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Phenomenon in a sentence

Zone is a diet phenomenon.
Why was this phenomenon so?
I had seen this phenomenon.
This phenomenon of an ELEMENT.
It’s such a strange phenomenon.
What of the phenomenon of mass.
Love is a much rarer phenomenon.

This is quite a common phenomenon.
It was an interesting phenomenon.
The explanation of this phenomenon.
It was a self-propagating phenomenon.
Generally, it is a market phenomenon.
This phenomenon is called inspiration.
Love is the greatest phenomenon worth.
Crowds in a stock are a new phenomenon.
The same phenomenon may in some cases.
A phenomenon which is often observable.
Here’s the reason for that phenomenon.
Then there is the phenomenon of the fan.
What could cause such a phenomenon?
You may call this phenomenon degeneracy.
Defoliation is a nonspecific phenomenon.
But this isn’t just a recent phenomenon.
These social sites were a real phenomenon.
The phenomenon above us is not unexpected.
This phenomenon is known as carpet-baggers.
In your chart we see a curious phenomenon.
Branding is a phenomenon that occurs in the.
Capillary attraction is a natural phenomenon.
However, the phenomenon is much more complex.
The assumption was that this phenomenon was.
The same phenomenon happens with the seasons.
Nothing is more frequent than this phenomenon.
The same phenomenon took place if they saw a.
They were not a phenomenon I had ever heard of.
A phenomenon whence arises ruin and new births.
What this phenomenon meant we could not imagine.
Wounded combatants were a new phenomenon for her.
The theory behind this phenomenon is a simple one.
This phenomenon is something that occurs on many.

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