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Proportional in a sentence

The running time is proportional to the sum.
Proportional View of the Ornithichnites, 307.
The magnitude of change is proportional to the.
So, He drives to every human what is proportional to his deed.
This gain (DR) is proportional to half the new asset’s variance.
Excitement proportional to the planning was starting to mount in me.
The top 10% of the population would be paying proportional to their.

Without the optimization of proportional debt to equity, a higher ROE.
Salvation is a state of mind to live further proportional to the force of good.
The second proposition, proposition II, proves that increasing the proportional.
Your returns will be directly proportional to the quality of the companies you buy.
Moreover, the vega of an at-the-money option is proportional to its exercise price.
The power is directly proportional to the length, head size, balance (centre of 27.
R, we create a proportional indicator that establishes the ratio of the amount of.
We also know from Chapter 6 that volatility is proportional to the square root of time.
We will look at the proportional value that growth adds to the EPV, which we express as.
The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action.
The theta of an at-the-money option must therefore be proportional to the square root of time.
The criterion value will be calculated for the proportional long strangle option strategy.
Well-trending markets tend to be controlled, with more or less proportional actions and reactions.
It’ s a perfectly good system, as long as the foundations are proportional to the building above.
The high-pass filter has a rejection slope that increases attenuation directly proportional to F 0.
The current produced by this electrolysis can be measured at the electrode and is proportional to.
Climactic conditions can be defined only by their proportional relationship to recent market history.
Povon cast a Movement on each of them, roughly proportional to their weight, and stuck them to the floor.
We also know that the theoretical value of an at-the-forward option is proportional to its exercise price.
The intensity of systemic crisis is directly proportional to the number and type of superheroes in the culture.
This yearning gives the good deeds proportional values according to the spirit’s sacrifice, patience and strife.
This evidence is consistent with a volatility risk premium that is proportional to the level of asset volatility.
With the radiation intensity inversely proportional to the 2nd power of distance, the thing is obviously spherical.
Atoms have the same relative proportional space between them in sub-molecular space as stars do in inter-galactic space.
This algorithm requires less operations (It is proportional to N log(N), where N is the number of elements in the ordering.
This suggests the relation between rate of change in VIX should be proportional to the rate of return on the S&P 500 index.
Clemmons arched its back in response to the massage, its back rising proportional to the amount of force put into the petting.
If a person thinks of it, they will find that every organ has been put in a suitable place and is proportional in its dimensions.
The quantities of these combinations are approximately inversely proportional to the prices of the corresponding underlying stocks.
Although the theta and vega of at-the-money options are proportional to their exercise prices, the gamma is inversely proportional.
If the shot had 1/3 the energy, it had 58% the speed as energy is proportional to the velocity squared, so the speed would have been.
Even to this day: the Christian cross has the exact same proportional length and breadth: as a sword did in the time of Cyrus the Great.
The opposite scenario requires that combinations with high indicator values get less capital than under proportional capital allocation.

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