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Cloud in a sentence

He glanced at the cloud.
One: A black cloud sky.
Cloud looked out as the.
Cloud can sleep in there.
The heavy cloud of pipe.
No cloud was in the sky;.
A cloud slid over the moon.

The black cloud took over.
He did not stir as Cloud.
But they say every cloud.
Which only cloud the water.
A rosy cloud hangs over it.
He glared at Cloud with a.
It will cloud your mind.
Cloud closed his eyes again.
Doubt is the cloud of faith.
As thro' the cloud the star.
When she pulled the Cloud.
The moon hid behind a cloud.
A cloud that saved her life.
Holding his arm out, Cloud.
Cold white cloud all around.
Cloud and stay on Fifty-two.
The moon slid behind a cloud.
The same as a natural cloud.
He came at Cloud again, his.
A black cloud took to the sky.
A pillar of the cloud by day.
Marian was part of the cloud.
Cloud that hovers and covers.
After a few minutes of Cloud.
There was a huge cloud of fire.
Cloud had barely cleared the.
I'm still on cloud nine, man.
The cloud descended into Earth.
The large cloud of dust that.
A cloud passed before the sun.
Store your books in the cloud.
It was as if he was on a cloud.
The cloud cover had increased.
Llurdis rounded on her, face clouding.
And now her eyes are clouding with tears.
He returned in an hour with a dark look clouding his face.
Ejaculation at BSR 10 brings with it tiredness, clouding of.
He wasn't Caleb, he didn't need 'feelings' clouding up his waters.
The man reeled back, clutching the numbed member, his eyes clouding.
The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases.
He looked at her, tears already clouding his eyes, and then walked away.
I stare at her for a moment and look away to hide the tears clouding my eyes.
A gentle hand on the shoulder snapped away the miry daze clouding Fionn’s eyes.
But what is to prevent the Goddesses from clouding the minds of both shamans?
But after a few moments she pushed herself back and stared at him, doubt clouding her eyes.
It was impossible for Tom to see past the uric acid, which was clouding all of his visibility.
She felt her eyes clouding at the thought, blinking she cleared her mind and turned back to Zac.
With anger clouding his judgement he runs at it and kicks it as hard as he can, hoping to kick it open.
He stopped in mid-sentence, realization clouding his expression as he recalled what happened to Tel Aviv.
She wanted to think something was wrong with what just happened but the liquor began clouding her judgment.
Leaning back against the moss-covered wall, a sudden weariness descended over his mind, clouding his senses.
Adrenaline is a sign that your ego and your emotions have reached a point where they are clouding your judgment.
Falarin’s back had gone completely rigid and his tension was a palpable emotion clouding the air of the dungeon.
It was wrenching that some desperate attempt to hold together their daughter’s virtue was clouding their judgment.
There was a look to prosecuted Meliorans, a burning hatred consuming the soul or a withered decay clouding the eyes.
With his vision clouding over, he saw the giant as a dark shadow looming over him, sending a constant torrent of pain into his mind.
The engineer found Pillsbury on the floor with a hunk of metal embedded just above his eye, the white of which was clouding with blood.
He informed me then, that for some time he had fancied the obscurity clouding one eye was becoming less dense; and that now he was sure of it.
At the thought of Cherva, Grindel frowned, pondering the power he'd given this boar, his eyes clouding as he schemed how he might ensure the badger's loyalty.
I can feel when subjectivity is necessary and I can step away from clouding emotions and objectively calculate their influence upon whatever decision needs to be made.
The horror was nearly too much for me but I knew that I must get back and so I crawled on through my own vomit with my heart as heavy as lead and tears clouding my vision.
I knew immediately he must have been clouding the minds of the hunters, but there was nothing I could do about it without entering my spirit body—and that was too dangerous.
Though she had intended the thoughts to be held within her mind alone, she saw Emily turn to her, a look of despair suddenly clouding her face, and she knew that the girl had heard everything.
Putting things at the worst, at all events, as in meditation I so often did, any clouding of their innocence could only be—blameless and foredoomed as they were—a reason the more for taking risks.
Once your mind would stop clouding the truth, it would become available to you just like your breathing is available to you without any effort, just like your own body is available to you without any doubt.
Obviously, the antiquity of history had lost track of the other prophets, leaving the legend of Muhammad to rule the roost as the ‘Seal of the Prophets’, and to mould the sharia, clouding the mind of the Musalmans in the bargain.
Then what thing are you when you aren't feeling your clouding emotions? Urit skeptically asked the VAI that he still believed was more program than consciousness, more pretending to have the appropriate emotions than having real spontaneous ones.
But his father, his father! The mere sight of the father who had hated him from his childhood, had been his enemy, his persecutor, and now his unnatural rival, was enough! A feeling of hatred came over him involuntarily, irresistibly, clouding his reason.
The caw, the smell, the path I have joyously created beneath a foot naked toeing mud into sacred folds where life and death are breath and pulse, and blood and water – a viscous choir singing its turbulence as mist of spirit clouding into the eternal storm of a new sky.
Her eyes were clouded over.
My vision has been clouded.
The young man's brow clouded.
These are clouded by alcohol.
His eyes were clouded by an.
Then the weather clouded over.
The other's face clouded again.
Confusion clouded her icy eyes.
Tears once more clouded her vi-.
Her face was clouded with concern.
The smoke once had clouded my mind.
The corporal’s face clouded over.
She felt sluggish, mentally clouded.
Souls are forced from the clouded sky.
Her breath clouded in front of her as.
Maybe my desires have clouded my vision.
The Clouded Leopard is nearly the size.
Her thoughts clouded around in her head.
His eyes clouded over and he took my hand.
The windows were clouded with condensation.
They were clouded over, staring into space.
They just have been clouded over the years.
Pat shook off whatever had clouded her face.
I thought your judgment was clouded, yes.
Steve shook the cobwebs from his clouded mind.
He blushed crimson, and his face clouded over.
Wetness, warm and sticky, clouded his left eye.
Taramis shot her a clouded glance of suspicion.
The sky had clouded over, and the sun had gone.
I returned home with clouded mind and mood-off.
I had clouded her vision with flesh and breath.
The man opened his eyes clouded with cataracts.
Huss’s face became clouded, and his voice low.
Ignace’s judgment has been clouded since the.
A look of frustration clouded Haven’s features.
Elowen’s breath clouded in front of her as she.
Connor’s eyes clouded with confusion and wariness.
Soon, the whole bathroom was clouded in white steam.
Reasoning, although clouded, was still part of the.
Outside, the sky stayed clouded, but it did not rain.
I saw faces in clouds.
With clouds in the sky.
As clouds of red dust.
In a picture of clouds.
And no clouds in the sky.
XVII - The Clouds Burst.
Up away into the clouds.
Radar: only a few clouds.
Then at the clouds again.
To see behind the clouds.
As the wind blown clouds.
Up above the clouds pipe.
But the clouds shifted now.
And clouds have blown away.
Look for me in the clouds.
Then the clouds won't stay.
Dark clouds are rolling in.
I carry water to the clouds.
A dark haze clouds my mind.
The clouds covered the moon.
And the clouds are sentient.
The moon sailed into clouds.
She could see dark clouds.
You can see the red clouds.
The clouds were moving fast.
Clouds of sulfur in the air.
The Gathering of the Clouds.
Jaden heads under the clouds.
Clouds in high wispy layers.
Clouds in the form of waves.
All he could see were clouds.
When the clouds cry out King.
The Clouds Could Not Survive.
The clouds are red about him.
Clouds are covering the moon.
The sun is behind the clouds.
No clouds, no birds, no wind.
The moon was out, but clouds.
Just wind within the clouds.

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