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Passe in a sentence

1. Faut que jeunesse se passe.
2. I began by staking ten gulden upon passe.
3. Wages are passe, because they are for products made.
4. They aren't wearing black to funerals any more, and you'd just be passe.
5. For passe I had always had a sort of predilection, yet I lost my stake upon it.
6. Not that any mall in "Westchester" would be built with something as passe as brick.
7. Love, however, walks to the value life matters: 'Greed is passe; the dream of the Great Cooperation is upon us.

8. When we transcend to radical equality, government will descend to maintenance and the hero sustainer or overturner of injustice will be passe.
9. And already, with a sort of fear, a sort of sinking in my heart, I could hear the cries of the croupiers—"Trente et un, rouge, impair et passe," "Quarte, noir, pair et manque.
10. Upon this I set myself to explain the meaning of all the combinations—of "rouge et noir," of "pair et impair," of "manque et passe," with, lastly, the different values in the system of numbers.
11. For my own part I proceeded towards the table at which the Grandmother had lately sat; and, since the crowd around it was not very large, I soon obtained standing room among the ring of gamblers, while directly in front of me, on the green cloth, I saw marked the word Passe.
12. In this book which you see there have been written the things in the heavens and the things on the Earth and the things in the Abyss and the judgments and righteousness of all the human race; And I said: Lord when shall these things come to passe and what do those times bringe And I heard a voice saying to me: Hear righteous John.
13. I only remember that, as in a dream, I won in one round sixteen thousand florins; that in the three following rounds, I lost twelve thousand; that I moved the remainder (four thousand) on to "Passe" (though quite unconscious of what I was doing—I was merely waiting, as it were, mechanically, and without reflection, for something) and won; and that, finally, four times in succession I lost.
14. And again I said: Lord and after that what will come to passe And I heard a voice saying to me: Hear righteous John; Then all the human race shall die and there shall not be a living man on all the Earth; And again I said: Lord after that what will You do? And I heard a voice saying to me: Hear righteous John; Then will I send out my angels and they shall take the ram's horns that lie on the cloud; and Michael and Gabriel shall go out out of the Heaven and sound with those horns as the prophet David foretold With the voice of a trumpet of horn; And the voice of the trumpet shall be heard from the one quarter of the world to the other; and from the voice of that trumpet all the Earth shall be shaken as the prophet foretold And at the voice of the bird every plant shall arise; that is at the voice of the archangel all the human race shall arise.

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antique ex outmoded passe

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