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Pocket in a sentence

In a pocket.
it in a pocket.
his back pocket.
21 in our pocket.
out of his pocket.
pocket of his coat.
on the pocket book.

Pocket, said Mrs.
his jacket pocket.
Fist in her pocket.
ring from my pocket.
pocket of his hoody.
put it in his pocket.
Check the pocket.
the left hand pocket.
pocket began to ring.
Pocket that dear Mr.
his pocket for a key.
in the wallet pocket.
top pocket of my vest.
In the pocket buying.
buying in the pocket.
money from his pocket.
Put it in his pocket.
From an outer pocket.
I put it in my pocket.
the pocket of her robe.
Pocket change, really.
’ He said pocketing the keys.
Pocketing the card, she bid Gerald farewell.
Pocketing the tiny box, she entered the hallway.
"Thank you," I reply, while pocketing the two tablets.
Baines stood, checked the wad again before pocketing it,.
"Waterloo!" growled Thenardier, pocketing the five hundred.
anything remaining is handled the way we would under pocketing.
Terry wiped his hand on the grass and stood up, pocketing his knife.
Pocketing the condom, the writer stood, picked up the coffee carafe.
Pocketing the item, Taher faced the direction that Morgan had come from.
I rose and inspected the sacks, pocketing a few choice beans as souvenirs.
When pocketing, our limitation will be the smallest inside radius we have to.
- Pocketing: Here again, I will generalize this to be any situation where the.
He held it for a moment, rubbing his thumb over the cover before pocketing it.
It had been a fun night and I had ended up pocketing some great tips for the night.
Pocketing back his radio, Erik then resumed his observation of the fleeing cargo ship.
Finally he wrapped it up and came back to the kitchen’s entrance, pocketing his phone.
After pocketing the offending ticket, Loofah surveyed the carriage without much interest.
heard many, many success stories from real estate investors pocketing $100,000 to $500,000 or.
The choice thus boils down to picking up your share of the loot or gaping at those pocketing it.
Crossing to a stainless steel trolley, he dug out some sterile dressings, quickly pocketing them.
‘What’s a husband’s definition of safe sex?’ Watkin starts, pocketing his excellent winnings.
billion aid program has been accused of pocketing about $145,000 for steering contracts to the brother in.
‘Look at the blister on your finger,’ the shrink said whilst pocketing the lighter, ‘if there are still doubts.
After pocketing what little coins he had on him, she pulled his backpack from beside him and wondered at how light it was.
Thinking about something, she went to the nose compartment containing her gun camera and took the film out of it, pocketing it.
Sure, mademoiselle! Said the boy, pocketing quickly the coin and then grabbing two big bags Nancy was pulling out of the cart.
Storing back in place the camera and pocketing the pen, Ingrid next sucked in some water and nutrient from the tubes inside her helmet.
I pocketed it.
I pocketed both.
Del pocketed them.
He pocketed the charm.
Crass pocketed the money.
Gary pocketed his weapon.
He pocketed his trash.
they pocketed those beers.
There were four pocketed.
Kenichi pocketed his phone.
Tony pocketed the digits,.
pages torn off and pocketed.
The marshal pocketed the coins.
Fritz pocketed the winning ball.
The phantom board pocketed his.
Manish pocketed his things and left.
Tammas shrugged and pocketed the tin.
Max thanked Sam and pocketed his phone.
He watched while the man pocketed.
spring rains had pocketed the road with.
Then he locked it and pocketed the key.
Nancy thanked him and pocketed the card.
from Charlie’s robes, and pocketed it.
Moving off again, he pocketed the mobile.
She pocketed her weapon and pulled out.
Farid pocketed the folded piece of paper.
Crusher closed her tricorder and pocketed it.
I yanked out the flash drive and pocketed it.
Then he pocketed the gun, returning to his seat.
Demon: He pocketed it without paying for it when he.
When her cheeks grew exhausted with pocketed stone,.
Try all pockets.
And those pockets.
Deep pockets indeed.
pockets of the parka.
He felt his pockets.
He checks his pockets.
pockets of your jeans.
hands into his pockets.
Mick tapped his pockets.
Jim checked his pockets.
his hands in his pockets.
He searched his pockets.
Smith checked his pockets.
her hands into her pockets.
bar slut drain his pockets.
Cramming his pockets full.
She takes it and pockets it.
Into these pockets of hell,.
Do you have pockets?.
pockets of the dark interior.
Her hands are in her pockets.
earnings lining their pockets.
with no money in their pockets.
camouflaged pants with pockets.
from the pockets of each of us.
asked searching in his pockets.
I was as empty as my pockets.
Thus far, my pockets are empty.
within isolated family pockets.
with that equity in our pockets.
he put his hands in his pockets.

Synonyms for pocket

pocket pouch scoop sac sack bag