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Passageway in a sentence

1. I wait beyond this passageway.
2. The passageway had remained locked.
3. Solid wastes littered the passageway.
4. I got the passageway open on the first try.
5. They had searched every passageway they knew.
6. It was a solid wall blocking the passageway.
7. She was happy to have found the passageway.

8. The pain in his voice spilled into the passageway.
9. It advanced swiftly through this narrow passageway.
10. The hum had disappeared now but the passageway just.
11. They walked through a passageway carved out by both.
12. From the passageway the digitally enhanced voice of.
13. Relying on Toria’s memories, I opened the passageway.
14. He marched straight towards a passageway between the.
15. They were still in the passageway when she turned on him.
16. There was one passageway, but the entrance was entirely.
17. He entered and passed through a ten-meter long passageway.
18. We dropped it in and the passageway collapsed in on itself.
19. There’s this passageway from the study up to the rectory.
20. Abreast of latitude 60°, every passageway had disappeared.
21. George's hardware store is down this passageway on the left.
22. Underwood, how did you know about that passageway there?
23. Her knees began to buckle as she lunged into the passageway.
24. When Madra arrived at the command post, where the passageway.
25. He shot down the passageway, a cramp knifing between his ribs.
26. He closed it behind me, locking me into yet another passageway.
27. Just as that fear entered Nikko’s mind the passageway stopped.
28. The disembodied voice coming from the passageway was different.
29. She staggers out of the darkness, into the dimly lit passageway.
30. For ten minutes they jogged along the passageway at an easy gait.
31. Now onward through this passageway be all the sweeter an intent.
32. He took a step into the passageway, We don’t have a choice.
33. Madra scuttled back down the passageway, having been told by his.
34. Similarly, a short passageway led to the back door, it also had.
35. Enter the passageway to the farthest west, slaved in miniature B.
36. Encala found the secret passageway down to the protective cave room.
37. I also saw the loveless place, and recognized the Passageway.
38. Willow got sidetracked when we found the boxes from the passageway.
39. He sprinted down the passageway, coming to an abrupt halt at the door.
40. His head twitched back and forth, as it had in the secret passageway.
41. The guards led her back out into the main passageway, and then walked.
42. She scrambled to her feet and used the spell to light up the passageway.
43. Then he then ducked back down into the passageway, chuckling with glee.
44. From an alcove close to the passageway they were hiding in, stepped a.
45. Then he heard a shout from an intersection further along the passageway.
46. A set of steep steps led up to the principal passageway into the village.
47. Willow examined the box and had me repeat my experience in the passageway.
48. Of course I will, said Orthon as he ventured off down the passageway.
49. The cinder-block walls of the passageway were made of a fine, brick mixture.
50. She stared at the boy who was trying to see beyond them into the passageway.
51. Their excursion to the passageway that would lead to Loam held no excitement.
52. Cabin 02B turned out to be only three doors down the long, narrow passageway.
53. Through the center ran a passageway just tall enough for Richard to stand in.
54. A short passageway brought me to the ramp that served as the public entrance.
55. Side by side in the passageway parallel to the one in which he had entered by.
56. As we walked down the passageway, I glimpsed ahead to the room where one bathed.
57. It took her a full ten minutes to inch her way along the rest of the passageway.
58. I realized what was happening—they meant to crush me in the narrow passageway.
59. The others too had paused and now the group sped as a team along the passageway.
60. Then the steps moved down the passageway and up the stairs toward the hiding place.
61. Now she could hear the faint cries and yelps approaching from an unseen passageway.
62. She could feel that Ruaidhri lay beyond the utter darkness of the unlit passageway.
63. I reached out with my power and crushed the passageway, sealing the hole completely.
64. Before long we were past the ledge and together we started into the dark passageway.
65. Now has anyone bothered to check the passageway up to the rectory, Charley asked.
66. Only four minutes later, he had his remaining seven men facing him in the passageway.
67. Andy’s directions were slightly off, and we found ourselves standing in a passageway.
68. They had just gotten to the next car when the crowded passageway slowed their progress.
69. Now alone with the steward, Nancy followed him to the two last cabins in the passageway.
70. From within a small cabin, further down the passageway, Ingrid Goodwin heard everything.
71. His heart sank as he realized the destination awaiting him at the end of the passageway.
72. A dusty breeze flowed through the expansive passageway, creating the only audible sound.
73. Race YA! Wendy propelled herself through the passageway that lead to the cargo bays.
74. An hour later, I was examining clothing from the passageway when Willow jumped to her feet.
75. Fletcher nodded his head; There is a passageway that leads from the morgue to this house.
76. There was a click and the rock which was the dead end of the passageway suddenly went black.
77. They built a pretty long passageway to get all the way out here, and then they cut it off.
78. Erik had also shut the internal lights of the passageway, so that no light showed up outside.
79. As she approached, she could tell that it was a passageway, leading out of their main cavern.
80. Before slowly pushing the door open, though, he pointed the overhead lights of the passageway.
81. Yeah could you just sort of keep this robot with you and guard this end of the passageway.
82. Here they found merely a passageway for going from the Antarctic Ocean to open sea at the pole.
83. When Ben made the turn and swam out of the passageway he found himself on the bottom of the lake.
84. At the end of that passageway was a grate, now open, and the torches of Buthar Industrial Khume.
85. Moments later she was in the now familiar passageway where she couldn’t help thinking of Emory.
86. Reaching the end of the passageway that is between stacks of crates Grailem looks around the corner.
87. There is a passageway through the mountain but I’m not sure if it will stand when the Keep falls.
88. The crackling Vortex marked the passageway and was magically held between the two great amber pillars.
89. Kirk left his friends waiting nervously in the passageway as he stepped cautiously through the curtain.
90. From there they followed a passageway lined with numerous doors that led to a second, smaller rotunda.
91. We are like men dashing up and down a narrow passageway, with muskets pointed at us from all the roofs.
92. He looked down the corridor that they had come from and saw a passageway that he had never seen before.
93. Darius and Lionel arrived at the passageway at the same time the munitions specialist and his family did.
94. The last time he had gone he had huddled with his two companions before running off down the passageway.
95. I barely glanced at him as I said, Throw him back into the passageway and let him burn with his city.
96. Harry escorted her to her state room and went to his own rooms just down the passageway on the same deck.
97. You can go up to the lounge via the ladder at the end of this side passageway, which contains your cabins.
98. At some point in the past, this passageway had to be connected to the rest of the Earth base, I said.
99. They passed a cut thru an older wall, then squeezed thru a narrow passage into an even narrower passageway.
100. They followed the passageway in its circular route until finally they came to what appeared to be a dead end.

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