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Ply in a sentence

Ply on the earth.
ply see a piece of wood.
that ply her body, bend.
ply within their community.
ply fulfilling their destiny.
ply increase as the years pass.
He would continue to ply distant rivers.

ply the following template to any subject:.
seeing me and Marc ply our trade before the.
ply be summed up as one who lives with virtue.
Can pass so strait a strait; but love will ply.
He did little but ply Justin with cheap nasty.
District where some women can’t ply their trade.
ply wanted to spend more time with you, Miss Crom-.
was so reluctant to ply her trade there in the past.
"But it sounds sim ply too love ly," crie d Le nina.
ply shaken his head, closed his bag, and walked from.
ply stared - and made no attempt to hide the revulsion.
ply is limited so keep it sacred so you can use it where.
ply the body of whatever had partaken of it with a change.
Yeah, I intend to ply you with liquor, then, steal your soul.
No way, I had to ply him with yaag before he would even touch me.
ply with any criterion of scientifi c content approved by philosophy.
way, they ply her with a thousand little tender attentions, presents,.
ply that either Arjun or anyone of us should begin to adore the beings.
The ship had also brought ten thousand board foot of utility grade ply.
This shared, I pray to ply thy head with far less taxing thoughts to think.
genius, nevertheless struggle to ply their trade in competition with.
Emperor Montezuma’s fatal error was to ply Cortez and his men with golden.
The man had ceased to ply her with questions, and now preserved a gloomy silence.

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Synonyms for ply

ply cater provide supply run