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Phenomenon in a sentence

This phenomenon is.
to the phenomenon of.
This phenomenon can.
That is a phenomenon.
Zone is a diet phenomenon.
have an unusual phenomenon.
I had seen this phenomenon.

Why was this phenomenon so?.
This cultural phenomenon is.
further sign of the phenomenon.
This phenomenon of an ELEMENT.
this whirling tunnel phenomenon.
in this phenomenon called luck.
What of the phenomenon of mass.
It’s such a strange phenomenon.
Trotter notes this phenomenon:.
Love is a much rarer phenomenon.
phenomenon one can mention the St.
This is quite a common phenomenon.
It was an interesting phenomenon.
phenomenon cal ed the secret.
phenomenon and the other phenomenon.
The explanation of this phenomenon.
another highly practical phenomenon.
also be unaware of the NDE phenomenon.
It was a self-propagating phenomenon.
Generally, it is a market phenomenon.
This phenomenon is called inspiration.
Crowds in a stock are a new phenomenon.
(This phenomenon is called time decay.

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