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Overcast in a sentence

1. The overcast sky was gone.
2. The sky was slightly overcast.
3. It was an overcast, foggy day.
4. The day was overcast but warm.
5. The day was overcast and gray.
6. Dawn arrived to an overcast sky.
7. The skies were gray and overcast.

8. The sky is overcast, and clouds.
9. The sky was overcast and had the.
10. June 5th would be overcast and stormy.
11. It was still heavily overcast, though.
12. His face looked overcast and careworn.
13. All the others were overcast or raining.
14. It was an overcast day and fairly chilly.
15. It was a gray, overcast day and, as they.
16. Hie therefore, Robin, overcast the night;.
17. It was overcast as I headed out to the coast.
18. Thick, overcast grey clouds covered the sky.
19. It became overcast and raining within moments.
20. The sky was overcast and a cool breeze blew by.
21. But his cunning had a little overcast its mark.
22. The cloudy overcast held in the summer-like heat.
23. It was still overcast, but warm, so we hired a.
24. Mark loved these mild, steel gray, overcast days.
25. The weather had turned overcast, becoming a grey.
26. By noon the sky was heavily overcast and turning.
27. The rain had passed now, but the sky was overcast.
28. I found the weather overcast, the sea gray but calm.
29. The next morning was overcast, the shadows oppressive.
30. Next day, the morning dawned still, but heavily overcast.
31. Even when the weather is misty and overcast, the sun can.
32. It was a gray overcast day with the hint of snow in the air.
33. For a second the doubts of cloud overcast again in my mind.
34. The weather is gray and overcast, with a light wind blowing.
35. The sky had been overcast for the duration of their journey.
36. Overcast, it set the mood for a gruelling turn in the saddle.
37. A magnifying glass can start a fire even on an overcast day.
38. The sky was becoming slightly less overcast as Cloud stormed.
39. In the week I’d been here, it had never even been overcast.
40. Ahead, the sky was grey and overcast, with the suggestion of.
41. Most days were hazy and overcast which only produced a minimum.
42. The sky was overcast, and somewhere far off an early cock crew.
43. The trees bore no greenery and the skies were dark and overcast.
44. It was a gray, overcast morning, foggy and misty outside, as the.
45. The sun cracked out from under the overcast sky near the horizon.
46. And the light is less intense, it’s almost like an overcast sky.
47. The sky was still overcast and only lost its light as the sun set.
48. The day is overcast with a chilly wind blowing from the north-west.
49. Real life had only for a time overcast the spiritual peace he had.
50. Now it was overcast, and the clouds seemed to hang very low indeed.
51. The overcast skies provided a brownish-gray tint to the river below.
52. His heart felt gray and overcast, like it was about to pour down rain.
53. The weather was still grey and overcast, with wind from the East, but.
54. The storm was evidently almost over, but the sky was gray and overcast.
55. The door opened and gray smoke swirled out into the dull, overcast day.
56. The swimmers looked up, and at first saw nothing but the overcast sky.
57. It was surprisingly dry but overcast when they disembarked that morning.
58. It was chillier than it had been the day before and the sky was overcast.
59. The overcast sky and bleak grey buildings did nothing to improve my mood.
60. The heat on his back was already starting to burn despite the overcast day.
61. The sky was a faint lilac color now, overcast and reflecting the city glow.
62. The weather was overcast, the streets covered with a light frosting of snow.
63. A few snowflakes drifted out of the winter overcast as Jeff lingered on the.
64. It was five in the arvo', overcast with low cloud and a light drizzle falling.
65. Instantly, her moods changed as the dark clouds overcast in the clear blue sky.
66. The skies were lightly overcast, but the temperatures were in the low seventies.
67. Heathcliff's face brightened a moment; then it was overcast afresh, and he sighed.
68. It was an extreme example of a desire for an alternative to overcast winter skies.
69. The second day of the tourney was overcast, with a gusty wind blowing from the west.
70. The city sky was overcast, but the day was dry and had the look of brightening later.
71. There was no way she would be able to see any of the Auroras in this overcast weather.
72. The house water heater may not have to turn on, except during a series of overcast days.
73. They reappeared in total darkness, with no stars or moon visible through the overcast night sky.
74. It was overcast and had been all day and probably would remain so for the remainder of the day.
75. They did, and were carefully directed by radar to bomb straight and level through the overcast.
76. It was a wretched morning, the whole sky was overcast, and the rain streamed down in bucketfuls.
77. Outside in the cold, overcast day, with snow starting to fall again, the two just stood, stunned.
78. As he stood clear to let Chervil pass, Bigwig came up behind him and looked out into the overcast.
79. I was little disturbed and hesitated, and the clouds of doubt overcast over my intellectual mind.
80. There had been a lot of rain during the night, and the sky was still overcast with dark grey clouds.
81. Between overcast and drizzle she could barely see the rock under which the two had chosen to sleep.
82. My last day of leave and the Sunday before I was to start, was a cool autumn day, slightly overcast.
83. The sky had been clear as we started out that morning but soon had become overcast, then quite dark.
84. It would be the quickest way but he was reluctant to take it, especially as the sky was so overcast.
85. It wasn’t just an overcast; it was an oncoming storm, and he could almost hear the thunder already.
86. It was a cold day, overcast with high white cloud, no sun, and she stood wrapped in her woollen cloak.
87. As the earthly prenatal overcast gave way to sunshine, it penetrated into this soup to a certain depth.
88. It was a hot summer day, but dull and overcast, he smiled to himself, I thought it was going to rain.
89. On their part, the Japanese probably heard us but never saw us in the dark, as we flew over the cloud overcast.
90. Standing his ground firmly the Devata twirled to wind up a single blow, which pitched Upaya into an overcast sky.
91. After leaving Honolulu, the Milo captured her first whale of the voyage on April 27 during a rainy and overcast day.
92. The news confirmed his fears, with sunshine throughout the morning, but overcast and raining expected in the afternoon.
93. The guards saw them but paid little attention, their heads spending most of the time looking above to the overcast sky.
94. The rain had ceased, but the dull sky was still overcast with clouds, and a keen wind was blowing straight in his face.
95. Early morning on Christmas Eve was more of a traditional Midwestern day, gray and overcast with almost a mist in the air.
96. He didn’t recognize any of the women he could just make out through the sheets of rain and the gloom of the overcast sky.
97. The sun through high overcast stung the back of his bowed neck and beat up at his bowed face from the yellow limestone flags.
98. Weather now is 800 overcast, 400 broken, 1 mile visibility in moderate rain, wind from 300 degrees at 15 knots gusting to 25.
99. Pale, with a dull eye and heavy heart, all the noble features of that face, usually so calm and serene, were overcast by grief.
100. The morning was overcast, but the early sun was trying to break through and the day would be sunny—sunny enough for a battle.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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overcast cloudiness cloud clouded sunless

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