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Peach in a sentence

Molly is such a peach.
I then took a peach and.
White peach is juiced in a juicer.
Place peach halves with cut side up.
Maybelle had made my favorite peach pie.
Maloree come around the dusty peach bush.
Almonds are members of the peach family.

I looked at Gloria’s heart shaped peach.
An almond is a member of the peach family.
Do you need any more information, peach?
Fruit-trees, the peach, the apple, the plum, &c.
A woman was about to touch my peach with her mouth.
In his hand he held what looked like a purple peach.
Method: Peel the peach, cut in half, and remove the pit.
And she, newborn thing that she was, felt like a peach.
That first peach slithers down his throat like rapture.
Garnish with the reserved almonds, peach and raspberries.
She rested her hands on my thighs and French kissed my peach.
He served a peach brandy in a mostly clean double shot glass.
Their yard is adorned with peach, pecan, palm, and pear trees.
The Empire of Lycania is a ripe peach, ready for the plucking.
When she cautiously faced around again, a peach lay before her.
He became very nervous as this little peach from out here in the.
Remember, this peach was forbidden fruit that I was trying to pick.
There’s a hundred gallons of peach brew in there, Kernel said.
While they dined I ate a peach and told them of the war with my father.
A long silence followed; the peach, like the grapes, fell to the ground.
Jeff knelt and thumbed through the peach crates that held Paul’s album.
He came back out and selected a nice fat peach from the side of the stack.
He shouted into Will’s ear, I guaran-damn-tee you, Peach is a smooth high.
Peach was off somewhere with Begley, but Cook’s little eyes shifted everywhere.
He hung it neatly on a peach tree he had imported as a sapling from Massachusetts.
Today, he wore a pale peach that looked surprisingly nice against his tinted skin.
Surround the rice with the reserved peach slices and sprinkle with the almonds and.
Bath salts were generally available but Blow was pushing his own blend, Peach Bliss.
Oh the girls and I came here this morning and bathed her with the Ginga Peach soap.
They seemed to be a gift to me, like the peach, and Kyle singing Red River Valley.
Her tongue knows quince, peach, chokeberry, mint and lime; I love to hear it speaking.
But much before that, his destiny brought Anitha, a peach of a woman into his life.
Ever? Jaume was tempted to ask as he took a peach from a basket beside the covered dish.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

The following recipe can use peaches in.
Show us over those apricots, meaning peaches.
You got to put the peaches careful in the box.
She put Peaches back into his cage and covered it.
Canned peaches were sky high, eight frogs for a No.
Cascades of pink peaches spilled over the countryside.
Some peaches were lying on the table in the corner room.
You been eatin’ peaches, she said to the children.
By the front door stood a neat pyramid of beautiful peaches.
For example, two watermelons, three peaches, five chocolates.
Bending archly she reckoned again fat pears and blushing peaches.
He’s been able to keep nothing in his stomach since the peaches.
From the cargo area we took oranges, lemons, raspberries, and peaches.
Pectin is found in a variety of fruits, such as apples, peaches, and.
She had a peaches and cream complexion that really didn't need make-up.
In this cole slaw, peaches or nectarines can be used in place of the mango.
If any of you guys think I got canned peaches, you can come in and look.
On the back seat was a full crate of peaches and a red velvet dressing gown.
Eat it, I said, the open can of peaches smelling positively delectable.
It’s unreal, Peaches, she said, as dozens of links appeared on her screen.
There was a refrigerator in the kitchen that had items such as juice, soda, and canned peaches.
He shot a guy in the head, point blank, and then this lady, who was with the guy, killed Peaches.
So Horndog had been renamed Peaches, and now that he was living with Cindy he was no longer depressed.
Peaches, the source of the slutty top and every single bout of crab rumors, strolls up and smiles at me.
Here were fragrant smoke and air, caviar pearls of clams, and warm and cold jellies of pumpkin and peaches.
She picked up a pistol that had, until now, been lying on the counter on the other side of the basket of peaches.
Gozan recognized the police captain from that night at the Beverly Hills Hotel with the mango and peaches women.
Who remembered what block Kitty Genovese had lived on? Who remembered Daddy Browning, or his child-lover Peaches?
The children squatted down and picked the peaches out of the extra bucket, and a line of buckets stood ready for them.
She was the fine peaches of summer in the snow of winter, and she was cool milk for cereal on a hot early-June morning.
She lays out the dough, then covers it will a cream icing, then slices of strawberries, kiwi, peaches, and blueberries.
You may be able to enhance the salad by pouring this dressing over a green salad with peaches, nectarines or even mango.
It took a week or two for Cindy to finally translate that muffled mutter; Peaches was saying, repeatedly, Kill the bitch.
The juice is blended with almond oil and placed with whole peaches in the Gastrovac without heat until they are completely infused.
The light purple red with its fruity tang that was supposed to suggest peaches with a hint of pepper and mint would warm the blood.
The first sip of Angelo’s iced tea hinted of peaches and apricots, then I heard soothing sounds of nature merging with piano and strings.
But I never heard tree-song as dead as what was in those peaches along the road, and I started making visits to other trees I knew in the city.
Though his service in the field of international studies has not all been peaches and cream, Roger has reaped many rewards and numerous personal benefits.
Shading should be a subtle blending rather than obvious patches; use pinks, golds, peaches and reds in daytime, and keep the darker browns for use under electric light.
Still, with two people who aren’t good at chatter, there is a palpable sense of relief when the appetizers arrive—chilled zucchini soup for me, burrata with peaches for him.

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