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    1. So let us choose that posture that enables us, the most easily, to forget that we have a physical body

    2. It is easy and bracing and is a vital first blow in our battle against bad posture

    3. The Swan Posture (Swanasana) As its name indicates, it is a graceful exercise and will, therefore, especially appeal to women readers, although its benefits also to male sufferers from backache can hardly be over-estimated

    4. Like many other Yoga asanas the Swan Posture consists of two opposite movements which I have demonstrated in figures 15 and 16, page 61

    5. I have demonstrated the correct position in figure 18, and you can see why this posture is named the BOW

    6. This is a wonderful exercise for the relief of backache but as it is rather a strenuous posture do please practice it carefully

    7. The Bow Posture may be preceded by the Stomach Balance which is the very simplest of the backward bending exercises for the relief of backache

    8. Variation of the Bow Posture

    9. And now here is another breathing exercise which will help to counteract bad posture, drooping and round shoulders, and curvature of the spine

    10. Practice this exercise every day and you will soon notice a marked improvement in your posture and a new feeling of freedom from backache and a new feeling of lightness as your straightening spine allows your lungs to take in more oxygen

    11. Do not under-estimate the gravity of bad posture

    12. Attack your bad posture and its resulting backache like the enemies they are

    13. IN the previous chapter I discussed backache and aching legs due to bad posture and long hours of standing

    14. Like the Head to Knee posture it tones up sluggish bowels and helps to promote better elimination, thereby being a cleansing and purifying exercise which will help to rid the body of the impurities which cause pain and disease

    15. If you do not suffer from sciatica regular practice of the Bull Posture will ensure that you never do

    16. Your muscles in the lower half of the back will be strengthened so sufferers from lumbago will also find the Bull Posture of great value

    17. When you have practiced with alternate legs for a few days try the full Locust Posture which involves the raising of both legs simultaneously as in figure 21

    18. This variation of the Locust Posture is much more difficult but the added effort involved

    19. greatly enhances the benefits of this valuable posture

    20. It is the beautiful MOUNTAIN POSTURE or PARVATASANA in Sanskrit

    21. There are four variations of this posture and I will describe them in order of difficulty

    22. Although this is primarily a book for beginners to the subject I did not want to leave out this fourth variation of the Mountain Posture in case some of you might feel up to trying it

    23. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    24. This is another asana with an animal name, called MATSY-ASANA or the FISH POSTURE

    25. There are three variations of THE FISH POSTURE and I will start with the easiest for all beginners

    26. If you are still having difficulty with the Lotus Pose, and I know that many of you will take quite some time to master it as it is very difficult for the average Westerner, then perform the easiest of the variations of this posture until you can go a stage farther

    27. All you hurried business people take note! The Yoga Complete Breath while performed when the body is in the Fish Posture helps to remove the spasm from the bronchial tubes and also helps to relieve asthma

    28. As with many of the Yoga asanas, this posture has a variation for advanced students only

    29. But let us now turn this from a cookery book back into a book on HathaYoga! Here is an exercise known as HALAS ANA or the PLOUGH POSTURE

    30. And now for the PLOUGH POSTURE

    31. The first stage of the Plough Posture is pictured in figure 44, page 137

    32. When you are able to perform this Plough Posture to your liking try to increase, all the time, the overall stretch, as this position is most beneficial when carried to its extreme form, i

    33. Sit down in the Lotus Posture, or if you cannot yet do this sit down in the Easy Pose

    34. I mentioned this position of the hands earlier in connection with the Bull Posture for sciatica but sufferers from arthritis and rheumatism in the shoulders will also greatly benefit from this simple arm exercise

    35. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    36. Remember your head while you are doing the SIDESLIP POSTURE

    37. Let us now try a standing posture for the improvement of the figure

    38. Trjkonasana is not a very strenuous posture but all the same I do not advise it for women with any kind of internal disorders or for people suffering from hernia

    39. The chief function of this inverted posture in the battle against period pains lies in the reversal of the influence of gravity upon the internal organs

    40. Incidentally the Shoulderstand is especially recommended for women after childbirth after a suitable period of recuperation has elapsed, but in all cases do not prolong the posture beyond the point of absolute comfort

    41. Before I go on to your next exercise I would mention here that the CAMEL POSTURE or UTRASANA described in chapter six in connection with backache should also be practiced by women suffering from displacement of the uterus and fallopian tubes provided that the displacement is not of a serious order

    42. If you find the Camel too strenuous, try this similar but slightly easier asana which is called CHAKRASANA or the WHEEL POSTURE

    43. at first for this posture but you can gradually increase the number

    44. These movements include the Shoulderstand, the Leg-raising Pose (Udhitta Padasana), Viparita-Karani, and the Plough Posture, and we will call this series of seven movements YOGA IN SLOW MOTION

    45. From the Plough Posture return to the Shoulderstand, and

    46. So it is Yoga again to the rescue and your answer to this problem in the first instance lies in reading chapter two again and practicing the CORPSE POSTURE faithfully every day for at least ten minutes, and more if you have time

    47. Then sink slowly into the Corpse Posture, close your eyes and try to empty your mind of all thoughts but one pleasant one

    48. Corpse Posture as it has a soothing effect on the nervous system

    49. Assume the first stage of the posture which by now will be familiar to you, bat this time bend your left leg until your heel touches your right buttock

    50. And I assure you that it looks somewhat more complicated on paper than in practice so study the illustrations carefully, one stage at a time, and check your posture before a mirror

    1. The vizier averted his face to hide any subtle sign of the satisfaction he felt for having so craftily manipulated this mere man, who postured as his better, his God even

    2. craftily manipulated this mere man, who postured as his better, his God even

    3. then, as soon as he’d postured enough to be able to use his legs,

    4. Here in our land our boys are postured for violence, filled with hate; and, we pass them by only

    5. Admiral Kraug postured back in his heavily padded command chair on the expansive bridge, like an ancient king on a golden throne

    6. “There aren’t that many possibilities, are there?” postured Clayton

    7. John, processing everything that Ganz had postured, then said

    8. and postured as priest of the hated demons, using his disguise to

    9. We filled you with wine; I sang to you and postured and posed for your admiration

    1. Some of the postures have relation to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called the 'nadis', which underlie the nervous system

    2. The last of the seated postures I will describe in this chapter is as follows:

    3. The following simple exercise will help to limber up the spine and prepare it for more difficult postures

    4. You may wonder why I have waited until I reached more than half-way through this book before introducing you to this best known of all Yoga postures

    5. And once you have established the habit of doing Yoga postures first thing in the morning it should become as much a part of your routine as having your morning bath or cleaning your teeth

    6. I have said that one is as old as one’s spine and I have described all manner of Yogic postures designed to keep the spine healthy and supple, mainly involving forward and backward bending movements

    7. Then just as suddenly, habit, distraction, and old postures resume and all is as it was before

    8. ” His tone gave no comfort to Harry as he attended carefully to the postures, mannerisms and words of the men before him

    9. practice of the body science, postures which promoted extraordinary balance and flexibility

    10. Hatha yoga is the physical system of postures, breathing, cleansing practices, and other techniques

    11. Three vampires stood behind the table, the female agnate and two others I hadn’t seen before, their indolent expressions at odds with the tension their postures betrayed

    12. Their sparkling eyes and cheery postures indicated they were happy with their car and their driver so far today

    13. eyebrows as he observed the same old postures of discomfort revealed by his former overseer

    14. Men looming over her with violence mirrored in their postures, stinking of sweat and lust and alcohol, her dread magnifying their frightfulness

    15. His five followers are close by, themselves sitting in meditative postures, as starved and bedraggled as he

    16. Perfecting the postures in hatha yoga has two objectives:

    17. You can do postures when the body feels stiff, tense,

    18. When you are at the dinner table or at a service, you can follow the socially expected postures for prayer

    19. Postures associated with negative feelings will trigger negative feelings

    20. body in postures of apology at Church in the years since, and Church had let it go, the

    21. ―There is one method of Yoga in which neither postures nor techniques of concentration and meditation are involved

    22. The scolding was silent, for the boy didn’t speak but simply adopted body postures that suggested he was a bit authoritarian in his manner

    23. Westerners think primarily of sitting still or, worse yet, configuring the physical body into the shape of a pretzel, as the proper postures for meditation

    24. Francis did several yogic asanas, postures that included the Tree, the Dancer, the Camel, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, the Sun Salutation, and the Moon Salutation

    25. Especially let him do nothing in the way of changing times and modes of worship, nothing in the matter of new ceremonials, new decorations, new gestures, new postures, without first taking counsel with his lay-people

    26. Most lay Churchmen can only see that the service in some churches is more ornamental and musical than in others, and that in some there is more importance attached to the Lord's Table, and to flowers, decorations, gestures, dress, and postures, than in others

    27. Maybe the saving grace was the insertions for wife-swapping that seemed genuine for they were all about give and take; but then, wasn’t he rendered a hors de combat for he lacked the means for a quid pro quo? What about Vimala, he thought as he recalled that evening when he was led into a lounge of a mansion where he found a score of whores in awkward postures, and as he turned his back on the gaudy dames in disgust, one lissome lass in a Turkish towel walked in

    28. of a man, never on the postures of his

    29. performances and postures might have medicinal use when one is afflicted with ailments but

    30. A few sit still in lotus meditation postures

    31. Relaxed in all postures, especially those reclining on one side, the stone and clay figures indicate a lifestyle devoid of internal stress

    32. Norah could see it in their postures, read it in their faces

    33. When you sell, you can use postures, facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, and your physical appearance to close the sale successfully

    34. and age alike into the cliche postures that apathy poses in the

    35. Their hunched postures allowed for only a narrow gap and the man held his position, forcing Tanya to turn sideways to pass through, her crotch all but brushing his nose as she tried to make her way out

    36. You can do postures when the body feels stiff, tense, tired

    37. in the vajra and lotus postures

    38. At the same time that she moved thoughtlessly, she was doubly conscious of her postures

    39. Clearly the respective groups were taking fighting postures

    40. He walked in the office premises silently in thoughtful postures

    41. Some of the nudes were conventional, others in very strange postures focusing on the genitals both with Panos and Ceres

    42. It has a highly developed ritual which consists largely of sexo-yogic postures

    43. The sexo-yogic postures so widely displayed on the sculpted ornaments on the facades and the interiors of temples are considered part of the tantric practices

    44. destined to reach the supreme energy and felicity by means of a union with a partner and this is, perhaps, why the postures are so unconventional

    45. While she holds her legs obscenely apart as wide as possible for long periods of time… striving to show no pain or inconvenience… as she postures her perfect limbs in total silence… as she is visually raped by all the old senile men in the audience

    46. They notice the changing postures of the bride and groom

    47. Asanas are static postures with diff erent degrees of complexity that

    48. to start learning Bhujangasana and other basic postures with the help of

    49. In the yoga complex these asanas should be done after the postures of

    50. A complex is built with groups of three postures in each group

    1. Through the jokes and the crude religious posturing, he almost seemed to want me to escape, or at least to try

    2. For all his posturing, he seems genuinely upset about this

    3. I like the dragon way better; you see-you like-you mate! There is not all this posturing

    4. There was no shortage of interest in the bar and Tom found himself at the centre of a veritable storm of hormonal posturing and pouting

    5. There were no fights, no disagreements, nor was there any petulant posturing, but nonetheless, during their long dawn conversations they became aware of a doubt nagging away at them beneath their true, true love

    6. Tarak came forward and gripped the man in a bear hug and both greeted each other with a lot of back slapping and posturing

    7. veritable storm of hormonal posturing and pouting

    8. Catfights and posturing

    9. NATO is unsuited for rogue nations lest it (too) devolves into a meaningless and (utterly) ineffective organization similar to the United Nations, for example, that has transformed itself over the years into an assembly characterized by corruption and (political) intrigue, parochialism, (national) self-interest, political posturing, factionalism and unstable alliances with openly hostile, refractory nations opposed to Freedom

    10. What kind of a message does such inquisitional posturing convey to people of Faith that they need not apply?

    11. Such posturing falsely portrays her as a victim, which she clearly is not

    12. Wood‘s enormous talents have ―suffered‖ a recent set back, his ―denial‖ is merely defensive posturing common among many successful athletes whose skills have diminished and are no longer able to perform on a level many have grown accustomed or who simply find themselves in the throes of a protracted slump

    13. The only real opposition was ideological political posturing

    14. And there were plenty of “teachers” who tried to lead the “flock” astray, with their posturing and pretentions

    15. I found their lascivious posturing repulsive and their red-stained teeth nauseating

    16. Still posturing in the same regal manner for the benefit of those who felt the need to be led by something more than dire circumstance, he again strutted his stuff

    17. “What a posturing, poor excuse for a real officer he is,” he grumbled softly as he focused his continuing scowl in their direction

    18. Still posturing in the same regal manner for the benefit of

    19. “What a posturing, poor excuse for a real officer he is,” he grumbled softly as he focused his

    20. It was not at the agonized contortions and posturing of the wretched boy that he was shocked, but at the cosmic obscenity of these beings which could drag to light the abysmal secrets that sleep in the unfathomed darkness of the human soul, and find pleasure in the brazen flaunting of such things as should not be hinted at, even in restless nightmares

    21. feathers, screeching and posturing are more common actions in disputes

    22. The impression gained from the earlier part of this period is of a posturing figure whose sense of Poland's importance in the Allied cause was out of all proportion to her worth as an ally, though his demands to be treated as an equal partner in the struggle against Germany could be seen as justifiable attempts directed at maintaining Polish dignity

    23. old-fashioned ideological posturing doesn’t help us in the slightest

    24. “You must impress on Picard that any posturing will be considered taunting by the

    25. Posturing had begun

    26. and all that exaggerated posturing, and then I hear Mimi

    27. puffed up, preening, posing, posturing hacks, individuals whose most profound realization was that

    28. If the Jewish posturing against Muhammad as an imposter earned them his wrath, his hostility towards idolatry unwittingly put his believers at odds with the Hindus in later centuries

    29. The frugal lifestyle he adopted at the height of his fame and fortune could be owing to his personal proclivity or the public posturing, and/or both

    30. Trager was still absolutely sure that the Kierdan fleet was just posturing, and was sure that they would turn back once they saw that the Cluster wouldn�t abandon the refugees

    31. ” I'munity pondered the Glutton's Glazed Gaze that Nathan Gaba, Drogon's CEO, was perfectly posturing in his remembrance of the

    32. Several of the casino’s patrons were already posturing to sue

    33. about enough of the congressman’s posturing

    34. Johnny managed to tear his eyes away from Bests gun posturing, to the still talking Priest

    35. Posturing defensively in a trice, he barely riposted the headlong charge of multiple attackers

    36. Calm with a masterful posturing

    37. With everything the Jewish people have endured over the course of their history, I don’t imagine those actually in touch with their heritage and simply not as cover to hide their liberal posturing will be too phased by cookies, punch, and verbalized good tidings of great joy

    38. They love the fake posturing

    39. The more obviously fake it is, the more ludicrous and grotesque the entire soap-opera posturing is; the more they love it

    40. Non-military cultures look at this and can’t understand how this posturing fake in a military uniform that didn’t even fit him ever became popular

    41. Since the Austrian Empire in order to invade Serbia had only ordered a limited mobilization; as a purely political form of posturing that imbecile Tsar Nicholas also wanted to order a ‘limited’ mobilization to show that he was on the side of Serbia only as a token show of force… not to be taken seriously

    42. The pretence, the posturing, the manufactured public image and the real thing behind that image, the two-faced shrewdness, the two-faced lying of these stupid jackasses can be seen in Wilhelm’s reaction to hearing the Austrian Ultimatum to Serbia writing as a side note in his diary: “It’s now or never”

    43. But then again… ALL of the intrigue going on behind closed doors, all the posturing of politicians, all the politically correct shit blared by the mass media is a cover-up of the hidden hands of the undead who manipulate humans souls as if they are puppets on a string

    44. But after I had had my new suit on some half an hour, and had gone through an immensity of posturing with Mr

    45. He was not posturing, just determined, but he gave her the impression he would do anything to get his way

    46. Justine read his posturing as meaning that he was the victim here, and he wasn’t going to accept this

    47. Strayhorn might have been posturing when it promised an appeal, but Donovan said the company really wanted to settle

    48. The third call was to Lee Chatham, a lawyer who never stayed in his office but was always hanging around the courthouse, posturing as if he had important business there and trafficking in gossip, most of which he created

    49. For all her posturing, I could see the child in Lily

    50. No, I suddenly found myself on the curtain, an actor, posturing and making futile gestures

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