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Cloud in a sentence

The cloud of.
The cloud also.
Then the cloud.
Chief Red Cloud.
a cloud around us.
The first Cloud.
Not even a cloud.

The Cloud stopped.
Cloud stopped in.
remnant of a cloud.
Just go, Cloud.
the cloud all along.
of the liquid cloud.
the brim of a cloud.
in the orange cloud.
Cloud grimaced as.
he glanced at Cloud.
from the white cloud.
does send up a cloud.
Wherever this cloud.
Cloud felt his head.
There was one Cloud.
History of the Cloud.
He wouldn’t Cloud.
peered into the cloud.
The cloud layer ended.
A Cloud of Unknowing.
They’d even Cloud.
Next, came an Cloud.
and corralled a cloud.
and clouding my judgment.
layer of white, clouding the shine.
Llurdis rounded on her, face clouding.
And now her eyes are clouding with tears.
He returned in an hour with a dark look clouding his face.
Ejaculation at BSR 10 brings with it tiredness, clouding of.
of anxiety clouding the images, the more things seemed to fall.
the eye muscles, uncoordinated walk, clouding of the conscious.
’ He said, his face clouding, ‘The Sight is a mixed blessing.
He wasn't Caleb, he didn't need 'feelings' clouding up his waters.
clouding and he felt his breathing was becoming steamy, heavy and.
him a headache like pressure clouding his temples, but his mind was.
a look of pain clouding his features, in moments he had disappeared.
The man reeled back, clutching the numbed member, his eyes clouding.
The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases.
well, clouding his reflection, so he reached out with his hand to wipe.
He looked at her, tears already clouding his eyes, and then walked away.
much more effectively, and with relief from stresses and anxiety clouding.
I stare at her for a moment and look away to hide the tears clouding my eyes.
presence of the malingering fog was keeping him confused, clouding his sense of.
But what is to prevent the Goddesses from clouding the minds of both shamans?.
A gentle hand on the shoulder snapped away the miry daze clouding Fionn’s eyes.
she stared into the clouding sky rumbling with warnings of extreme air movements.
But after a few moments she pushed herself back and stared at him, doubt clouding her eyes.
it once more, she looked down quickly at her hands, her expression clouding with the memory.
It was impossible for Tom to see past the uric acid, which was clouding all of his visibility.
She felt her eyes clouding at the thought, blinking she cleared her mind and turned back to Zac.
'I feel _very_ simple,' said Lucy, smiling and putting out her hand to him, for his face was clouding.
was sweating out of his system clouding the air, he had no confidence he could sink a fifteen-footer.
With anger clouding his judgement he runs at it and kicks it as hard as he can, hoping to kick it open.
I clouded his mind.
Her eyes clouded over.
His eyes clouded over.
The nun’s face clouded.
and clouded this thinking.
Her face clouded over.
My vision clouded over.
' At that his face clouded.
Her eyes were clouded over.
My vision has been clouded.
Then the weather clouded over.
These are clouded by alcohol.
His eyes were clouded by an.
Confusion clouded my thoughts.
The other's face clouded again.
Confusion clouded her icy eyes.
clouded air from the world above.
Venus, our clouded sister.
Tears once more clouded her vi-.
a child through a clouded window.
and his brow clouded with concern.
The smoke once had clouded my mind.
Her face was clouded with concern.
The corporal’s face clouded over.
She felt sluggish, mentally clouded.
Her face clouded for just a mo-.
Souls are forced from the clouded sky.
serious threats to the Clouded Leopard.
Her breath clouded in front of her as.
It now clouds.
The clouds in.
Clouds roll up.
Clouds and air.
The dark clouds.
Clouds, and all.
Think of clouds.
As with clouds,.
clouds of the sky.
Clouds rolled in.
Clouds closed in.
Soft gray clouds.
The clouds grew.
Soft clouds were.
The clouds closed.
earth to the clouds.
Sitting on clouds.
Clouds come and go.
coming in the clouds.
Clouds and thunder.
The clouds blew away.
clouds had a way to.
the clouds they form.
Blow away the clouds.
sky covered by clouds.
The clouds are cast,.
Look at the clouds.

Synonyms for cloud

cloud swarm overcast becloud fog mist obscure corrupt defile sully taint dapple