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Orchard in a sentence | orchard example sentences

  1. He emerged in an orchard.
  2. Jim walked off into the orchard.
  3. Oh, and it wasn't an apple orchard.
  4. Out in the orchard, he cried.
  5. Nevertheless, the orchard was taken.

  6. I’m parked on the edge of the orchard.
  7. The old orchard wore its holiday attire.
  8. The great orchard crawled with activity.
  9. They could help in the garden and orchard.
  10. That’s him coming in from the orchard.
  11. Katts in Orchard Road at 5pm, then was gone.
  12. In the lane leading to the orchard is a tree.
  13. Broke in the orchard for her, the white mule.
  14. Sometimes it was an orchard, whose fruit far.
  15. He’s down in the orchard splittin’ rails.

  16. The orchard was cleared of underbrush and only.
  17. There was a jenny wren's in the hedge by the orchard.
  18. She sat much in the orchard the spring that I was born.
  19. A huge orchard, nestled along the banks came into view.
  20. THE orchard was on a hill, the farmhouse lay at the foot.
  21. Past the orchard and cottages of the town’s border he.
  22. And through the orchard and along the old lanes once more.
  23. Old folks? Wind up in Sun City instead of marble Orchard.
  24. MERTHIN’S ORCHARD had been planted in the spring of 1349.
  25. This orchard is sentient, like others, in the month of May.

  26. She frowned as she saw Gilbert coming through the orchard.
  27. Under the orchard one warm window shone in Swineshead Farm.
  28. Sig at his side, he slowly made his way through the orchard.
  29. Streak the painted sky, warm crimson shades of orchard rose.
  30. There was a break to the left of us, which led to an orchard.
  31. They trotted out of the orchard and crossed the cleared space.
  32. New to walking? she asked him as they neared the orchard.
  33. There was one tree in the orchard on which grew one huge apple.
  34. I searched through the orchard for intruders and found none.
  35. He had a beautiful orchard of cherry-trees all laden with fruit.
  36. Stacey walked the perimeter of the orchard behind the Jensen 327.
  37. Jarvis, as they shut the orchard door and stepped on to the turf.
  38. We’re almost sure he’s the one that killed her in the orchard.
  39. A scream, high-pitched and unnatural, wafted out over the orchard.
  40. A number of ground-hoppers harvested apples from a nearby orchard.
  41. Mike had met Sarah when he was working at Orchard Supply Hardware.
  42. I took these from an orchard we passed on the way back from Khan.
  43. The orchard was mature, and blossom covered the apple trees like snow.
  44. And in your absence, I took possession of the nectars of your orchard.
  45. She leans in and kisses his cheek, then walks to the end of the orchard.
  46. He nodded and then sighed, Were you in the orchard this morning?
  47. Carreen, who had always been as delicately pink and white as the orchard.
  48. Orchard Grove should be acknowledged as the backdrop that led to a lot of.
  49. He turned west, cutting back through the orchard, hoping to take a shortcut.
  50. Stealing quietly along the old boundary path that skirted the orchard before.
  51. One day when they were in the orchard Sarah wondered what it would taste like.
  52. Between road and house is an orchard and flower-garden all mixed up together.
  53. She’d never seen trees in a fence, and hadn’t noticed the orchard before.
  54. I had hated to leave the sun which seemed to shine forever in Crumley's orchard.
  55. As they walked into the orchard, Ali asked excitedly, ‘Papi, it’s still dark.
  56. It was too large and well laid out to be just a corner orchard of a crop farmer.
  57. It could have been the original pioneer home, built when the orchard was planted.
  58. At some time, this had been a productive apple orchard of some commercial venture.
  59. Paul went with the boys into the orchard, where they had rigged up a parallel bar.
  60. The Knot made their way through the orchard towards where they had left the horses.
  61. Orchard Grove was split in half with the kids on the eastside of the town going to.
  62. Another member, to wit, from Massachusetts, Orchard Cook, appeared, and took his seat.
  63. Stacey left in the other direction to see what kind of cover the orchard might offer.
  64. Just then the largest building in the orchard complex was torn by a massive explosion.
  65. One mounts a few steps and passes from the garden into the orchard, properly speaking.
  66. Phillipe waited in the orchard shadows and we rode his saddled horse into Springfield.
  67. Kyrin nodded and then looked over when she saw a large orchard off to the side of them.
  68. In the example of the magical orchard, this would correspond to the situation wherein.
  69. There were some gold and some white fowls pecking under the apple trees of an orchard.
  70. Flush with the wood was the apple orchard, where blossom was falling on the grindstone.
  71. The skeleton pulled down apples from the orchard that lined the west side of its mountain.
  72. In the fictional example of the orchard, one could readily imagine that the availability.
  73. And just like in the case of the miraculous orchard, because it is everyone's garden, the.
  74. In the vacant house deep in the orchard, the new leaves on the trees gave plenty of cover.
  75. There was a long field, in spring a palace of cowslips, between the orchard and the house.
  76. Phil dashed out to the pantry and Anne betook herself to the orchard in company with Rusty.
  77. Rochester in the shadowy orchard; but I could not find a reason to allege for leaving him.
  78. The orchard was well cared for and therefore rightly productive and abuzz with bees going.
  79. Moving briskly through the orchard, he noticed the last of the cherry blossoms were falling.
  80. In the morning, she pruned the orchard, harvested the lemons, and carried a basketful into.
  81. In the orchard, the man is delighted by the sights, which includes varieties of trees that.
  82. He found the family group, dogs and cats included, under the great apple-tree in the orchard.
  83. You stood in the sunrise gathering apples for preserve; you are the nymph of the orchard.
  84. Yet it was years since she had opened the orchard gate and gone out on Dods Hill after dinner.
  85. A thought occurred to me and, muttering some inaudible excuse to Anthea about -the orchard.
  86. They went to the apple orchard and filled four large baskets with the apples that were ready.
  87. A small bunny appeared out of the apple orchard and began to lick his paws on the fluffy grass.
  88. They walked slowly away down a row, toward the county road, where the orchard bunk houses were.
  89. Men and women were coming back, men from the orchard, women from the sorting and packing house.
  90. When she didn’t find one, she started across the orchard, picking an apple to eat on the way.
  91. The end of the orchard row was blocked with fire, and in front of it black figures moved about.
  92. They soon find themselves in an orchard, the trees filled with apples, oranges, lemons and pears.
  93. Mac and Jim walked out of the camp and across the surrounding field, to the edge of the orchard.
  94. Well, you remember Al, the fellow in the lunch wagon? He said his old man had a little orchard.
  95. Let any one go into an orchard, and dive into the midst of a tall, thick, sprouting raspberry-bed.
  96. Oh, I'm sorry, offers the man, you see, before I left, the orchard wasn't as big as it is.
  97. Then he leaped the little ditch into the orchard and threaded his way through the trees toward her.
  98. She banked Lavina and pointed her towards the edge of the orchard, landing on the banks of the river.
  99. The Thunderheads were continuously charging through the orchard attacking anything in front of them.
  100. I was pottering about looking for the other end of our line at the entrance to Orchard Street trench.

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