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    1. indoors watching an educational nature program on the TV

    2. autoresponder, one ad tracker, one pop up box, and a really cheap associate program

    3. The real story is that it is most likely very difficult to program the autoresponders or whatever item they are trying to talk you out of

    4. customer to buy an ebook or computer program and have it

    5. The recirculation of dead matter into life is a part of nature’s program of soil rejuvenation

    6. So who was left to send starships? The Chinese space program fell apart after losing so many sleeperships on the Centorin run

    7. Cheron space is capable of much more interesting arrangements than the standard user interfaces can program

    8. Why not use the NatSurv? Ever since the war began, the national surveillance program had become quite extensive

    9. Moreover, she is always trying to sabotage me in various stupid ways: She steals my back up floppy discs and accuses me of losing them, yet I see them as soon as she opens her drawer; she refuses to show me some useful things on the computer; she gives me to type the wrong texts and then she says I am the one who doesn't work right; she drops hints I am illiterate and I don't know the computer program, and so on

    10. We will spill our holy seed on this land, raise a caste of warriors, and still they will bend to the will of the Kassikan, and not our God, because of airborne viruses that program their behavior

    1. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    2. The current monitoring logs of all the logic all his programs ran in had to be edited, then he had to edit out the current traces that process took manually, before he could close

    3. He was a little queasy about these computer programs claiming to be people for they had not existed outside Asia till he arrived at 61 Cygni, even though they were of Earth

    4. The programs I teach at DeLight University is all about co-‐

    5. South Africa could develop better relationships with its neighbors by training them with know how to build missile programs to enhance security from forces outside of Africa

    6. He and several programs studied those pictures and were sure they weren't him

    7. Still he set the scope to scanning it and the programs to running on it

    8. that may, previously, have appeared in news programs)

    9. date through the online dating services website programs and these include creating an honest

    10. The information I presented was researched from many of the HUD online training programs

    1. suggestive, conscious and programmed process until then

    2. That was a very un-cherub-like thing to ask, this had to be deliberately programmed into it

    3. The problem with mind control, she had immediately realized, is the problem of 'who controls the controller?' It was one of those dilemmas of recursions, like 'who created God'? If a device was capable of mind control, it had to be programmed, so the programmer could control it

    4. Bahkmar feared the software in the houris was programmed to respond with even more enthusiasm when handled this way

    5. I programmed in a change of interest about a year and a half from now

    6. Her avatar had been programmed to think she had an Avatar on Biology Base reporting to the real Ava with the expedition

    7. He had gotten a little carried away with it when he programmed up those witches

    8. " She was posing in ways that accented her already exaggerated figure and pumping out enough pheromones to set off the warning he had programmed into his med panel

    9. It was completely programmed to go thru an orderly shut down and back-up

    10. If you have a dog at home and you spend some time watching you will notice that much of his day to day activity is a result of these ―Conditioned Responses‖ whether programmed into him purposely or not

    1. "It is because my programming is so advanced that I am able to become intoxicated and thus expound wisely on any subject

    2. He found it funny, but she knew that was programming Ava had put in also

    3. They were the programming model to a veron in the substrate in which they lived

    4. wire in the soul, programming, just the way it is,

    5. All the fabricator programming for his instrumentation was in that package

    6. Those souls were gone now, but the programming one of them did to these scene generators remained

    7. That should hold its programming in a loop for some time

    8. He switched the hardware programming on three banks from veron to cheron to even that out

    9. "Reggie'll need good slew coordinates," he answered, "who's programming those?"

    10. “The hardware connection to the programming source is isolated,” Ava said

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    Synonyms for "program"

    program programme plan platform political platform political program computer program computer programme broadcast course of study curriculum syllabus book slate poll draft agenda bulletin calendar card timetable

    "program" definitions

    a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished

    a system of projects or services intended to meet a public need

    a radio or television show

    a document stating the aims and principles of a political party

    an announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical or sporting event

    an integrated course of academic studies

    (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute

    a performance (or series of performances) at a public presentation

    arrange a program of or for

    write a computer program