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Posture in a sentence

1. Her posture seemed to relax.
2. Besides in this posture the.
3. To attain the correct posture.
4. Variation of the Bow Posture.
5. He had a relaxed posture and.
6. Now, though, his posture was.
7. But the posture was wrong, it.

8. The air let out of his posture.
9. And now for the PLOUGH POSTURE.
10. My posture suddenly improves too.
11. An erect posture has two benefits.
12. She maintained her innocent posture.
13. Jameson held his ground and posture.
14. Posture and breathing are a part of.
15. Your body posture can have an effect.
16. Russell easily slid into the posture.
17. As with your eyes, your posture can.
18. He assumed a non-threatening posture.
19. This is known as forward head posture.
20. It wasn’t her posture or her clothes.
22. Theo changed his posture in the armchair.
23. It also picked up the posture and size.
24. She could see from his posture that he.
25. Hold the posture while breathing gently.
26. Maintain an Open Posture with the coachee.
27. Ningla stood swiftly in a fighting posture.
28. And he raised himself to a sitting posture.
29. It’s a posture of outrage, hands on hips.
30. You all wore your emotions in your posture.
31. Many arrange to fight in a sitting posture.
32. Posture is another aspect of body language.
33. He had forced himself up to a sitting posture.
34. She turned and saw me, and her posture relaxed.
35. VI In a lying posture, concentrate on the moon.
36. The cold, statue-like posture was transformed.
37. Our first warm up begins with a simple posture.
38. I felt some uneasiness in a reclining posture.
39. Really? she asked, her posture improving.
40. His posture was one of pure pride and cockiness.
1. Posturing had begun.
2. Catfights and posturing.
3. They love the fake posturing.
4. Calm with a masterful posturing.
5. And of course the posturing of the Ghouls.
6. For all her posturing, I could see the child in Lily.
7. For all his posturing, he seems genuinely upset about this.
8. Still posturing in the same regal manner for the benefit of.
9. The only real opposition was ideological political posturing.
10. Several of the casino’s patrons were already posturing to sue.
11. His curiosity about me won out over the don’t-give-a-shit posturing.
12. Such posturing falsely portrays her as a victim, which she clearly is not.
13. You must impress on Picard that any posturing will be considered taunting by the.
14. I found their lascivious posturing repulsive and their red-stained teeth nauseating.
15. I like the dragon way better; you see-you like-you mate! There is not all this posturing.
16. Johnny managed to tear his eyes away from Bests gun posturing, to the still talking Priest.
17. No, I suddenly found myself on the curtain, an actor, posturing and making futile gestures.
18. Posturing defensively in a trice, he barely riposted the headlong charge of multiple attackers.
19. Posturing, Larson reasons to himself as calmly as he can, trying to keep his body perfectly still.
20. What a posturing, poor excuse for a real officer he is, he grumbled softly as he focused his.
21. Justine read his posturing as meaning that he was the victim here, and he wasn’t going to accept this.
22. He was not posturing, just determined, but he gave her the impression he would do anything to get his way.
23. But after I had had my new suit on some half an hour, and had gone through an immensity of posturing with Mr.
24. What kind of a message does such inquisitional posturing convey to people of Faith that they need not apply?
25. Through the jokes and the crude religious posturing, he almost seemed to want me to escape, or at least to try.
26. Strayhorn might have been posturing when it promised an appeal, but Donovan said the company really wanted to settle.
27. And there were plenty of “teachers” who tried to lead the “flock” astray, with their posturing and pretentions.
28. The more obviously fake it is, the more ludicrous and grotesque the entire soap-opera posturing is; the more they love it.
29. Tarak came forward and gripped the man in a bear hug and both greeted each other with a lot of back slapping and posturing.
30. What a posturing, poor excuse for a real officer he is, he grumbled softly as he focused his continuing scowl in their direction.
31. There was no shortage of interest in the bar and Tom found himself at the centre of a veritable storm of hormonal posturing and pouting.
32. With all the gridlock and posturing that goes along with getting a new director confirmed, a temporary head of the Agency will have to be named.
33. The frugal lifestyle he adopted at the height of his fame and fortune could be owing to his personal proclivity or the public posturing, and/or both.
34. Non-military cultures look at this and can’t understand how this posturing fake in a military uniform that didn’t even fit him ever became popular.
35. With all this posturing and provocation, you can easily see how two war-time allies eventually found themselves on different sides of the ideological battlefield.
36. Still posturing in the same regal manner for the benefit of those who felt the need to be led by something more than dire circumstance, he again strutted his stuff.
37. Trager was still absolutely sure that the Kierdan fleet was just posturing, and was sure that they would turn back once they saw that the Cluster wouldn�t abandon the refugees.
38. If the Jewish posturing against Muhammad as an imposter earned them his wrath, his hostility towards idolatry unwittingly put his believers at odds with the Hindus in later centuries.
39. If you wished to preserve your good name, why did you not give up your—your ‘guardian,’ Totski, without all that theatrical posturing? said Aglaya, suddenly a propos of nothing.
40. There were no fights, no disagreements, nor was there any petulant posturing, but nonetheless, during their long dawn conversations they became aware of a doubt nagging away at them beneath their true, true love.
1. John, processing everything that Ganz had postured, then said.
2. There aren’t that many possibilities, are there? postured Clayton.
3. We filled you with wine; I sang to you and postured and posed for your admiration.
4. Here in our land our boys are postured for violence, filled with hate; and, we pass them by only.
5. Admiral Kraug postured back in his heavily padded command chair on the expansive bridge, like an ancient king on a golden throne.
6. The vizier averted his face to hide any subtle sign of the satisfaction he felt for having so craftily manipulated this mere man, who postured as his better, his God even.
1. A few sit still in lotus meditation postures.
2. Their faces and postures betrayed great apprehension.
3. The chase abounds in grimaces and in comical postures.
4. They notice the changing postures of the bride and groom.
5. Perfecting the postures in hatha yoga has two objectives:.
6. Clearly the respective groups were taking fighting postures.
7. You can do postures when the body feels stiff, tense, tired.
8. Norah could see it in their postures, read it in their faces.
9. A complex is built with groups of three postures in each group.
10. He walked in the office premises silently in thoughtful postures.
11. The general feature of postures with legs apart is that they drive.
12. Asanas are static postures with diff erent degrees of complexity that.
13. In the yoga complex these asanas should be done after the postures of.
14. Unlike stretching and pivoting postures, their effect is based on at-.
15. Postures associated with negative feelings will trigger negative feelings.
16. The last of the seated postures I will describe in this chapter is as follows:.
17. It has a highly developed ritual which consists largely of sexo-yogic postures.
18. At the same time that she moved thoughtlessly, she was doubly conscious of her postures.
19. Then just as suddenly, habit, distraction, and old postures resume and all is as it was before.
20. Hatha yoga is the physical system of postures, breathing, cleansing practices, and other techniques.
21. The following simple exercise will help to limber up the spine and prepare it for more difficult postures.
22. When you are at the dinner table or at a service, you can follow the socially expected postures for prayer.
23. His five followers are close by, themselves sitting in meditative postures, as starved and bedraggled as he.
24. Their sparkling eyes and cheery postures indicated they were happy with their car and their driver so far today.
25. For those of us who can’t hack the traditional postures, there are several rows of chairs lined up behind the mats.
26. Some of the nudes were conventional, others in very strange postures focusing on the genitals both with Panos and Ceres.
27. When you sell, you can use postures, facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, and your physical appearance to close the sale successfully.
28. Relaxed in all postures, especially those reclining on one side, the stone and clay figures indicate a lifestyle devoid of internal stress.
29. The scolding was silent, for the boy didn’t speak but simply adopted body postures that suggested he was a bit authoritarian in his manner.
30. Men looming over her with violence mirrored in their postures, stinking of sweat and lust and alcohol, her dread magnifying their frightfulness.
31. You may wonder why I have waited until I reached more than half-way through this book before introducing you to this best known of all Yoga postures.
32. Some of the postures have relation to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called the 'nadis', which underlie the nervous system.
33. Westerners think primarily of sitting still or, worse yet, configuring the physical body into the shape of a pretzel, as the proper postures for meditation.
34. The sexo-yogic postures so widely displayed on the sculpted ornaments on the facades and the interiors of temples are considered part of the tantric practices.
35. Francis did several yogic asanas, postures that included the Tree, the Dancer, the Camel, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, the Sun Salutation, and the Moon Salutation.
36. Three vampires stood behind the table, the female agnate and two others I hadn’t seen before, their indolent expressions at odds with the tension their postures betrayed.
37. And once you have established the habit of doing Yoga postures first thing in the morning it should become as much a part of your routine as having your morning bath or cleaning your teeth.
38. She saw the combined desperation and determination in their postures and expressions, and she raised her left hand quickly, elevating the shotgun muzzle to point at the deckhead instead of them.
39. I have said that one is as old as one’s spine and I have described all manner of Yogic postures designed to keep the spine healthy and supple, mainly involving forward and backward bending movements.
40. Their hunched postures allowed for only a narrow gap and the man held his position, forcing Tanya to turn sideways to pass through, her crotch all but brushing his nose as she tried to make her way out.

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