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Plantation in a sentence | plantation example sentences

  1. On the plantation of Mr.
  2. He is at the plantation.
  3. If she mistress of a plantation.
  4. The plantation is running smoothly.
  5. She stared hard at the plantation.

  6. He was born on a plantation in 1795.
  7. The ground on the plantation he had.
  8. I hear tell he lost that plantation.
  9. But I find the plantation is run-.
  10. It had come to Cromwell Plantation at.
  11. Plantation with wonderful home-cooked food.
  12. His bed back at the Smith Plantation had.
  13. My plantation host then introduced me to.
  14. I was told that your plantation is for sale.
  15. He made a big plantation out of a wilderness.

  16. If she had been home being a good plantation.
  17. That was Peaberry from the Langford plantation.
  18. And what about Cromwell Plantation then?
  19. Cromwell Plantation should be of interest to you.
  20. Approaching the plantation style home, she said.
  21. I ain’t never been off that plantation in all.
  22. Miles away on the plantation, it was easy to fo-.
  23. Plantation Pines, Plantation Oak, Plantation View.
  24. There is a plantation not far to the south of here.
  25. Plantation? She looked - and maybe saw him for the.

  26. To her, Cromwell Plantation was the most beautiful.
  27. Why did she suddenly want more than the plantation.
  28. It’s a pleasure to have you at Cromwell Plantation.
  29. So the old plantation, what was that called?
  30. It must be those wretched gipsies in the plantation.
  31. Then Henry remembered his lessons of the plantation.
  32. She loved the slow, easy pace of the plantation, but.
  33. For the Jones plantation, that was saying quite a lot.
  34. Yes, I saw that plantation as I rode in last night.
  35. He had hoped Cromwell Plantation was going to be dif-.
  36. She paused as the matter of the plantation rose to the.
  37. The Latin word (colonia) signifies simply a plantation.
  38. Were there gipsies in the plantation at the time?
  39. That way the plantation owner did not need to spend any.
  40. She lived here on your daddy’s plantation for all her.
  41. I then decided to return to France and sold the plantation.
  42. It was dusk when he reached the plantation of Servius Galannus.
  43. Part way along the road he turned left into a coffee plantation.
  44. Up to one million slaves were killed by Haitian plantation owners.
  45. It looks like this is a file on The Plantation condominium project.
  46. With no mirth she said, I can see you as a plantation owner or a.
  47. It exists also, very near the surface, on the plantation of the Rev.
  48. And Henry Morgan had got himself a great plantation and a great power.
  49. On the plantation, other slaves had treated his father like a leader.
  50. Hey! Is this it? The plantation? you about jump out of the seat.
  51. Little by little, Henry was absorbing the management of the plantation.
  52. Suellen never missed the opportunity to leave the plantation and give.
  53. They came upon the Jones plantation just as dawn broke over the horizon.
  54. Architalos felt it was time Stavros learned to supervise the plantation.
  55. Plantation Elite Estates, Plantation Luxury Circle, Old Plantation Manors.
  56. My parents, who owned a plantation near Rabaul, were shot by the Japanese.
  57. They went down the fields and into the thick plantation of trees and pines.
  58. Had these plantation owners really just been growing crops all this time?
  59. Hurrying to the edge of the plantation, he is overwhelmed by the spectacle.
  60. He believ’d he could create a Little Rome there on the Tropick Plantation.
  61. George’s son carried him down through the banana plantation to the Bora Ring.
  62. Bear and Brownie picked up their mate and carried him back up to the plantation.
  63. Jeanne also proved to be singularly useful around the plantation and to Pierre.
  64. Large plantation owners with more than 100 slaves owned the majority of slaves.
  65. Back in plantation days, whoever did the dance best on a given night won a cake.
  66. At the low call the master of the plantation wheeled with a startled exclamation.
  67. In the antebellum South, children of plantation owners were often wet-nursed and.
  68. Though Heaven knows how they widower with a large plantation and a dozen children.
  69. He clicked the PDF file labeled The Plantation, and within seconds, the file opened.
  70. The following morning Jose parked off the road close to the plantation at first light.
  71. This was the vampire that had massacred every last human at the plantation after all.
  72. He served in the KKK for ten years then moved down here to run the plantation in 1988.
  73. The returns from the plantation mounted, and Henry’s box of coins was growing heavy.
  74. We own the old manor and plantation grounds on the east side of town, he replied.
  75. This was a huge cannabis plantation, bigger than anything he had ever seen in his life.
  76. Still walking in the plantation, the man recollects how those events, combined with his.
  77. My master's oldest daughter was tutored at the plantation by a number of fine teachers.
  78. Joshua remembered a journey on Earth from one plantation to another a good distance away.
  79. Every mile or so we encountered a clump of trees surrounding a fine old plantation house.
  80. Apparently, the piece of jewelry had been given by the plantation owner to his wife as a.
  81. There was a labourer working at a fence round a plantation, on the borders of the grounds.
  82. They bought the plantation from the Cruz family; you must remember young Rosita Cruz?
  83. Victor smiled as he looked out across their plantation high in the mountains above Florencia.
  84. They left half the plantation untouched, in the hope that it would regenerate itself next year.
  85. Black conservatives are charged with heresy for moving off their ideological plantation.
  86. From a lofty perch Tarzan viewed the village of thatched huts across the intervening plantation.
  87. Their letters might be intercepted by the Yankees and bring trouble upon the plantation as well.
  88. She was just nearing the Plantation House, as it was becoming known, when Jim caught up with her.
  89. She does have a sister and she lives on her husband’s slave plantation near Richmond, Virginia.
  90. The Son of God who is also the Son of man must design his seed in a church to show his plantation.
  91. We turned south, along back roads, until we were riding beside the fields of the Sauville plantation.
  92. My black skin got you boys thinking I’m one of your plantation niggers? Looka me, he demanded.
  93. Unfortunately, he died a few months later of a tropical fever, leaving me his plantation and fortune.
  94. In the morning, I’ll introduce you to Juan Ramerez, my best horticulturist here on this plantation.
  95. In the distance, several new uninvited visitors were walking up from the east ridge of the plantation.
  96. The natives were not yet in sight, though he could plainly hear them approaching across the plantation.
  97. James Flower’s small fortune was invested in a plantation in Barbados, and he was sent to live there.
  98. But more interesting, Spalding had discovered that Gordon had cut corners on The Plantation project.
  99. Cakewalk! she said then, and did the lively old dance that had originated back in plantation times.
  100. He warmed to them, reliving joyous moments, till unbidden, came her kiss in the ghostly cacao plantation.

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