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  1. I was even a boxer.
  2. Even with all of Mr.
  3. Even if you have a.
  4. I even saw some cars.
  5. They have even a TV.

  6. She even of ered to.
  7. Even the moon is dark.
  8. I was even glad that.
  9. Even the legs of the.
  10. Again, I even heard Dr.
  11. Even if you, in this.
  12. They even gave you a.
  13. Even if he’s a dick.
  14. Even though a lack of.
  15. Glen even agreed to it.

  16. Even I don't know that.
  17. He even gave up his Ph.
  18. Even he could see that.
  19. Not even mail by mouth.
  20. Even great Zeus had to.
  21. Omi, even though I had.
  22. A few could even do that.
  23. I couldn't even see him.
  24. A few even had sidearms.
  25. He never even hurt a fly.

  26. His eyes were even slier.
  27. Even from the stands it.
  28. We even have a physical.
  29. I can't even say that I.
  30. Even Alec has his limits.
  31. But you can't even do that.
  32. He even managed a couple.
  33. Even in the square there.
  34. Sky, not even the hissing.
  35. But, even in such a time.
  36. Even someone as dumb as Mr.
  37. But I never even took it.
  38. I can’t even imagine it.
  39. Even the angels stand in.
  40. It has a chandelier, even.
  41. He didn’t even have to.
  42. The witch laughs even more.
  43. Even the birds were silent.
  44. Maybe Lenin even thought it.
  45. And I can't even afford a.
  46. Yea, even in family crises.
  47. Never even knew his father.
  48. Even so, there were a few.
  49. I even wrote protest songs.
  50. Even hate it does not know.
  51. Jesus even calls it murder.
  52. Even so, a key part of the.
  53. She even had the luxury of.
  54. It even had all four wheels.
  55. He even called himself Pick.
  56. He even managed to add his.
  57. Even the youth shall faint.
  58. He didn't even look her way.
  59. Me, I just want to get even.
  60. Grouse had even left by then.
  61. Even in the cold nights of.
  62. Wel , that's an even bigger.
  63. There was even a collection.
  64. We couldn’t even get close.
  65. It smelled even better when.
  66. When you aren't even gifted?
  67. I can't even remember it now.
  68. Why did he accept even that.
  69. Even the record label was a.
  70. No, in fact not even close.
  71. And even though he had been.
  72. Which made Zeus even angrier.
  73. He even turned away from her.
  74. Her moans are even, too even.
  75. They had power to heal even.
  76. You even remember your first.
  77. Oh no, I’m not even close.
  78. And it makes me even prouder.
  79. She even sued him because he.
  80. I doubt he even knows my name.
  81. Even if she was working for I.
  82. Even so, it was clear to Tom.
  83. So far he hadn't even got an.
  84. Ronnie's stoop was even more.
  85. I can’t even see the ladder.
  86. There was even a secret trap.
  87. Even after a couple hours of.
  88. Even so, around the concrete.
  89. It was not even a full month.
  90. He didn’t even know how he.
  91. These haven't even been used.
  92. He didn't even include Elmore.
  93. That seems even more unlikely.
  94. He even had a slight Southern.
  95. She even writes her own poetry.
  96. I don’t even argue with him.
  97. Oh, yes, it could even be worse.
  98. Even the king admitted to that.
  99. Against him even the gods fall.
  100. Couldn’t even see the rivers.
  1. This evening at 7 p.
  2. It was a July evening.
  3. It was a good evening.
  4. Last evening at ten P.
  5. It was quite an evening.
  6. It was a lovely evening.
  7. On the evening after Mrs.
  8. I was told the evening.
  9. Have a nice evening, Mr.
  11. It was evening when the.
  12. And the evening and the.
  13. Finaly the evening set in.
  14. At dinner that evening, Mr.
  15. Then for the long evening.
  16. In the evening he changes.
  17. Then, that evening, in a.
  18. Spray in evening on roses.
  19. I wish you a good evening.
  20. Henri was told that evening.
  21. I’ll be home this evening.
  22. After evening bath it was.
  23. Thanks for the evening, Mr.
  24. It is 7:00 Saturday evening.
  25. By the end of the evening.
  26. It was a very good evening.
  27. It would be an evening of.
  28. Beth was called that evening.
  29. It was a warm Autumn evening.
  30. The evening hours of spring.
  31. By evening she was exhausted.
  32. Simone met her this evening.
  33. We were exhausted by evening.
  34. The evening began well enough.
  35. In the evening, it�s long;.
  36. We spent a most bland evening.
  37. I hope you enjoy the evening.
  38. The Magpie Evening: A Prayer.
  39. The evening curfew had begun.
  40. When evening came they were.
  41. This was Friday evening at 4.
  42. I attended her evening meals.
  43. Have a good evening, Senator.
  44. The evening progressed with S.
  45. We spent a constrained evening.
  46. I only arrived this evening.
  47. They were out for the evening.
  48. It was almost 6 in the evening.
  50. That was the evening finished.
  51. I’ll call her in the evening.
  52. In the early evening I went out.
  53. The darkest evening of the year.
  54. Just then the evening bell rang.
  55. Good evening to all of you.
  56. Meredith was here this evening.
  57. That is enough for this evening.
  58. I will study them this evening.
  59. Alves had left for the evening.
  60. The rest of the evening flew by.
  61. That’s at six in the evening.
  62. Thank you, and good evening.
  64. At evening he will divide the.
  65. One evening when I was on one.
  66. This has been quite an evening.
  67. It would be evening he thought.
  68. We should be there this evening.
  69. It had been a successful evening.
  70. It gets that way in the evening.
  71. That evening I gave it a great.
  72. While he foresaw an evening of.
  73. You have an interesting evening.
  74. An early evening chill crept in.
  75. His wife called me this evening.
  76. One evening, two of us finally.
  77. It is a very special evening.
  78. That evening I took a warm shower.
  79. As the evening went on we would.
  80. Gazette until late in the evening.
  81. Govind's bedsheets in the evening.
  82. By this stage of the evening he.
  83. One evening I heard them talking.
  84. The evening went on to become a.
  85. Eleven twenty in the evening sir.
  86. I woke again in the early evening.
  87. The evening sky is partly cloudy.
  88. Thanks for the lovely evening.
  89. That evening Brian lay on his bed.
  90. They spoke throughout the evening.
  92. Late in the evening Lindy and I.
  93. We should be in by this evening.
  94. The evening was most entertaining.
  95. Good evening Brothers and Sisters.
  96. And this evening was no exception.
  97. They talked long into the evening.
  98. It was a soft early summer evening.
  99. I have a plan for this evening.
  100. I have been reading all evening.
  1. It all evened out in a weird sort of way.
  2. JD, Murphy said after his breath had evened out.
  3. Edward's voice had now evened out into a wobbly tenor.
  4. He wasn’t very good at using it, but at least it evened the odds a bit.
  5. It evened out the odds; it was hard to kill an opponent you couldn’t touch.
  6. The tunnel evened out into an evenly graded downhill slope that was easy to manage.
  7. The diesel cats raced to take up the pressure and, within seconds, evened off the flow.
  8. Using rockets and artillery, the Russians evened the scores for Leningrad and Stalingrad.
  9. He stood up after she did, his hand on her upper back, steadying Kiera as her equilibrium evened out.
  10. The rest of Rupert's money was evened out with the other members of the family but none of them got half as much as Lea.
  11. Well, things evened out real fast—all of a sudden I seemed to have every stinkin’ bad guy in the city running across my scope.
  12. After a moment the chair’s erratic movements evened out and became more gradual and I heard a slightly awed whisper, This is bloody amazing!.
  13. Once back above ground, I searched for a stream, not finding one until I descended to the base of the hill where a slope evened out to a sparsely grassed plain.
  14. The splintered ends of the shafts had also been evened by chopping with a stone and then rubbing long and hard against a big flat rock in the side of the river bank.
  15. The difference in training and the sophistication of armament should have evened the playing field, but Rachel was not willing to accept any casualties among her forces.
  16. Indulge virtuous in their work / With no relevance to outlook; With no illusion but diligence / Carries renunciant his duties / Agreeable or otherwise too; Needs one work to sustain life / Relinquients avoid, overloads all; Virtuous ever in self-control / Steady they wavering mind of theirs; What fail sprint ’n serve long run / Virtuous know keep woes at bay; Taking well and ill at ease / Senses honed ’n ego evened / Detached virtuous ever engage; Deal virtuous in measures equal / Weigh they fine all deeds their fair.
  1. About evens the ledger.
  2. It evens out the wrinkles.
  3. After an hour he ended up about evens.
  5. Putting them together evens out the peaks and valleys into a steady upward trend.
  6. Eventually, all this probably evens out but I think by this time the food business owes me.
  7. Eventually, her breathing evens out, although her eyebrows are still furrowed together and a little frown is painted across her lips.
  8. We were all equally gauche, it was our first experience of roulette – illegal in England, and so we simply bet noisily and excitedly on odds and evens or red and black, to the annoyance of the croupier, until we lost everything.

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