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Persevere in a sentence

1. The Fair Folk will persevere.
2. Persevere, and you will succeed.
3. By his love and grace, we persevere.
4. I do nothing at all, I persevere in that.
5. She would persevere through some of the most.
6. Remember, success smiles on those who persevere.
7. Those who persevere through trials will succeed.

8. Beatings and torment fueled the rage to persevere.
9. I think you will do well to persevere, as you propose.
10. I’m proud of you for having the courage to persevere.
11. He had called his friend a few times and was told to persevere.
12. To help you persevere in the face of adversity, it helps to be.
13. Persevere as the trigger to say the affirmation will be anchored.
14. She could surely persevere with the support coming from that knowledge.
15. He had all the disposition to persevere that Sir Thomas could wish him.
16. Sometimes our plans do not work out and then we need the energy to persevere.
17. If the nation will support them in it, they will persevere in the present war.
18. We are so brokenhearted, but we will persevere as we grasp onto your strength.
19. There are four things we can do to water a word: pray, ponder, persevere, and prepare.
20. He could always say that he had had a change of mind, that he would persevere with her.
21. He says to go on with the mission and to persevere with professionalism and dedication.
22. He would have to find that out for himself and persevere through it as she and Roric had.
23. It is at this time that we can loose heart, but if we persevere we will receive the prize.
24. How much harder will it be to persevere when there are no friends around to support him?
25. The human spirit, though unwavering in its strength to persevere in the face of calamity.
26. But if you persevere and lead a righteous life-that indeed is a mark of great determination.
27. Always Pray in the Holy Spirit for Blessings, Watch and persevere in Faith with all the Saints.
28. Monroe, as a ground for urging Congress to persevere in the preparations they were engaged in making.
29. Even in the face of such hardship God provides them with the faith, strength and courage to persevere.
30. But none will attain it except those who persevere, and none will attain it except the very fortunate.
31. The diagnosis is that people who live through the inner divinity will persevere in fruitful qualities.
32. Had I let her known that I loved her, it would perhaps have helped her persevere with her own love for me.
33. They are designed expressly to deter normal people from actually reading them—which is why you must persevere.
34. You sometimes feel that you will never persevere to the end, and will be obliged someday to give up your profession.
35. A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
36. I'm not sure why Anonnon sent it to me, presumably it was meant as a manner of encouragement to persevere for the ideal.
37. And why should we not trust in God, when He has guided us in our ways? We will persevere in the face of your persecution.
38. On the other hand, if you find yourself captivated by the process but are frustrated by your lack of trading ability, persevere.
39. While this is typically the case, the deeper meaning is that the monk or nun vows to persevere in his or her vocation unto death.
40. He said—Continue, persevere; listen neither to the suggestions of routine, nor to the over-hasty councils of a rash empiricism.
1. She had a persevering cough and was.
2. But I must say he was very discreet and persevering about it.
3. And as I said, expect it to be a long process but one worth persevering with.
4. It provides the urge for persevering with the quest for the ultimate reality.
5. My dad was the most resilient persevering human being that I have ever known.
6. I did not think of comparing you: such power of persevering devoted labor as Mr.
7. Had his choice been less unexceptionable, I should have condemned his persevering.
8. If you keep persevering, and if you keep learning, you will be rewarded in the end.
9. It was totally illogical this persevering thought that would not leave me in peace.
10. Greater things than the Doctor had at that time to contend with, would have yielded before his persevering purpose.
11. This would add a huge amount of extra mileage to his journey, and he decided it was worth persevering through Spain.
12. The most honest and persevering Mayors and other high officials have got stuck in New York street mud and were never heard of again.
13. We both have matching ambitions for our nations respectively and we both know how long & persevering the journey has been up to here.
14. I saw she was sorry for his persevering sulkiness and indolence: her conscience reproved her for frightening him off improving himself.
15. And only the endless, persevering, sniffing out of these tiny bits will ever give you even a slightly clarified understanding of it all.
16. Chingachgook and Uncas profited by the interval to regain their wind, though Duncan continued to work with the most persevering industry.
17. When one has been victimized, especially for what they believe or for being an individual, then simply persevering in being themselves, i.
18. Mostly I was alone, which wasn’t unusual, but the cold made the trail seem even more vacant, the wind clattering the branches of the persevering trees.
19. Have you not seen how the ships sail through the sea, by the grace of God, to show you of His wonders? In that are signs for every persevering, thankful person.
20. I saw she was sorry for his persevering sulkiness and indolence: her conscience reproved her for frightening him off improving himself: she had done it effectually.
21. Here's a good one now - and so you notice that Moses held up the rod of God! That is a picture of persevering prayer! He didn't just hold it up, and He had the victory.
22. The remaining obstacle, therefore, to a good understanding between the two nations, and the sole ostensible cause for persevering in the war, is the subject of impressments.
23. Ferrars has suffered from his family; for if I understand the matter right, he has been entirely cast off by them for persevering in his engagement with a very deserving young woman.
24. Chinese clergymen with a similar doctrine at London or Liverpool could scarcely hope for greater success among ourselves by eighty years of persevering preaching and tract distribution.
25. In that season of persevering in faith there was a delay when God's not showing up, and doesn't seem like you're getting better, you're getting worse - and this is the thing that produces results.
26. His horse—a stony-hearted but persevering black brute with a hammer head—you would have seen in the street dozing motionless under an immense saddle, with its nose almost touching the curbstone of the sidewalk.
27. Fowler being a persevering man, as a good seaman should be, blockaded the house, and having met you succeeded by certain arguments, metallic or otherwise, in convincing you that your interests were the same as his.
28. It didn't work that way - he had to remain in a place of passionate persevering prayer, upholding the authority of God, his hands lifted to heaven, lifted to throne of God, from where his power and his source comes.
29. In the same family there may be a genus, as Dianthus, in which very many species can most readily be crossed; and another genus, as Silene, in which the most persevering efforts have failed to produce between extremely close species a single hybrid.
30. In reply to which he says, among other things, that he thinks some modification will take place in this respect, but tells him that this will depend upon the firm and persevering measures to be pursued by the two Governments against the common enemy.
31. Once we have named and acknowledged imperfections, weaknesses and limitations and recognized their capabilities for inter-relational destruction, thus providing the chance to choose to change, we need not be over scrupulous and persevering, constantly worrying about the past.
32. And justly may the nation be proud of the act itself; and of those eminent men, its authors, whose patriotism (rising above enthusiasm, and the passions which have so often bewildered mankind) was calm, dignified, persevering, and always under the guidance of reason and virtue.
33. Wherefore forsaking the vanity of many and their false doctrines let us return to the word which has been handed down to us from the beginning; “watching through prayer” and persevering in fasting; beseeching in our supplications the all-seeing God “not to lead us into temptation” as the Lord has said; “The spirit truly is willing but the flesh is weak”.
34. By this act, the belligerents were invited, in a new form, to withdraw their orders and decrees; promising, on our part, in case either of them should accept the invitation thus given to both, to put in force the non-importation sections of the non-intercourse law against the party persevering in their orders or decrees for three months after their adversary had accepted the invitation thus given.
35. The effect of the whole was a manner so pitying and agitated, and words intermingled with her refusal so expressive of obligation and concern, that to a temper of vanity and hope like Crawford's, the truth, or at least the strength of her indifference, might well be questionable; and he was not so irrational as Fanny considered him, in the professions of persevering, assiduous, and not desponding attachment which closed the interview.
36. The effect of the whole was a manner so pitying and agitated, and words intermingled with her refusal so expressive of obligation and concern, that to a temper of vanity and hope like Crawford’s, the truth, or at least the strength of her indifference, might well be questionable; and he was not so irrational as Fanny considered him, in the professions of persevering, assiduous, and not desponding attachment which closed the interview.
37. Erskine, knowing that he had no authority to make it, and after the peremptory asseveration "that Government had no such knowledge, that with such knowledge no such arrangement would have been made," and "that no such insinuation could be admitted," he replied, "that he made no insinuation, without being able to substantiate a fact, and in that I must continue;" thereby persevering in the charge of falsehood in the Administration for which he was dismissed.
38. The virtuous and chaste woman is an ermine, and whiter and purer than snow is the virtue of modesty; and he who wishes her not to lose it, but to keep and preserve it, must adopt a course different from that employed with the ermine; he must not put before her the mire of the gifts and attentions of persevering lovers, because perhaps--and even without a perhaps--she may not have sufficient virtue and natural strength in herself to pass through and tread under foot these.
39. He had no hesitation in saying he had uniformly been influenced by this motive alone, entirely disconnected with any stipulated obligation to Great Britain; and under this influence, alone, he would be found at all times as ready to resist the aggressions of France, as he had at any time been those of Great Britain, if they should, unfortunately, be persevered in; but, at the same time, he wished to take away every pretext for such perseverance, by persevering in a conduct of the strictest and most scrupulous impartiality toward all the belligerents.
40. Why then, sir, do we not unanimously take the ground here which, if we were called upon to act in an opposite hostile character, would most certainly deter us from persevering in that hostile character against the United States? Sir, if there had been any doubt upon this subject, our late experience ought to have removed it; for, sir, I have no hesitation in saying, and with pain at heart I shall be compelled to show it in the course of this debate, that, in my judgment, our present embarrassments are too much to be ascribed to our former manifestations of indecision, to our unfortunate dissensions and divisions.
1. Was that planned? Hunter persevered.
2. Hackbutt at the meeting? persevered Mrs.
3. Rather he persevered with his martial arts.
4. Through the brutality and pain of it all, we persevered.
5. The Nisarga Yoga, when persevered in and brought to its.
6. The stinging brought tears to his eyes but he persevered.
7. But I persevered, praying like I'd never prayed in my life.
8. Nevertheless, he persevered and dug the grave all by himself.
9. He persevered and his protesting stomach began to settle down.
10. Breathing rock for the second time wasn't easier, but he persevered.
11. Still, he persevered and with time, becoming an outstanding trumpeter.
12. He actually held the word of God around his life, and persevered in faith.
13. Edgar persevered in his resolution as far as the court; there he lingered.
14. It was a slow process but he persevered, building the icon piece by piece.
15. They had persevered through the most difficult times and the darkest hours.
16. The bustard persevered its slow, butch strut towards Camilla, his eyes fixed.
17. Perhaps if Angel had persevered he might have gone to Cambridge like his brothers.
18. I was eleven years old and from henceforth, I persevered and strive to be valiant.
19. There were many forces working against him but he persevered and stuck to his principles.
20. Moses and Saul both found the lack of enemy activity in their area disturbing, but persevered.
21. Giovanni strove to wash all the negativities away, and persevered, until his car finally arrived.
22. There were times when they both felt like packing it in but persevered with the same goal in mind.
23. I found strength to suck it in and persevered down that long corridor of the dark emptiness of my life.
24. It was awkward work and hurt his bare feet, but he persevered until he had partially uncovered the body.
25. Fortunately, we had enough volume that our one-third of that one-fourth who persevered paid our overhead.
26. Danny persevered, ‘The events in the library caused me to spend n-nearly as l-long as you in the hospital.
27. The smell that arose from disturbing her corpse was almost as unpleasant as it had been in life but he persevered.
28. Their struggle was difficult, but they persevered and eventually their actions led to the exile of Charles Taylor.
29. He persevered after numerous accusations of wrongdoing and was still able to get back on his feet and continue his musical career.
30. And We appointed leaders from among them, guiding by Our command, as long as they persevered and were certain of Our communications.
31. He stubbornly declined answering for a while; she persevered, and finally persuaded him to hold communion with her through the boards.
32. My gut told me that if I did what I was good at, if I persevered, I would find the SOB who had killed my John Doe and all those others.
33. Nevertheless, he persevered and once he conquered his sense of taste, he began to enjoy the natural flavors of vegetables in bland diet.
34. Despite these initial disappointments the Leaf Children persevered and slowly mastered the means of making basic, if not elaborate, weapons.
35. These will be given their reward twice, because they persevered; and they counter evil with good; and from Our provisions to them, they give.
36. On our way up the coast, I discovered that my commuter cup leaked, but, desperate for coffee, I wrapped a towel around the cup and persevered.
37. The same firmness, if persevered in, which has carried us thus far with success, will, as our cause is just and moderate, end in final victory.
38. Even when the people refused to enter Canaan when they first came to its borders, he stayed true to his calling and persevered for 40 more years.
39. Whether she would have got over this fancy if left to herself, or persevered in nursing it perpetually, I cannot say: she had little time to reflect.
40. From a previous chapter you should be aware that John O’Neill and Richard Clarke had persevered in just what needed to be done in combating terror.
1. I hope that dear Anne perseveres through the birth and comes to love this.
2. I know that there is something special waiting for the one who perseveres to the end and doesn’t chicken out.
3. And the tale is that he perseveres in pilgrimage and in patience to this day, and visits his dear wife once a year.
4. Crawford's is no common attachment; he perseveres, with the hope of creating that regard which had not been created before.
5. Crawford’s is no common attachment; he perseveres, with the hope of creating that regard which had not been created before.
6. The Bible teaches that blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life (James 1:12).
7. Blessed is the man who perseveres in temptation, for when he has been proved he will receive the crown of life that he promised to those who love Him.
8. This Hatfield-McCoy reasoning perseveres because we enjoy the liberation of a shared distain – we are free to fully hate the other since they threaten us and what we value.
9. And what shall we say of men? Is not honesty the best policy? The clever rogue makes a great start at first, but breaks down before he reaches the goal, and slinks away in dishonour; whereas the true runner perseveres to the end, and receives the prize.
10. And so with dialectic; when a person starts on the discovery of the absolute by the light of reason only, and without any assistance of sense, and perseveres until by pure intelligence he arrives at the perception of the absolute good, he at last finds himself at the end of the intellectual world, as in the case of sight at the end of the visible.
11. Notwithstanding the scrupulous justice, the protracted moderation, and the multiplied efforts, on the part of the United States, to substitute for the accumulating dangers to the peace of the two countries, all the mutual advantages of re-established friendship and confidence, we have seen that the British Cabinet perseveres, not only in withholding a remedy for other wrongs, so long and so loudly calling for it, but in the execution, brought home to the threshold of our territory, of measures which, under existing circumstances, have the character, as well as the effect, of war on our lawful commerce.

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