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Partial in a sentence

1. We think it is in partial.
2. This may be partial or general.
3. We had partial systems in place.
4. I know mothers are partial, but.
5. There was a partial plate number.
6. The following is a partial list:.
7. Caligula was partial to both sexes.

8. Little sisters are kind of partial.
9. This explanation is at best partial.
10. That is briefly a partial cause of.
11. A partial obedience is no obedience.
12. It is only the partial truth, which.
13. The picture is only a partial group.
14. I noticed a partial erection tenting.
15. I know mothers are partial, but….
16. However, it was also a partial success.
17. Modi is partial to sharp, catchy slogans.
18. Ma’s awful partial to you, said Al.
19. Right now your field of vision is partial.
20. Where a partial brick was needed the man.
21. I can’t win cases on partial information.
22. I’m quite partial to this herb, you know.
23. Frequent partial water changes can be used.
24. Of C and its 16 upper partial overtones in.
25. Feeling she at least had a partial grasp on.
26. Therefore the knowledge obtained is partial.
27. Stone called, he’s had a partial text.
28. This process is called partial hydrogenation.
29. The aforementioned was only a partial listing.
30. The same with the partial arm Sanche had lost.
31. This is just a partial list of foods to avoid.
32. Haney tilted his head, flashing a partial grin.
33. I'd rusher have it 'cause I'm partial to lions.
34. The universe is but a partial manifestation of.
35. His partial ablution was completed, he put hands.
36. A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the.
37. This partial list includes names from all of the.
38. Our hero seemed to reach a partial understanding.
39. And the old major, partial to his drop of spirits.
40. She would have only partial use of one of her arms.
41. He was very partial to red heads, but the idea 367.
42. Scientists possess partial knowledge of the universe.
43. The partial embargo was imposed in September of 1960.
44. Dynamite and he’s got a partial plate on the Chevy.
45. The (partial) mistake I have in mind is string theory.
46. The unified ordering can be either complete or partial.
47. And then a partial answer walked right in front of him.
48. In this letter JESUS says He will not accept a partial.
49. Doing a partial water change and vacuuming out as much.
50. Aristotle was partial to alogical approach – dialectics.
51. He’s very partial to Sprite but it isn’t good for him.
52. There was partial moonlight, because of the summer eclipse.
53. Yet our experience of truth, of reality, is always partial.
54. That will ensure at least a solid partial profitable trade.
55. The aforementioned is only a partial list and should not to.
56. It only took one step before the body came into partial view.
57. In simple partial seizures, consciousness is not compromised.
58. I think there’s a good chance that Rocky will have partial.
59. The Bible only gives us partial information about this story.
60. It was the popular palatial style, and Papa was partial to it.
61. Oh no MY dear, there is no such thing as a partial Chatterton.
62. Step 2: If the partial solution is still a candidate solution.
63. There was a partial footprint near the entryway to the cellar.
64. To be imperfect or partial in natural endowment is not sinful.
65. Here’s a partial list, remembered from my interactions with.
66. In this sense, we might think of them as partial, or incomplete.
67. Authors Note: This is only a partial catalogue of the physical.
68. That wall turned a partial stepover cut into a full slot which.
69. War will be a non-intercourse, admitting of but partial elusion.
70. Desjardins had died casting it, and he had faced only a partial.
71. In the case of limit orders, this will lead to partial execution.
72. Ring, Roger wrote: To maintain that the unenforced, partial U.
73. Another possible problem with partial Level 5 awareness is apathy.
74. This is still a stupid number so he marks it as a partial victory.
75. What object offered partial consolation for these reminiscences?
76. By now she had a partial dump from the base that she was analyzing.
77. It does have a strong aroma but I'm rather partial to the flavour.
78. Thick stained tarps hung from the gate acting as a partial barrier.
79. A partial list of some of the more common cognitive biases follows.
80. Partial seizures are broken down even more into simple and complex.
81. These partial Rapture followers twist the true meaning of this verse.
82. Alternatively, complex partial seizures have impaired consciousness.
83. Usually partial ordering appears when a complete one is unachievable.
84. The first partial derivative of the option price with respect to time.
85. If it could be enforced, he believed it would be prodigiously partial.
86. As a favor, the dean arranged it so I could get a partial scholarship.
87. The crew of the Consolidated B-24 will be just as partial to its ship.
88. In such situations only partial ordering of alternatives is achievable.
89. So the investigators dug through the crap and find two partial bodies.
90. A partial listing of their findings is included in the following table.
91. She’d never been partial to speeding cars – or trucks in this case.
92. The variation in interest and operating income tell only a partial story.
93. We often choose partial solutions that only take into consideration one.
94. This is why the solution he finds is only partial and remains inadequate.
95. Here is a partial listing of some of the hottest physical barriers around.
96. I thank Greedzilla for that partial list – they saved me some research.
97. Establishing partial positions changes an investor’s mindset instantly.
98. From 200K to 20K people, again cradling their transition with partial pay.
99. Its partial seclusion allowed me to become immersed in what I was reading.
100. But they spent a partial time at Monica's discussing the uniform situation.

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