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Photographic in a sentence

You have a photographic memory.
He blackmailed Javier with photographic evidence.
Have you heard of photographic memory? He said.
He had a photographic memory which was never developed.
She wanted to get photographic evidence of what they found.
The shop was small, untidy and reeked of photographic chemicals.
It was like a photographic negative of our march through Eudora.

Meanwhile, his photographic operations over, Captain Nemo told.
Photographic Gallery, as the family had been at sea for such a.
A moment later a photographic map was handed out and the man held it, waiting.
I figured, unless he had a photographic memory and checked on the numbers, I was safe.
If there were such a standard, the photographic camera would serve our purpose well enough.
The Nazis were obsessed with keeping photographic evidence of their crimes against humanity.
Administration staff, design and photographic and research sections were on the lower levels.
The hard, fussy, cut-out, photographic appearance of trees misses all their beauty and sublimity.
He had photographic memory, and this was Sam down to the last wrinkle and the small mole he had on.
Maybe he was imagined, or Balder had a photographic memory, just like … Blomkvist grew thoughtful.
My mother used to say that I have a photographic memory and that it was a gift, especially for an artist.
The earliest, simplest, and most harmless photographic deception is the printing of clouds in a bare sky.
Many thousands of years later: we created photographic positives by a doubled process of reflective reversal.
This evoked recollection is not the exact photographic or phonographic reproduction of past scenes or events.
Photographic evidence had to be obtained, notes for the thorough reports, and more statements from witnesses.
Impeccably educated, conversant in several languages, including Japanese, he had a perfect photographic memory.
For, when everything else fails, a picture made through the photographic lens almost invariably turns the tide.
Sam would have state of the art computer equipment and photographic quality printers in her photography studio.
At times, he found it impossible to supplement his words with more descriptive photographic images on the screen.
He was intelligent; he was a very good listener, and he had a photographic memory and read a lot in his spare time.
The Resistance had another tool at their disposal that most of the Germans were unaware of --Zoe’s photographic memory.
It is not, strictly speaking, a study of character or society, but rather a photographic reproduction of people and conditions.
You are seeing a photographic image of this android on live video, not the output of an Angel's personification rendering channel.
The observatory was only ten years old, but they had access to photographic plates taken at other locations over the span of a century.
I don’t know when I’ll see him again, probably his photographic show, and once again, I’m blown away that he finally has an exhibition.
Stern lines and no colour in a sombre room with walls reserved for photographic record of the many achievements in The Stables’ racing history.
The back wall had rolls of different coloured material which could form photographic back drops, extending to cover the whole floor if necessary.
The cameras could be linked to a laptop so that the images could be seen on the monitor or displayed on one of the walls during the photographic shoot.
If the enemy is really attacking across the border, I want to have photographic proof of that, in case some idiot gets to think that we jumped the gun.
But now her photographic memory focused on the equation August had written at the bottom of the page, and she stepped out of the shower deep in thought.
They are kept here in both paper and microfiche forms and, if I spend some hours tonight, I could produce copies discreetly, using our photographic lab.
Alexandra found herself shuttling from floor to floor for meetings with department heads, meetings with clients, photographic sessions, strategy discussion meetings.
And as for slaughterhouses killing animals humanely, pull the other one! Roger had ample photographic evidence that Greece had failed miserably to protect its animals.

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