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Looker in a sentence

Mary, was a real looker.
And I was a very hard looker.
He’s a looker, that’s for sure.
I’m not the looker that she is.
She was like I said a bit of a looker.
In the shrubs, hiding was an on looker.
Bit of a looker you’ve got there pal.
From all accounts, she’s a real looker.
A ladies’ man, even if he wasn’t a looker.
Bit of a looker, Harold said, dark hair.
Cynthia Devon was quite a looker! Redhead? I asked.
She’s a real looker and one hell of a firebrand, German or not.
She wasn’t considered a looker, but none of that mattered to Pete.
Looking into crystal balls often ends with the looker eating ground glass.
But she's a good looker, she'll probably end up with more handbags than me.
Great Looker! Great Expecter! to converse with whom was a New England Night's Entertainment.
Lily felt Billy chose the lust but that was just her opinion, Helen was quite a looker and knew how to use it.
I’d noticed the hard-eyed, suntanned looker who was sitting in a folding chair at the back of the squad room.
He had her whole life in his first five minutes with her; farmer’s daughter, college graduate, baseball fan, and a real looker.
Smartly-dressed and nicely-spoken was how the landlord had described the girl in the pub, something of a looker, too, he understood.
Wilson was a Bush-hater, a liar, and a schemer, what and who then was his wife? His wife was Valerie Plame, a looker and an employee of the CIA.
He also addressed me with a new respect that I could tell came more from the fact that I was dating a looker than out of deference to my parents.
He had neglected his wife, who had apparently been quite a looker, a wife, whom everyone that Rafferty had spoken to, had claimed Whittaker loved, as much as he was capable of loving anyone.
But shit, the snotty American cunt was a good looker and he hadn’t fucked anything but spics since Caroline, so why not get a little off the stuck-up cunt while she was still alive and kicking.
This was something that caused damage to the one who was being envied, and so he (cpth) got angry and blamed the looker for causing harm to his brother, saying to him: Will you invoke the blessing of God!?
The person Mallika called Adrinius seemed to be the pack leader of the bunch of delinquents who seemed to be mesmerised by the guy, he couldn’t exactly see why, sure the guy was a looker but so what, there were a lot of his type going around, including him, Levi joked.

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