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Path in a sentence

It is the path of.
The Path ~ The Way.
In the Path of Fury.
On a 44 degree path.
I fell off the path.
This is not my path.
From the path of evil.

So, he built his path.
Was this the path Dr.
Or the path of Life.
Is not only your path.
The path called to him.
With the path so near.
On the Path to Matera.
This is the clear path.
The Path to the Spirit.
Walk on the right path.
The Path of the Buddha.
Yes! I found my path.
Then there was this path.
You all chose this path.
Bridge of the Path Finder.
He was blocking our path.
A worn path crossed here.
The path was narrow and.
No path away from it then.
Corey was on the war path.
You choose your own path.
Anyone in the path of a.
The Path toward the goal.
This is the path of life.
I looked at the path of.
The path that leads home.
But the path of the just.
Back and forth the path.
Specifies the path of the.
The path is already clear.
The path was carpeted in.

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