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Okay in a sentence | okay example sentences

  1. He had to be okay.
  2. I said it was okay.
  3. Okay, I will do it.
  4. AI is okay with me.
  5. C: Okay, this is me.

  6. B is okay with them.
  7. That was okay by me.
  8. Okay, so far so good.
  9. He said it was okay.
  10. I hope that is okay.
  11. Okay, so here we go.
  12. They should be okay.
  13. You’ll be okay.
  14. And, okay, umm, yes.
  15. Hey, it’s okay.

  16. Okay, love you, too.
  17. Yes, Im okay now.
  18. He’s okay, though.
  19. If that’s okay.
  20. Okay, let’s go.
  21. It was okay with me.
  22. Okay, he said.
  23. I give you the okay.
  24. Okay, he says.
  25. We’re always okay.

  26. Okay, Chinese it is.
  27. He managed, Okay.
  28. Okay… maybe twice.
  29. Are you okay?
  30. Yup, she looked okay.
  31. Okay, she said.
  32. It’ll be okay soon.
  33. She’s okay with it.
  34. Is that okay?
  35. Are you okay, Bup?
  36. It’s okay, babe.
  37. Um, that’s okay.
  38. I hope that’s okay.
  39. Okay, here they are:.
  40. Will it be okay?
  41. It is okay, Kellyn.
  42. Shh, shh, its okay.
  43. Okay, I thought, as.
  44. That was okay with me.
  45. Okay, sometimes more.

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ok okay okey approve sanction cool fine alright

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