowledge and logic contained in the crystal with any interface so crude as a keyboard and screen

    9. chains of The Flower’s crude new circus device

    10. The Pinto shot rocks from under its tires as I floored it out of the crude

    11. Compared to the Ancients, our technology is crude, our methods of construction haphazard

    12. "Crude way to put it," he said, "but somewhat accurate

    13. "She's pretty smart, real educated, earthy but not crude, and quite cute in a Wood-Elvish way

    14. "I sent an android down, I had a crude one secretly made

    15. Most people didn’t understand our friendship and why I would want to be friends with someone so crude

    16. crude pen he’d built beside the food stores

    17. But it was a crude chaotic version that had sent Earth back no more than a century

    18. The walls of the room were crude and one could tell the carpentry work was not the best

    19. Even the crude wheeled robots that carried microchips

    20. On reaching the cave, the adventurers entered when they found the cave empty and helped themselves to a drink of spring water from the jug on the crude table

    21. Royal Schnell Oil wanted to build a big new refinery, right here in Lennox; to process tar sands crude

    22. Their crude humor, roughneck game of tossing one another into the pool and, in particular, the hideous laughter of one of Mike’s ‘buddies’, a thin and rather nervous man with a tasteless tattoo on his cheek, quickly bored her

    23. I imagined that she was trying to figure out how to answer my question without being crude

    24. There was this rather large, crude metal door at its base that looked quite out of place, as if someone had put it there as an afterthought, rather than by design

    25. “That would be insolent, crude and most messy

    26. Tony though thought this was more of an irritant and could think of nothing more than having to wait on a bunch of crude harsh people riddled with the after-effects of poverty

    27. “Two rather husky young men with very crude manners and exceptionally bad attitudes were in here looking for you earlier this morning Joe,” she whispered to me conspiratorially

    28. He had stacked them so as to make a simple crude roof of sorts and then covered the simple skeleton with freshly snapped branches and twigs

    29. Your crude methods can only serve as instruments of death, nothing more

    30. The doctor walked beside the litter, asking questions of the man and Colling, as they rolled the groaning PFC into a room that served as a crude operating facility

    31. Sometimes his brother spoke in this other tongue of his: a somewhat crude, harsh tongue, that seemed to resemble the Holy Tongue somewhat, but was far from it

    32. Then again, it would have been almost ridiculous to expect such crude forms of mechanisms in such a place after what they had witnessed

    33. To put it in terms you might understand, there was a trap in your friend’s mind, something that can only be placed there with extreme manipulation of the brain at the neuron level, or in a very crude form by simpler techniques like hypnosis or through the use of specific substances

    34. Some consider it crude, ineffectual, a poor choice of style

    35. First, a crude base platform of discovery was organized and erected

    36. Science has extrapolated that this crude light sensitivity was the foundation stone of all physical sight

    37. ” Science has extrapolated “that this crude light sensitivity” was the foundation stone of all physical sight

    38. Heat that huge deposit up with microwaves and say goodbye to OPEC forever! There’s a rumor that the largest cache of crude oil yet discovered in North America sits in Montana and the Dakotas, waiting to be tapped

    39. It was too deep to ford and the enemy had cut the crude rope bridges across it

    40. I went on to the other two mountains again to get the eastern and southern shores and a crude outline of the islands

    41. I showed him my crude map of the route I had taken and asked if he knew of any Re Che river called something like “Tolto

    42. He corrected my crude map and showed me roughly where the border was located—he estimated it to be almost 250 li north of my spot

    43. They move millions of barrels of crude oil from formations

    44. Q: A crude, unevolved man will not work without a reward

    45. Just give full attention to what in you is crude and primi-

    46. or crude to you,” he said, as he moved closer to her

    47. 4 billion in stolen vehicles, crude oil, weapons, and

    48. For they desired to prune away all the subtleties of the material and mental worlds and replace everything with one crude equation

    49. the area she’d noted the crude but useable stairs

    50. man, who could sometimes be so crude, could create sounds with

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    Synonyms for "crude"

    crude crude oil fossil oil oil petroleum rock oil raw blunt stark earthy gross vulgar primitive rude unprocessed unrefined rough sour immature callow inexpert green unbaked rugged rustic coarse unfinished unprepared disrespectful awkward impudent boorish loud clumsy low indelicate bare direct undisguised ungainly unskilful

    "crude" definitions

    a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

    not carefully or expertly made

    conspicuously and tastelessly indecent

    not refined or processed

    belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness

    devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment

    not processed or subjected to analysis