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Dull in a sentence | dull example sentences

  1. It was a dull day.
  2. But it is so dull.
  3. My name is so dull.
  4. There was a dull stir.
  5. There was a dull clang.

  6. A dull ease of the mind.
  7. It sounded so very dull.
  8. There was never a dull.
  9. It was cracked and dull.
  10. The city itself was dull.
  11. It was dull, if anything.
  12. Waves o'er the waters dull.
  13. Instead of viewing a dull.
  14. I won't have a dull moment.
  15. It was intensely dull work.

  16. It's dull as tombs up here.
  17. Potpourri can fill a dull.
  18. Only the dull glow of the.
  19. Her voice was dull, vacant.
  20. Dull roots with spring rain.
  21. There was a dull ache in Mr.
  22. Our lives were pretty dull.
  23. This weather makes you dull.
  24. Dull, gloomy: hate this hour.
  25. Yeah, never a dull moment.

  26. Wednesday dawned dull and wet.
  27. Still his smile did not dull.
  28. Work was pretty dull that day.
  29. I was lonely there, and dull.
  30. But I never said I was dull.
  31. This place is as dull as dirt.
  32. That house was never dull, Mr.
  33. There’s never a dull moment.
  34. We are mentally dull and bored.
  35. Dull and dark lookin’ though.
  36. Your luminosity is a dull glow.
  37. Shame shining in his dull eyes.
  38. This is so blisteringly dull!.
  39. The house shook with dull sound.
  40. A dull headache capped her head.
  41. A dull pulse beats in your head.
  42. All at once she felt rather dull.
  43. But I, in love, was mute and dull.
  44. He continued in his dull monotone.
  45. Her eyes were dull and unfocused.
  46. Highway driving is fast, but dull.
  47. Deadly dull, but a necessary evil.
  48. The pain subsided to a dull throb.
  49. I was a terribly dull and shy.
  50. The fixed faces are the dull ones.
  51. Jane’s mind was dull with shock.
  52. It's dull! At times it's so dull.
  53. Life was never dull on a whaling.
  54. The day was dull, warm, and quiet.
  55. There truly is never a dull moment.
  56. She was beautiful, but she was dull.
  57. Are the Japanese dull or the monk?
  58. Light blue eyes were dull and weary.
  59. Slim doesn’t mean the same as dull.
  60. They were tired and dull, but alive.
  61. Life without Suraj was dull and pale.
  62. It was a bit dull driving back alone.
  63. Nice itself is dull enough, you know.
  64. A dull animal rage boiled within him.
  65. When one feels dull, one has a smoke.
  66. It was so dull without you,’ said.
  67. His dull headache completely vanished.
  68. The men seemed common and rather dull.
  69. The dull aspect of opening a shop is.
  70. I would, only it's so dull without it.
  71. Dull needles that hurt but don’t cut.
  72. There was a dull ache behind his eyes.
  73. The basement walls were grey and dull.
  74. All of her senses were incredibly dull.
  75. Q: Whatever may be the cause; I am dull.
  76. Shirani felt a dull surge of adrenaline.
  77. Charles was dull: patients did not come.
  78. And it was back to the dull, empty room.
  79. The boys were polite but basically dull.
  80. Oh, it's dull, it's dull! (To AKOULINA.
  81. My life is quite dull, I’m afraid.
  82. There was no dull moment with her; she.
  83. It was early on a dull September morning.
  84. Dull from thirst and the sand’s power.
  85. Life will never be dull for the two of.
  86. There was a dull, low rumble of thunder.
  87. Why isn’t she dull and ashamed?
  88. A dull sound of terror was the only reply.
  89. Passing the dull while avoiding the void.
  90. The door clunked shut with dull finality.
  91. Dark, dirty, lit by dull electric lights.
  92. If it was dull, it was at least hung true.
  93. With the aid of time, all points grow dull.
  94. His teeth glowed whitely in the dull light.
  95. Sunday is dull enough even when it's fine.
  96. The dull throb turned into a roaring pain.
  97. Behind him, he heard a dull, thumping sound.
  98. His scream ended instantly in a dull thump.
  99. You said I would be punished by being dull.
  100. He looked at Sting, and the blade was dull.
  1. His eye’s dulling, heart slowing.
  2. The dulling over time that Johnson was so convinced would.
  3. And, to put it bluntly, it has a dulling effect on their personalities.
  4. It was hard and she feared that she was dulling his knife, but she was determined.
  5. Time passed and she began to breath more easily, her tiredness dulling her misery.
  6. An inferno of terror burst through her, jolting her thoughts, dulling her instincts.
  7. He was crafty: dulling men's wariness, or working on their fears, as served the occasion.
  8. His eyes took on a strange look, almost a glassy sheen, dulling the blueness of the pupils.
  9. The appetite dulling effect of whiskey was wearing off and thoughts of the shack and food became inspiration.
  10. Already, she could feel the tequila working its magic on her nerve endings, dulling their response to his nearness.
  11. When guests are finished eating the white menu and have also enjoyed the drink package, this means there is a dulling of attention and taste buds.
  12. Not protecting us at all, instead preventing us from knowing what we are meant to feel! Also dulling the importance of the cause, thereby keeping us from reacting as we should.
  13. If there were no external means of dulling their sensibilities, half of mankind would shoot themselves without delay, for to live in opposition to one's reason is the most intolerable condition.
  14. A growth-oriented body politic ensnared in endless economic confrontations killed the collective creative spirit by dulling it with a variety of trance-distractions, from sports contests to street theater protests to iWorlds to eScapes.
  15. As a result, we lost that sharpness of awareness which comes with waking just before daybreak; we lost the need to be intensely aware of our surroundings, we lost the sensitivity of our awareness that was needed in order to survive without tools, and in this process of dulling our awareness in order to use tools better; we lost our sense of pure wonder.
  1. A glaze dulled her eyes.
  2. They were dulled and dusty.
  3. His fatigue dulled his edge.
  4. The years have dulled your mind.
  5. The pain dulled somewhat and his.
  6. His arithmetic skills had dulled.
  7. I have an edge that must be dulled.
  8. He was weak and increasingly dulled.
  9. We threw away broken or dulled knives.
  10. Maybe the bloodlust dulled his senses.
  11. Caleb's aura dulled and he grimaced at her.
  12. In his dulled ears sounded the louder beat of wings.
  13. The final words were dulled out as there came an explosion of.
  14. The cries of some unlucky few were dulled by the falling rain.
  15. His sapphire eyes had dulled to grey and were rimmed with red.
  16. The roar of the crowd dulled and the women, speaking into collar.
  17. Her eyes, usually bright and hopeful, had been dulled by anguish.
  18. It was a kind smile, and it dulled the edges of her apprehension.
  19. She also drank several cups of black coffee to stimulate her dulled.
  20. Whereas sharpening methods above are implemented to shave off dulled.
  21. Even the shower fixtures are dulled here so you can’t see a reflection.
  22. The carving had dulled, almost faded altogether, but it was still there:.
  23. Grampa’s eyes had dulled, and there was none of the old meanness in them.
  24. After a while, the stomach pains dulled to a mild cramp that I could ignore.
  25. It dulled both their sleeping awareness and the waking-conscious awareness.
  26. Providence no doubt, in punishment of his pride, must have dulled his wits.
  27. It dulled the pain when his mind was too blurry to focus, to confused to feel.
  28. He felt that the first fine intimacy of his fellowship with Blanche was dulled.
  29. They dulled out the part of my brain that kept a running tab on my unhappiness.
  30. Pascal explained that as one became dulled with use, I was to switch to another.
  31. The hangover from the night before had dulled his senses, but not nearly enough.
  32. The poison has dulled his faculties and is on its way to rendering him bedridden.
  33. Worm’s armored dulled the blow, but the force was still enough to rupture the skin.
  34. She didn’t need her reflexes dulled when the Shadowmere could be anywhere around her.
  35. Tepeu turned and gave him a slit look, Kiyo dulled out, the pride in his face wiped out.
  36. Through his dulled senses, George knew that someone whom they both knew was attempting to.
  37. There were no eyes there which were not either dry, dulled, or flaming with an evil light.
  38. I’d had a few beers, but was mostly coherent, and nearly dulled to the worst of the pain.
  39. When one sense is dulled by continual laceration, I will discover a newer, more poignant pang.
  40. Some of the triumph in her heart was dulled by said he would be lost forever if he came to Atlanta.
  41. Until they grow up living for the rest of their lives in a state of bored, dulled, unaware dullness.
  42. Fleurette had been a great support for Charlie, not wanting his passion or dreams to ever be dulled.
  43. Adrenaline and the familiarity of a move she’d practiced over and over again on Caruth dulled her pain.
  44. His shoulders dropped down, and his eyes to became shadowed and pinched, dulled by his sense of rejection.
  45. But the edge of her fear was dulled, and, lulled by the monotony of motion, she passed into a quiet slumber.
  46. Flash tried goring and biting with his powerful hooked beak, but his speed was dulled, where Silas was fast.
  47. The cold suddenness of the accident had dulled his brain and he could not know what monsters lurked in these.
  48. He nodded wordlessly, breathing heavily, his usually brilliant green eyes now dulled and half-closed with pain.
  49. Why am I in the basement? My senses are dulled and I can’t seem to shift the fog that swirls in my head.
  50. I asked her to come away with me but she refused- his voice cracked and the lids dropped on his dulled eyes.
  51. Gradually, the burning in her legs dulled to an electric blanket warm, and the wind rushing past her cooled her.
  52. For a long time I lay motionless, for those horrible fumes seemed to have loosened my joints and dulled my brain.
  53. Still angry and defiant, Travis mustered a smile to demonstrate that the Chinese water drum had not dulled his spirits.
  54. Neither the skeleton at his feet nor the monster crouching below disturbed his mind or dulled the edge of his interest.
  55. They were dulled by the impressions made by the starting and procession of the gang, and chiefly by the intolerable heat.
  56. Now, her nevertoo-scrupulous sense of honor was dulled by repetition of the offense and even fear of discovery had subsided.
  57. Had he been wanting in divination? Had he been wanting in prudence? Had he involuntarily dulled his wits? A little, perhaps.
  58. The week of rest had dulled her temper and, gazing upon his current state, she felt awkward being angry when he was this calm.
  59. A thousand years ago, it was a tool of power and savage joy; but the idle centuries had dulled the blade and broken the menace.
  60. Living a life away from and separate from God we have had our senses dulled to what is a valid and normative sexual expression.
  61. Each edge was dulled for tournament competition, and there was a little metal ball on the end where the point should have been.
  62. He fired shots into Redbolt’s shoulder but the animal’s thick hide stopped the rounds that were already dulled by its armor.
  63. But it gave them the exact kind of dulled awareness necessary for making and using tools by training their awareness each night.
  64. One million years of going to sleep at the wrong time, and waking up at the wrong time gave them a permanently dulled awareness.
  65. This will be of great value afterwards in freshening your memory when in the labour of the work the original impulse gets dulled.
  66. Congratulations were being offered by many hands from all sides, but the edge of victory dulled as they lifted him into the ambulance.
  67. After he had dulled the fresh appearance of the numbers with a few light touches with an eraser, he congratulated himself on his work.
  68. Launched beyond the physical into infinite parallels, the endless experience dulled us to the stimuli we twitched, typed and twittered.
  69. It had been bright when Hal had left home that morning, but now the sky had dulled to a miserable dark gray, and the fog had thickened.
  70. I laugh, but what do ye think the grog is to drive away? I drink all night so that in the day, when I sleep, those terrors will be dulled.
  71. His wife Catherine was a petite auburn haired woman, whose accent although dulled by long residence in England was very familiar to Matthew.
  72. My memories of Tris, some of the most powerful memories I have, have dulled with time, as memories do, and they no longer sting as they used to.
  73. If this awareness is lost, then the long slide back into pure mechanical functioning and the dulled unawareness called normality is inevitable.
  74. He heard dulled grunting noises and shouts from Nicole, as he felt a crushing pressure around his windpipe and blood rising up in his head and ears.
  75. He felt oddly calm, as though the stress, grief and rage of the last two days had, if not dulled, been pushed back to a more manageable perspective.
  76. I thought about saying something clever about the weather, but all I could come up with were worn out clichés that would have just dulled the moment.
  77. Byron sat with the largest plate in front of him, assorted remains of things that used to have faces set indiscriminately on its dulled patterned surface.
  78. This makes them vulnerable to attack during the daytime also because their senses are dulled, their awareness is dulled from lack of sleep and exhaustion.
  79. The walls along the hallway were still the same yellow they had been when we were kids; except now the color was dulled and looked more a brownish yellow.
  80. The Lord of the North’s Pillar of Fire by night and Hovering Cloud by day was nowhere to be seen that might have dulled or challenged Aten’s ascendancy.
  81. Rex had been on the Council for a while now, and had been living off Council rations and protection; Silas thought Washer’s survival instincts were dulled.
  82. She leaned against a rotting wooden fence, her eyes aglow with the reflections of the same lights - but at the same time dulled by sadness and contemplation.
  83. He wasn’t a well-educated man, even by Safeholdian standards, but he possessed an abundance of common sense, and his horrific experiences hadn’t dulled it.
  84. The fuzzheads were usually harmless—the obscura dulled the part of their minds that received thought waves, but it also fuzzed out any other coherent thought.
  85. You know, he said in a conversational tone, I could break this thing like a twig, but then the pain would only last a second or two before it dulled to a throb.
  86. It was several minutes before Father Gillenormand, dulled with amazement and joy, could see anything except a brightness as when one is in the presence of an apparition.
  87. I think my father may be mistaken too! I have prayed… His dark eyes were bloodshot, his face gaunt, his hair dulled from the emotional anguish he so recently suffered.
  88. These ships were designed more for troop carrying or perhaps even show, and they lumbered at everything in a seemingly slow and dulled way that their actions were ill-defined.
  89. The woman's lips seemed to move, as though she were talking; but because she merely spoke in an undertone, or my senses were dulled by sleep, I did not catch a word she uttered.
  90. As we arrived we could see that the rest of the lads were already there we were dressed in jumpers and trousers and our boots were dulled we had on balaclavas and had blackened our faces.
  91. He had a due value for the Vincys' house, but the wariest men are apt to be dulled by routine, and on worried mornings will sometimes go through their business with the zest of the daily bell-ringer.
  92. The drinks in the bar had dulled his senses, and yet his environment – which initially seemed adverse and mildly intimidating – had taken on a beguiling quality, not least the girl asleep beside him.
  93. The hospital, which predated the surrounding buildings by at least a hundred years, stood out from the turn-of-the-century warehouses and it's once sparkling granite facade was dulled by decades of grime.
  94. You might be addicted merely to dulled sensations, which come from shallow breathing, and are incapable of doing any exercise merely because deeper breathing also unlocks deeper levels of pain in your body.
  95. When novelty is all that stimulates, amuses, or pleasures us, then the palate of our emotions has been dulled to gray and we are haunted by an ashen spiritscape that was scorched in the pursuit of conquering boredom.
  96. What he's saying is, don't come under any other influence that would cloud your thinking, your mind and ability to make decisions, whether it's drink, drugs or any other kind of thing; don't let your mind senses be dulled.
  97. As I foresaw, the new consciousness of life for God, for the perfection of love, has become dulled, weakened, and when I needed it, these days, it proved itself to be, if not exactly ineffectual, yet less effectual than I expected.
  98. By keeping the ugly truths of civilization away from children: hiding them, so civilized children are raised inside a protected, unreal fantasy… their natural sense of Pure Wonder is systematically dulled, poisoned, stifled, stunted and destroyed.
  99. Because if it did: then parents would have to stop being consumers and stop gratifying their children’s slightest wishes, and raising them to become spoiled brats; stupid and slow, with dulled senses, and deadened minds… easy targets for rapists.
  100. Look at what happened when electrostatic charges were found… they were put into Leyden jars… Jars, laden with an electrical charge that could jar you loose from your dulled deadened awareness by giving you a slight electric shock that is not harmful.
  1. Cold dulls the mind.
  2. Psychobiological pain dulls our senses.
  3. It dulls pain, but it tends to leave one volatile.
  4. The tip is carved from a rock that is hard, sharp, and never dulls.
  5. The point is the use of tools, including the use of fire dulls human awareness and narrows it.
  6. It’s a herb that dulls the intellect and renders the drinker susceptible to manipulation, Hollowcrest said calmly.
  7. Girls must keep gay and attractive; they must meet men with a bright, unfaltering look, and alcohol just dulls the edge of conscience.
  8. Shielding ourselves from the vivid primary colors of emotion, only showing them muted into delicate pastels, also dulls the sensations.
  9. Or… if we choose to numb it, avoid it: then we must ignore and not be aware of anything that is connected to this pain which further dulls our senses and awareness and understanding.
  10. These four legends express the four stages descended by the drunkard; the first, intoxication, which enlivens; the second, that which irritates; the third, that which dulls; and the fourth, that which brutalizes.
  11. Bitter and base associations have become the sole food of your memory: you wander here and there, seeking rest in exile: happiness in pleasure—I mean in heartless, sensual pleasure—such as dulls intellect and blights feeling.
  12. This soap opera clutters the mind with fantasy biographies and statistical histories of sports scores, stock quotes, and social did you hear's triggering the stress-readied ego to obsessively seek refuge in some alterscape that dulls the banality of their screen-addicting flight from the boredom of an unoccupied self.
  13. On the part of the selfish, the prejudices, shadows of costly education, appetite increasing through intoxication, a giddiness of prosperity which dulls, a fear of suffering which, in some, goes as far as an aversion for the suffering, an implacable satisfaction, the I so swollen that it bars the soul; on the side of the wretched covetousness, envy, hatred of seeing others enjoy, the profound impulses of the human beast towards assuaging its desires, hearts full of mist, sadness, need, fatality, impure and simple ignorance.

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