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Exact in a sentence

You see, I am exact.
Map keys to be exact.
In the exact same way.
It was an exact match.
This is not an exact.
He gets it quite exact.
The spans are not exact.

The other is the exact.
It uses the exact same.
A spaceship to be exact.
An exact replica of her.
There is exact point in.
When an exact search is.
The exact opposite is true.
Forced air, to be exact.
Their deeds are the exact.
I could never exact a focus.
You did the exact opposite.
I had the exact same dream.
English pounds, to be exact.
Those were his exact words.
These were her exact words.
That is the exact point in.
Not sure of the exact hour.
It will be exact to the penny.
Ah doona know the time exact.
I cannot tell the exact time.
Nobody knows the exact cause.
On Interstate 76 to be exact.
Daveda was her exact opposite.
That gives us the exact same.
I have an exact account of it.
It’s not an exact science.
The exact date of the first St.
No one knows the exact origin.
I use the exact scale shown to.
Hard to be too much more exact.
When the exact opposite is true.
Maybe the exact same brownstone.
This isn’t an exact science!.
They are not very exacting, after all.
True education is exciting and exacting.
But I think he has become much less exacting.
He’s exacting his revenge in my last cognizant minutes.
The latter approach is more conservative and exacting, and.
Michael was adept at exacting maximum potential from people.
Karma applies itself in the most exacting and clever of ways.
In order to escape the exacting price of his exposure, he has to.
A reversal which is exacting, but not identical in sequential order.
Still, exacting revenge on a fragile old woman was beneath his honor.
The work was exacting, the harvesting slow; the stingy plants clung 362.
The selection of standard senior issues that meet exacting tests of safety.
It is possible to use the more exacting calculations used in EVA models, i.
He wanted time to really savor the exacting of that second piece of justice.
I was especially grateful for the breeze when the chili beans began exacting.
If that was your duty then exacting retribution for the species is mine!.
Lady Phyllis reminded Nerissa of her exacting mother, though not of course with.
Affection can be very exacting, and can easily miss fairness on the critical side.
I have been a willing slave to this exacting master for more than half a century.
But she made up for it by being more exacting and more ruthless than ever with Shatov.
Meaning, he probably feels that he has nothing to lose by exacting revenge for his.
He could see it would be violent, exacting, suspicious, uncompromising—like her soul.
He remembered with exacting clarity the first time his feet had met the wood of this peer.
It is this trouble with the corners that makes the problem of filling a square so exacting.
The advantage of exacting of them the condition of using the same language, was a great one.
Perhaps that music, made in the face of death, would not have satisfied the exacting critical sense.
You have to give them exacting details on how they need to complete any project you present to them.
This person, whose jobs had always been exacting in nature, was held to higher standards by employers.
The investigation leads Jason back to an almost anything goes era that is exacting a huge price more than 40 years later.
Hence, broadly speaking, there is no such thing as being unduly captious or exacting in the purchase of fixed-value investments.
The officials of the Board of Trade have been most exacting in seeing that every compliance has been made with existing regulations.
And I had no right, indeed, to be exacting as to that money, she added suddenly, and there was a ring of resolution in her voice.
On the whole she was very free from the moods Herr Dremmel had braced himself to bear, and continued right through not to be exacting.
Brancettrabble would be interested in his findings but was too bored with the exacting detail of the work to follow his daily observations.
He appeared to himself to have been terribly exacting and selfish, though he now saw that all the while he really needed nothing for himself.
The schoolmaster, always severe, grew severer and more exacting than ever, for he wanted the school to make a good showing on "Examination" day.
If from all gifts there flows one half of the good that comes from this wise use of a millionaire's surplus, the most exacting may well be satisfied.
Much to my surprise, Captain Nemo gave me the permission I asked for, and he did so with grace and alacrity, not even exacting my promise to return on board.
Admission to Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer School has generally been limited to males who must endure exacting and strenuous physical and water safety training.
None of them was good enough to satisfy the exacting requirements Rhett laid discharged and thereafter followed a series of nurses who remained, at the most, a down.
He noticed it, and exacted my attention to his person.
They exacted a fearful toll of rape, arson, pillage, and wanton murder.
Sins have been committed and errors made, for which a price must be exacted.
If I have wrongfully exacted anything of anyone I restore four times as much.
But it has exacted a horrible dehumanizing toll on how we Eat, Sleep, Feel and Act.
But now the price is being exacted and will not let you go unless the last coin is paid.
Pistoleiros kept the government and Judge’s troops from closing it but exacted a heavy tax.
Of the teacher more is expected than of the pupil; of the master more is exacted than of the servant.
She had been left quite free, and no one had exacted the smallest sacrifice of her time to any of their needs.
It is very natural that the pledge of secrecy which we have exacted from you should have aroused your curiosity.
Dario had kept his end of the bargain … exacted some petty revenge, but a little mud didn’t bother Jess much.
Ravan’s promise was to be believed and the man could do nothing but watch as Ravan exacted his revenge upon Pierre.
The human sacrifice of self and liberty that environmentalism justifies is to be exacted in the name of the planet.
He sued a fellowplayer for the price of a few bags of malt and exacted his pound of flesh in interest for every money lent.
Indeed, it demanded from him a constant attention, and a quickness of eye and hand, very like that exacted by wicket-keeping.
Capitation taxes are levied at little expense ; and, where they are rigorously exacted, afford a very sure revenue to the state.
But, he had oppressed no man, he had imprisoned no man; he was so far from having harshly exacted payment of his dues, that he had.
He started to advance, very slowly, so that he could allow comprehension to settle over his foe completely before he exacted his revenge.
A sun god, the epitome of this elevation was unapproachable without a strong feeling of the danger that a physical observation always exacted.
He had finally exacted his revenge for the renegade officer who had tortured most of the then current officers assigned to the Queen Elizabeth.
The scout, remembering only his own sturdy and iron nature, had probably exacted a task that David, under no circumstances, could have performed.
This was the very month when the Thenardiers, after having demanded twelve francs instead of six, had just exacted fifteen francs instead of twelve.
To have struggled with him in the street, or to have exacted any lower recompense from him than his heart's best blood, would have been futile and degrading.
Hence those vows of fidelity exacted upon a Testament, and hence also the allusions to a possibility of something happening on the very morning of the wedding.
He found the troop in the glade, supping off the provisions exacted as contributions from the peasants; but his eye vainly sought Rita and Cucumetto among them.
A year ago, I could never have imagined how many thousands of small costs of strength there were in a day, how each and every action I took exacted its own toll.
It had appeared from the very outset of their entrance into winter quarters that there would probably be no retaliation exacted upon them for the water-source accident.
He picked quarrels with everyone, began to hold forth eloquently, exacted unlimited respect, and at last disappeared from the house, and sometimes did not return for a long time.
But he did not conceal from me that, although there might be many cases in which the forfeiture would not be exacted, there were no circumstances in this case to make it one of them.
But the paper cannot go abroad; because at a distance from the banks which issue it, and from the country in which payment of it can be exacted by law, it will not be received in common payments.
Such tuition costs have continued to be exacted by the markets since some of our mistakes have occurred even after many years of success in the markets, and should be considered post-graduate tuition costs!.
A rich landowner—not only in Russia, but in France, England, Germany, or America—lives on the rents exacted from the people living on his land, and robs these generally poverty-stricken people of all he can get from them.
The cultivator, after a bad harvest, being unable to pay the rent exacted of him by force, would be obliged to enslave himself to any one who happened to have the money in order not to lose everything and to retain the land.
We are so habituated to this idea that we are alarmed at the sacrifices exacted by the doctrine of Jesus, which teaches that man's happiness does not depend upon fortune and power, and that the rich cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
Out of their dugouts, without even the protection of slit trenches, they were naked before the lash of shrapnel and sizzling steel splinters as the enemy’s shells and mortar bombs exacted the penalty always demanded of troops who broke under fire.
Naturally the investor would favor companies that well exceed this minimum requirement, but the problem is whether or not a higher ratio must be exacted as a condition for purchase, so that an issue otherwise satisfactory would necessarily be rejected if the current assets are only twice current liabilities.
It was feared that the vanquished might have taken to them for refuge, and Prefect Gisquet was to search occult Paris while General Bugeaud swept public Paris; a double and connected operation which exacted a double strategy on the part of the public force, represented above by the army and below by the police.
Under the local or provincial administration of the justices of the peace in Great Britain, the six days labour which the country people are obliged to give to the reparation of the highways, is not always, perhaps, very judiciously applied, but it is scarce ever exacted with any circumstance of cruelty or oppression.
In the most ancient regulated companies, the privileges of apprenticeship were the same as in other corporations, and entitled the person who had served his time to a member of the company, to become himself a member, either without paying any fine, or upon paying a much smaller one than what was exacted of other people.
All the most painful moments of my life,—the orgies and duels in which I took part as a student, the wars in which I have participated, the diseases that I have endured, and the abnormal and insupportable conditions under which I now live,—all these are only so much martyrdom exacted by fidelity to the doctrine of the world.
Of course, leverage almost always exacts an inherent.
He sometimes exacts a heavy sum from a man who is very poor.
However much debased he may be, a man exacts instinctively respect for his character as a man.
Living this way exacts an automatic penalty that makes one a candidate for instability, unhappiness and mental problems.
But eventually the piper exacts a toll from his audience, a price that far exceeds the few coins rational calculation would have offered.
The Juggernaut of India is said to smile when it sees the blood flow from the human sacrifice which its worship exacts; the Emperor of France might now smile upon us.
It is like an irresistible force for complete opening that collides against the immovable object of conceptual control, which requires and exacts, and can only be obtained, with merciless oppression.
A tax upon ground-rents would not raise the rent of houses; it would fall altogether upon the owner of the ground-rent, who acts always as a monopolist, and exacts the greatest rent which can be got for the use of his ground.
And it would indicate a want of the confidence due to a Government which so well understands and exacts what becomes foreign Ministers near it, not to infer that the misconduct of its own Representative will be viewed in the same light in which it has been regarded here.
When gentlemen attempt to carry this measure, upon the ground of acquiescence or precedent, do they forget that we are not in Westminster Hall? In courts of justice, the utility of uniformity of decision exacts of the judge a conformity to the adjudication of his predecessor.
But how, if the government will not permit a member of the society over which it has sway, to refuse to recognize the fundamental principles of governmental order or to decline to fulfil the duties of a citizen? The government exacts from a Christian the oath, jury service, military service, and his refusal to conform to these demands may be punished by exile, imprisonment, and even by death.

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