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  1. It knew its progeny were dying.
  2. We are Kila, of the progeny of Gorn.
  3. If by his progeny the fame of Greece.
  4. And this same progeny of evils comes.
  5. Palaces on lakes; the progeny of blue blood.

  6. I think our leader would be very pleased with my progeny.
  7. Mary Alice Hawes was the last surviving progeny of Captain.
  8. Sir Roger and thought that his progeny would not be questioned.
  9. Some statutes give great weight to the interests of the progeny.
  10. And he made it an enduring word in his progeny, so that they may return.
  11. These huge animals have become wholly extinct, and have left no progeny.
  12. The father is supremely interested in the progressive welfare of his progeny.
  13. It is unusual that the progeny of great men and women also go on to be great.
  14. The elder paused in his tale, and his progeny eagerly leaned in to hear the rest.
  15. No one was left to teach their progeny anything about what had been rebelled against.

  16. God the father in terms of knowledge and power, but the son in terms of progeny, hence love.
  17. It has only manifested itself in prostitution, and in private cases of crime destroying progeny.
  18. Ali the son-in-law, and his progeny al Hassan and al Husain the grandsons of Mohammed, had lost.
  19. For many this was the norm after visiting the castle… except for King Charles and his progeny.
  20. They thought that perhaps one day a progeny would evolve with the power to stand before the Plague.
  21. In a few years there might be thousands of his progeny spreading out from this original hearthstone.
  22. Dost envy Darby Dullman there with his Joan? A canting jay and a rheumeyed curdog is all their progeny.
  23. It grew and fattened on hatred of its parents; it is the progeny of their lies and spiritual feebleness.
  24. The sterility of first crosses and of their hybrid progeny has not been acquired through natural selection.
  25. She had learned the Elders had invested heavily in this land, filling it with a vast amount of their progeny.

  26. Everything they tried and did, not only failed abysmally: but guaranteed the extinction of their own progeny.
  27. They are the progeny of those of my kind that fell from grace and worked evil with the creations of my Master.
  28. They further held that the office of successorship…should be hereditary, limited to the progeny of Mohammed.
  29. And they will than lose their unseen grip over their own progeny; and become unable to stop changes which they hate.
  30. Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny.
  31. But, in the bargain, the progeny of Ishmael would have retained the magical name of Islam for their worship of Hubal.
  32. If you think about that for a moment, it could lead to the determination of the existence of progeny of Christ, if any.
  33. No where does it say your progeny are entitled to Lionel Trains, Tonka Trunks, or Nintendo Sets under the Christmas tree.
  34. Oh, no; oh, no! Not to theology alone, I assure you! Why, Socialism is the progeny of Romanism and of the Romanistic spirit.
  35. Oh, what an eternal shame and won’t the Hindus of the day, and those who would follow, owe an apology to the progeny of those.
  36. The thirty-two that we shall use to-night are its progeny; they are all entirely black, with the exception of a star upon the forehead.
  37. The most vigorous males, or those which have most successfully struggled with their conditions of life, will generally leave most progeny.
  38. He saw a land filled with his progeny, he saw a land of milk and honey, yes, but beyond that he saw a celestial city built by God Himself.
  39. You may know, Jean Paul Satre feels that but for a few, men are mere fools, and it’s not hard to imagine how such shape up their progeny.
  40. After all, Ishmael could have had the last laugh as his progeny planted Islam in the rich and fertile climates that were unjustly denied to him.
  41. He was naturally a very nervous, shuddering sort of little fellow, this bread-faced steward; the progeny of a bankrupt baker and a hospital nurse.
  42. This thought greatly distressed her, and burying her face in her hands she seated herself on the bed, where several of her progeny were fast asleep.
  43. For someone who opposed the hunts, and opposed mating with outside women, it is quite ironic to find that you dabbled once and left a progeny behind.
  44. Is there anything else I feel towards that overgrown halibut? Its progeny have sustained me and the rest of this planet for cod knows how long, after all.
  45. But the Gods have arranged a sterner Punishment for me; the Wrongs I have done have already begot their own Progeny, and I am curst fore’er-more, I fear.
  46. So anybody who had children before we did: becomes a sacred ancestor who can give all of his future progeny for 3,000 years sacred rights for eternity?’.
  47. And as the world knows, it was Muhammad who founded Islam, some six hundred years after Jesus, the peach Isaac’s progeny that ushered in the Christianity.
  48. For we have reason to believe that only a few species of a genus ever undergo change; the other species becoming utterly extinct and leaving no modified progeny.
  49. Loyalty to House, North and South, would be eroded by parents cheering on their progeny in Greek, Afrikaans, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, German, Flemish or French.
  50. It was the conservative culture of the late sixties, which burdened both families and progeny, male and female, with this agonizing need to settle their children.
  51. So, ironically, Islam, which attracted many outcastes of yore with its egalitarian tenets, should tend to reduce their progeny into incorrigible obscurants of our times.
  52. In time, this would have removed the plunamic need to feed upon what was self-procreated, and thus the progeny would have been left to grow up and in turn further the flock.
  53. Griffith, for ’twas not the Custom of that Time, nor is it now, for Mothers of Noble Birth to nurse their own Progeny, suckling being consider’d a low and bestial Pursuit….
  54. It is a symbol that reptile-birds see as a sign of health for their progeny: The more powerfully developed the male bird’s breast is: the more female birds are attracted to the shape.
  55. They want prophecy to be in them and never leaves them to the progeny of Ismail, they even know the year when he traveled to Syria and waited for him by the roads they expect him to follow.
  56. In American law schools critical theory and its progeny, feminist jurisprudence, reject the very concepts of reason and logic upon which America and the whole of Western society are founded.
  57. But as the general economic condition of the Hindustan further deteriorated in time, being the poorest of the polity, the plight of the progeny of the Musalmans would have only got worsened.
  58. After a moment, this elderly woman offers a hi as a greeting then looks the apparently blond late 20-something in jeans and a T-shirt and her eight-year-old hooded progeny up and down.
  59. The people developing the budget of the current administration dont have a clue, with the exception of burdening our progeny until the whatever generation, in order to pay the debts of the current one.
  60. However, before Muhammad came up with the Quran, the progeny of Isaac, having been driven out from their Promised Land, lived in peace and prosperity amidst the posterity of Ishmael by the oases of Arabia.
  61. But as a general rule, the more diversified in structure the descendants from any one species can be rendered, the more places they will be enabled to seize on, and the more their modified progeny will increase.
  62. Habit no doubt often comes into play in modifying instincts; but it certainly is not indispensable, as we see in the case of neuter insects, which leave no progeny to inherit the effects of long-continued habit.
  63. The clientele of the Agami Palace were the young, well-off, suntanned progeny of the more sophisticated and educated classes of Egyptian society and were, even then, straining at the leash of societys conventions.
  64. But with the working ant we have an insect differing greatly from its parents, yet absolutely sterile; so that it could never have transmitted successively acquired modifications of structure or instinct to its progeny.
  65. And making matters worse, it was only time before the Wahabi zealots forced the progeny of the Sufis’ soft converts to shed their loose Hindu habits, and adopt the strict Mohammedan customs, which were cumbersome to the core.
  66. Thus we find an abbot who makes disposal for his heirs—a counterpart to those references to the legitimate progeny of churchmen, which frequently puzzle the antiquary in his researches through early Scottish ecclesiastical history.
  67. What is more, as the Muslim Holy land had become the breeding ground of the Islamic terrorism, to make it right for the umma, the musalmans should ensure that the Haj of their progeny is put on hold till they are on the wrong side of their forties.
  68. Therefore, with the help of science (science is always helpful to everything wicked) within my memory it has come to pass that among the wealthy classes, scores of means of destroying progeny have appeared, and these means become a common attribute of the toilet.
  69. The genius owes something to both his ancestors and his progeny; likewise is he under obligation to the race, nation, and circumstances of his inventive discoveries; he should also remember that it was as man among men that he labored and wrought out his inventions.
  70. Thus, the double jeopardy of the Islamic religious rigidity and the Hindu caste prejudice would have insensibly pushed those hapless converts into the ‘circle of hazard’ for life, and, what is worse, tied their progeny to an alien lifestyle for all times to come.
  71. The facts given on the sterility of the illegitimate unions of dimorphic and trimorphic plants and of their illegitimate progeny, perhaps render it probable that some unknown bond in all cases connects the degree of fertility of first unions with that of their offspring.
  72. But, regardless of every consequence, we went into war with England as an inconsiderate couple go into matrimony, without considering whether they have the means of sustaining their own existence, much less that of any unfortunate progeny that should happen to be born of them.
  73. The only questions are how soon will it be dead, and what progeny, if any, will it leave behind? The excuse the Court offers to keep the Constitution living is to claim it is applying such tests as evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.
  74. And compounding their misery is their penchant to rear more children than their means would will, and that either forces them to reduce their progeny into child labor or consign them to the madrasa education, which only cultivates the fundamentalist mindset that is inimical to their economic wellbeing.
  75. We may, however, infer as probable from the consideration of dimorphic and trimorphic plants, that the sterility of distinct species when crossed and of their hybrid progeny, depends exclusively on the nature of their sexual elements, and not on any difference in their structure or general constitution.
  76. And of the species now living very few will transmit progeny of any kind to a far distant futurity; for the manner in which all organic beings are grouped, shows that the greater number of species in each genus, and all the species in many genera, have left no descendants, but have become utterly extinct.
  77. So they sided with Muhammad’s progeny and began to swear by Ali, of course, besides Muhammad for after all it is the essence of being a Musalman, and thus the unitary path of Islam that Allah envisaged for the believers came to be forked into the Sunni right and the Shia left with a Quran to boot in Persian.
  78. Then… these undead shits shift the blame from themselves onto Cain and blamed the death of Abel which they orchestrated and used this as an excuse to hound and persecute not only Cain, but all of this progeny, all of his offspring till the end of Time: for the sins which they are actually guilty of committing.
  79. The brewing industry was viewed by many as poised for relatively rapid growth, because the progeny of the post–World War II baby boom were reaching beer-drinking age and because higher profit package sales, especially cans, were taking over from draft beer, which was generally a brewer’s lowest-profit margin product.
  80. The prototype before him had cost an enormous amount in terms of skilled labor and resources at a time when both were in critically short supply, but as with so many of the Delthak Works’ other projects, the men (and women) responsible for designing it had kept their eye firmly on how to produce its progeny as efficiently as possible.
  81. So once their own progeny, the fruit of their own loins, entered the realm of the undead… they would never become intelligent enough to kill their ancestors: who had killed them, and poisoned their entire lives and corrupted them and made them a party to all of their evil ways and made them share in their collusions of mass insanity and sin and evil.
  82. But why, seconds later, was she following at a discreet distance? The turnstile wouldn’t let her through without paying, so she stayed there on one side of the bars, watching her progeny wait on the platform, flanked by older kids canoodling in hormonal fury and by West Indian women in nurse’s shoes and by people on benches who already seemed drunk.
  83. So this ‘god cursed Cain and turned him into a wanderer on the earth and declared that whoever met him should kill him and all which he grew would be the blood of his brother coming up from the ground to doom him and all of his progeny forever…and that whoever slew his Cain or his children would be cursed sevenfold which is crazy because these dead shitholes sanctioned.
  84. That is no longer being done to them: the undead fucking apes who were killed and burned to death by African volcanoes are not being attacked by the volcanoes of the earth anymore… it’s time these undead pieces of shit: these hole-hiders these scum living and hiding inside holes stopped re-living their fucking unexperienced lives and die out and stop killing and burning their own progeny their own sons and daughters.
  85. Does Chuck Colson therefore care to make a claim as to why children of law-abiding parents are less worthy of Christmas cheer than those with mommy or daddy in the state pen where they belong? Taken to its logical conclusion, maybe economically challenged parents ought to consider going out and committing a crime so their progeny might have a shot at a descent Christmas, or at least the possibility to avoid strafing by these hit-and-run direct mail artists.
  86. Would fifty congregational prayers in a twenty-four hour cycle leave any time ‘here’ for a Musalman to sire his progeny to carry the faith forward! Even if he were to scrape through on the procreative front, where was the time left for him for some gainful occupation needed for tending his family! Maybe, Muhammad missed the point as, any way, he was providing for the Musalmans with all that loot and ransom that the Quran ordained him to share with them.
  87. As a graying sixties generation quickly approaches middle age, sustained by a wistful desire for the ―good old days‖ that typified its youthful idealism, many can‘t help reflecting on those formative years without forlorn regret over a progeny whose slackening awareness and indifference to social ―causes‖ and other immediate issues that continue to trouble our society has given way to self-gratifying designs, like amassing ―huge‖ fortunes, for example.
  88. Although I am not principally opposed to inter-planetary travel, it would seem that given the number of pressing social and economic issues demanding our immediate attention right here at home, financial resources otherwise allocated to NASA would be put to better use by attending to the requirements of a planet that our progeny will continue calling home for centuries to come rather than exploring (uninhabitable) regions for no apparent reason other than satisfying quixotical designs.
  89. For, not to hint of this: that it is an inference from certain canonic teachings, that while some natural enjoyments here shall have no children born to them for the other world, but, on the contrary, shall be followed by the joy-childlessness of all hell's despair; whereas, some guilty mortal miseries shall still fertilely beget to themselves an eternally progressive progeny of griefs beyond the grave; not at all to hint of this, there still seems an inequality in the deeper analysis of the thing.
  90. While your next door neighbor may genuinely care for Callie the cat and all of her progeny into perpetuity, what happens when the kitty litter budget runs out? If you leave Fergus the dog to your cousin Harold, along with $10,000 to provide Fergus with the best of everything, what’s to guarantee that Harold won’t buy himself the best of everything and let Fergus eat cheap kibbles? What if there is simply nobody to leave Callie or Fergus to because you have no children and don’t trust the neighbors?
  91. It must not be forgotten that, on our theory, all the species of the same genus are the descendants of some one species; so that, if six genera, each having eight species, be found in one geological formation, and in a succeeding formation there be six other allied or representative genera, each with the same number of species, then we may conclude that generally only one species of each of the older genera has left modified descendants, which constitute the new genera containing the several species; the other seven species of each old genus having died out and left no progeny.
  92. But would their standard of evolution thus erected on the land of religion stand up to logic? After all, the three millennia or more of anthropological data that modern man is in possession fails to indicate an iota of variation in the existing species not to speak of the evolution of the new! That being the case, could it be then the world came into being on its own, as it were! Well if it were so, the question that arises is, wouldn’t have the first men made their progeny privy to that story? But that didn’t happen either, as we don’t even have hearsay to go by about our origins.
  93. With all their progeny were there,.
  94. And all the monstrous progeny of hell,.

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