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    1. There was a big empty hole in his lap

    2. • Stop using poisons that can harm your pets and hole! A king snake is also a natural enemy of the rattlesnake

    3. He had been among the first to leave the Kassikan and the city and hole up in the Chaparral of the Gengee

    4. She stole dad's toolbox and flashlight and started knocking out a crawlspace hole to search for mermaids in the walls

    5. Johnny started to dig a hole through his clothes, placing the Super Chip in the center of the hole

    6. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    7. Whoever was banging on the front door of my house sounded as though they wanted to bash a hole in it

    8. "So that's what I am?" Glenelle asked, "A backup?" An empty hole opened in her gut over that

    9. ” He slips through the hole in the fence, snapping pictures as he walks

    10. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    1. “He’s split up with Ava, Ava’s been holed up since she made me that time, except when she went over to Kulai’s?”

    2. ‘He’ll be holed up with a sore head for days,’ he

    3. Maybe I had wasted my time holed up in that neighborhood so long

    4. Ignar’s Den, oddly, seemed to repel the fire, and it was there that Jeslin was holed up with Ayrim during the battle, and it was there that she now cared for the child and his father

    5. ‘Well, I’ve been holed up in this place for the last five years; the only time I can go out is with a B’tari escort

    6. “The abductors were holed up in a shack near the edge of town, but had spies skulking around, all to learn when the ransom would be paid

    7. A friend of mine says that he and some other bad people are holed up north of town on

    8. Willis and I are holed up in the top of a house

    9. I had been briefed in hurriedly on what the current tactical situation was: Eileen was holed up around the gateway on the after-world’s end

    10. Holed up in a safe house

    1. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    2. It’s bleeding from several bullet holes

    3. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    4. 'Yes, he's desperately trying to remember the last time he saw it in there, but you know what these glory holes are like

    5. Even the walls weren’t safe as they blasted them with laser guns and searched the holes for any trace of the technological wonder that Ackers had clutched tightly in his hand

    6. His device was one of the new 3D ones with the seed pod with holes in it connected to a pair of spectacles by a piece of tough monofilament

    7. Their whale research seemed to involve puncturing the whale with several more holes than before

    8. dig the holes everywhere

    9. You can see it thru the vent holes," doostEr told him

    10. squinted in the bursting light, rubbed the black holes at the heart of his consciousness

    1. Holing up with local strippers,

    2. banker, from the bank where there was an account holing credit, in the depositor’s

    3. “That’s gotta be where he’s holing up,” Randy said, pointing toward

    4. Now, when I take my poets up with into the forest, and sit on one of those dusky pine-grown slopes where the light is subdued to a mysterious gray-green and the world is quieted into a listening silence, and far away below the roofs of Jena glisten in the sun, and the white butterflies, like white flowers come to life, flutter after each other across the blue curtain of heat that hangs beyond the trees, now when I open them and begin to read the noble, familiar words, will not those other words, those anecdotes, those personal descriptions, those suggestions, those button holing, leer at me between the lines? Shall I, straining my ears after the music, not be shown now for ever only the instrument, and how pitifully the ivory has come off the keys? Shall I, hungering after my spiritual food, not have pushed upon my notice, so that I am forced to look, the saucepan, tarnished and not quite clean, in which it was cooked? Please don't tell me you can't understand

    5. Holing up at the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue we began preparations for the weekend event as well as the next day’s full slate of appointments we had scheduled with several O’Neil institutional clients with offices in the city

    6. While he was holing this position, the options moved from far OTM to almost ATM and increased in value from $0

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    Synonyms for "hole"

    hole golf hole cakehole gob maw trap yap hollow fix jam kettle of fish mess muddle pickle hole out cave cavern cove burrow den tunnel hovel shelter cavity crater void gorge shaft opening chasm perforation puncture cleft slot gash split tear

    "hole" definitions

    an opening into or through something

    an opening deliberately made in or through something

    one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course

    an unoccupied space

    a depression hollowed out of solid matter

    a fault

    informal terms for a difficult situation

    informal terms for the mouth

    hit the ball into the hole

    make holes in