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Supply in a sentence

Year's Supply for a Dime.
Of the supply as limited.
Master of the supply depot.
The supply line is vital.
From whence is its supply?
Blessing of a Water Supply.
These were in short supply.

Supply ships came and went.
When our supply was cut off.
Nuts supply proteins and fat.
The powers that we can supply.
You know it is in short supply.
Values That Supply the Being:.
The supply of wealth is limited.
Never look at the visible supply.
You supply the strength we need.
If he does not supply at least.
It's from an industrial supply.
Even the food supply had run low.
Our Haad needs a supply of souls.
Time, though, was in short supply.
But I now have a year’s supply.
Our supply is becoming exhausted.
Both of which are in short supply.
We and outside vendors supply the.
He will honor and supply provision.
In fact, if the money supply was.
Salt is in short supply in Africa.
Supply of machines and equipment:.
In time, food was in short supply.
His safe was inside the supply room.
Alyk into his primary supply route.
This is for the supply of bulbs.
The power supply circuit is to be.
The supply has exceeded the demand.
This is an amazing value you supply.
To supply his fans and editors with.
Their food supply was growing small.
And people were in short supply, too.
Supplying the body with high.
We are supplying you with the floor.
Atherosclerosis of arteries supplying the.
He had no memory of supplying Jurak with the.
The local towns were supplying most of the food.
In these hints he felt that he was supplying Mrs.
We’re supplying another supplier across the city.
Fats are essential for supplying the body with energy.
Who keeps supplying the sun with such heat and light?
The subject admitted supplying handguns to Dennis Twinn.
Marie wherever she went but in purchasing and supplying.
They’re supplying a wheel chair to get you to my car.
There is more to altruism than supplying material things.
Thank god for the gideon Ministry, supplying millions of.
I learned from the people I was associated with in supplying my.
Paul went home and busied himself supplying the guests with drinks.
But Stalin opposed supplying the Poles with arms, because he knew.
Then supplying the external jar anew, the process may be continued.
By this time, hydrogen fusion in the core is supplying all the star's.
This man had the reputation of supplying the deadliest man for the job.
Her shop specializes in supplying movie set designers with furnishings.
He never forgot about us again and we never stopped supplying the beer.
Pinga felt something of that because of the light Kiki was supplying him.
The sawmill continued in the business of supplying wood products to the.
It seems Cap is supplying the West with tons of gunpowder and explosives.
Captain Ron Dedmen was supplying American allies with cargoes of munitions.
Because it was not supplying the spectators with what they are addicted to.
Then, God draws your attention to the nourishment that he was supplying you.
Last I heard, he was supplying stuff for building for the Army down there.
Carl walked over to a drip trol ey that had been supplying Carl with a clear.
Sussex and became a dealer supplying antiques to customers in the United States.
The bull is also stated in Hinduism supplying yoga with its sexual energy.
By supplying ready-made identities to people who have never developed their own.
My competition was a company who had a long history of supplying the military in.
Atherosclerosis of arteries supplying the heart is called coronary artery disease.
Much courage and drive is needed – much work – and Mars is supplying all this.
Marc made a real killing by supplying the clubs and bars with this new wonder drug.
By this regulation, a very heavy burden was laid upon their supplying Great Britain.
They encircle the heart, supplying it with the blood it needs to keep it functioning.
The Ivory Coast is the big hammer of coffee production, supplying 37 percent of the 3.
The fire supplied with fuel.
Each person will be supplied.
I was soon supplied with all I.
Annibal was ill supplied from home.
Pops supplied from behind the paper.
By thought supplied, or any interest.
Dorothea's faith supplied all that Mr.
Bites? I supplied, and he nodded.
By thought supplied, not any interest.
The energy that rage had supplied so.
In its own time every need is supplied.
Seven supplied him with the information.
Hagar supplied him with Ocidem and he.
The bees supplied ample frenzy to the.
But God always supplied for their needs.
They had already supplied a full list of.
But IBD supplied the rules and information.
The demand being there, it must be supplied.
He supplied you with livestock and children.
As supplied by his local operational support.
Forage has not been supplied to the extent.
Thou whose injustice hath supplied the cause.
We supplied him with the bust some months ago.
Range is supplied where a Check the arguments.
She had five or six pigeons supplied already!.
The dreams had supplied him with many of these.
Some of the lesser pieces I supplied them myself.
Maldynado offered the envelope Avery had supplied.
Paralysis caused by guilt, and the cure supplied.
The latter she supplied on this occasion in person.
He knew that the part of the power supplied by the.
It seems that a true apodosis is to be supplied here.
He had supplied himself with oxygen, simply by his.
In the upper valley, springs supplied the defenders.
They want the necessities of life to be supplied as.
Unfortunately, Yum wasn't supplied with working gloves.
And also in Matthew the same information is supplied;.
They supplied a foresail, or jib, in the same pattern.
Like, melting-the-pigeons strong, Morris supplied.
I found the supplies I was.
We have all the supplies.
Food supplies us with calories.
He supplies most of the diggers.
We need to gather some supplies.
It was full of medical supplies.
With those supplies I promised.
She was buying cleaning supplies.
Well, we need supplies anyways.
Thus, if we adjust power supplies.
Food and other household supplies.
Make a line and pass the supplies.
We have plenty of supplies and our.
Metal shelves held food and supplies.
Louie stole supplies for the journey.
They contained supplies for the mess.
The packing supplies you will need:.
I had a few supplies for the road.
I put the supplies in the back, but.
And we could use the medical supplies.
Midrash supplies the missing dialogue.
Yes, of course I got the supplies in.
He paid for her supplies and equipment.
By default the print command supplies.
They believe we’re hoarding supplies.
I guess I should get you some supplies.
What about the supplies, Jess said.
Shut off power supplies before you leave.
Sergeant, Captain, unload the supplies.
Supplies to Saint Sebastien returned to.
Where was she searching for supplies?
He took a look at the supplies on the bed.
Nothing supplies the place of this instinct.
Or leave him in a city with no supplies.
Still kind of awful? Matthew supplies.
Or, or what if they are low on supplies.
Are there any supplies on the rafts?
We will need supplies and spare clothing.
There’s a storage hut there with supplies.
Are you in need of supplies so soon?

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