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Rider in a sentence | rider example sentences

  1. V - The White Rider.
  2. And yes, he is a rider.
  3. The rider must be dead.
  4. In what way? Rider asked.
  5. The rider had fallen off.

  6. The rider was robed all.
  7. Chapter 5 The White Rider.
  8. The young rider dusted the.
  9. The rider was nearly on them.
  10. No one sees who the rider is.
  11. John Rider cleared his throat.
  12. The rider pulled his visor up.
  13. A rider on a horse approached.
  14. He is strong and a good rider.
  15. Dust swirled around the rider.

  16. The Rider leaped from his horse.
  17. The rider was Sir Alan Fernhill.
  18. You are my rider and my friend.
  19. He Appeared to be a Bull Rider.
  20. The name of the rider on that.
  21. Ron Edwards replaced Rider at.
  22. Its rider was bent over in the.
  23. The rider must never give in to.
  24. The rider lost his grip and fell.
  25. I’m the best rider of the bunch.

  26. She had become an excellent rider.
  27. Only it wasn’t a horse and rider.
  28. A rider approached at a full gallop.
  29. Like a Black Rider it sounded-but.
  30. The second rider, following close.
  31. As he neared his target, the rider.
  32. The rider came along with the lance.
  33. This could have happened to any rider.
  34. Only then he saw the dark rider again.
  35. The rider was catapulted off of my back.
  36. Even Flynn Rider wouldn't have done it.
  37. Not at all, brother, Rider replied.
  38. The bearer looked nobler than the rider.
  39. He had made a see-saw, where the rider.
  40. Tom quickly stood up and shot the rider.
  41. Spurred on by his rider the huge animal.
  42. Thus the need for a fifty-three-page rider.
  43. What rider is like him? Mount him on the.
  44. Samantha and the evil crimson rider were.
  45. The horse reared as the frightened rider.
  46. You are my rider, my companion, my friend.
  47. The rider wore the not-quite-uniform of a.
  48. Don't want to be in a situation like Rider.
  49. He could not see the faceless rider anymore.
  50. The rider on his side of the wagon shook a.
  51. Both horse and rider were consumed instantly.
  52. Now we are going to be off by one male rider.
  53. Horse, wagon obeys to the movements of Rider.
  54. There was something familiar about this rider.
  55. You are my rider, my friend, and my companion.
  56. I will send a rider with the date, not set yet.
  57. Christian Rome, as the rider on the white horse.
  58. The rider had rode a thousand miles in a hurry.
  59. The White Rider was upon them, and the terror.
  60. The rider was obviously slipping off his horse.
  61. The rider pulled up short and answered the hail.
  62. Besides, Daniel is to be the rider of my Queen.
  63. The rider he replaced stepped into the chariot.
  64. Clip-clop, clip-clop came the approaching rider.
  65. I came to a halt before the lead rider, a woman.
  66. The next rider speared Gaétan through his chest.
  67. Rider nodded and flipped through the trifold menu.
  68. Why had the unknown rider come to such a place?
  69. Sheriff! Sheriff! said the mysterious rider.
  70. We ran round, and there lay the unfortunate rider.
  71. Its rider hurtled forward into a spray of bullets.
  72. I don’t think that rider really wants to kill us.
  73. As I stood and peered at the rider I recognized him.
  74. Its every slightest move was dictated by its rider.
  75. But I have never heard of anything like this rider.
  76. Dressed in a vest, chaps and cowboy hat, the rider.
  77. Sliced? He looked from the rider to the horse.
  78. The more relaxed and confident rider is telling the.
  79. As the rider collapsed, Rob looked up and beyond him.
  80. This is Collin, rider of Lady Maya, mate to Jared.
  81. The trail rider carried a heavy burden that now bore.
  82. Shoot the arrows at the statue, and the rider shall.
  83. This is Lady Beth, mate to Jerry, rider of Rhontin.
  84. Suddenly the foremost Rider spurred his horse forward.
  85. With his rider down, Sut’s horse ran ahead, which.
  86. The rider kept on going as if no one had spoken to him.
  87. Even if she couldn’t be the rider, it would do her.
  88. Next is Lady Ashley, mate to Steve, rider of Daowyn.
  89. But how could he get the use of a dispatch rider?
  90. But won’t the crazy rider recognize our tent?
  91. The day Kate came and found you, his rider never came.
  92. She wants to be a rider Sam, and we’ve accepted her.
  93. My rider was one of the men they fed to the hatchlings.
  94. The rider and his horse were far away and receding fast.
  95. This, however, seemed to cause his rider no uneasiness.
  96. A day later, we saw a dispatch rider come up to Bisdah.
  97. He told us to wait out of sight when the rider arrived.
  98. She grinned and pictured a horse reined in by its rider.
  99. During the fox hunt, the horse rider positions himself.
  100. This is Lady Sally, rider of Rah, First Wing to Jake.

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