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    1. My qualifications are quite good and then I could let the house out, it would be silly to opt out of the property market

    2. Obviously, there are other kinds of qualifications companies really appreciate in employees

    3. those men whom they feel meet the qualifications of the eldership

    4. qualifications given in scripture

    5. The preacher should have preached several lessons on the qualifications, work, responsibilities of the elders and the congregation one to another

    6. I recognize there are some qualifications (married-children-apt to teach) that set some men apart as not being qualified but generally speaking the qualifications set forth by Paul are a wonderful description of God's man

    7. The qualifications for overseers

    8. qualifications to be elders, decisions still have to be made in order for the church to carry on its work

    9. It is interesting that one of the qualifications of an elder is : “

    10. well learned concerning the qualifications and duties of elders

    11. Qualifications, definitions, and duties of elders have been adequately discussed in another chapter of this book

    12. congregation without elders needs to learn thoroughly the qualifications, and duties of

    13. care should be taken NOT to select elders based upon the domestic qualifications (husband

    14. but given his qualifications, nobody would give him that stature

    15. Having left school without many qualifications, trusting his

    16. qualifications, the young man found a job in the retail sector

    17. Bunty interviewed her and asked her the question all applicants who reach the interview stage are asked – How do you see the Foundation helping you? She replied that she felt it would give her the chance to improve herself, get some qualifications so that she could work as a secretary

    18. She reels off reasons as if she is reading a list of faculties in a university prospectus; qualifications, boys rather than men, too young to really know her own mind, being frightened of the responsibility

    19. I heard from a friend of a friend that Chas was looking for a guy with my qualifications … got in touch and here I am

    20. ‘I see … and this is where your qualifications come in, I suppose

    21. For all his scientific qualifications – and he has a degree of sorts according to these records – he’s not all that bright

    22. but I had to take whatever I could get in order to keep body and soul together … admittedly, I had left college with a very impressive set of qualifications, but my experience of real life in an office was zero … looking back I was lucky to get a job at all

    23. live by his trade, but live by it suitably to the qualifications which it requires

    24. qualifications to build credibility

    25. They even endeavoured to hinder, as much as possible, any middle man of any kind from coming in between the grower and the consumer; and this was the meaning of the many restraints which they imposed upon the trade of those whom they called kidders, or carriers of corn ; a trade which nobody was allowed to exercise without a licence, ascertaining his qualifications as a man of probity and fair dealing

    26. His critics point to the fact that his facilities are inadequate and his qualifications are non-existent

    27. A resume (AmE) or CV (BrE) is usually requested by a prospective employer as a record of your qualifications and professional experience

    28. The first of those causes or circumstances, is the superiority of personal qualifications, of strength, beauty, and agility of body ; of wisdom and virtue; of prudence, justice, fortitude, and moderation of mind

    29. The qualifications of the body, unless supported by those of the mind, can give little authority in any period of society

    30. The qualifications of the mind can alone give very great authority They are however, invisible qualities; always disputable, and generally disputed

    31. state my qualifications, explain everything about the program, that they would only pay half for it, and so on, but nothing worked

    32. At least their misery is only six months and ours one year or two years or even more depending on qualifications

    33. His office was large and bragged of his achievements and qualifications all over the walls

    34. Bush hired Michael Brown as head of FEMA with few qualifications

    35. I cannot help feeling just a little resentful when people look down their noses at overseas qualifications, assuming that they are all worthless

    36. I know of plenty UK qualifications that are frankly not worth the paper they are written on!

    37. three questions about Janie’s sales qualifications, and his only response

    38. My Canadian teaching qualifications (the best, as my father had ensured) count for nothing until the bureaucrats of my host country are satisfied that their requirements have been met

    39. After receiving post-graduate qualifications in education in the U

    40. With the help of the house he had a new birth certificate and commendable job qualifications

    41. Did the police ask you about your qualifications to build the device that killed Terry?”

    42. which are usually called a salutation, in addition to this he states his qualifications, but

    43. Legal scholars with virtual unanimity recognized Bork’s extraordinary qualifications

    44. His speech was necessary, the Senator later explained, to prevent those Senators recognizing the high qualifications of the nominee from signaling their early support

    45. Few of the Democratic Senators who had been ready to confirm Bork on his qualifications had the courage to stand up against the blasts leveled against him—and might well be thrown against them should they support him

    46. So savage and irrelevant to Bork’s qualifications was the attack mounted against him that it led to the coining of a new verb: “to bork

    47. You've got a fantastic education and a long string of qualifications - what will set you above others with

    48. Namibian crews not only have the qualifications in their field, but

    49. With a few qualifications, Ricardo had explained

    50. The trial counsel continued, “The legal qualifications of all members of the prosecution are correctly stated in the appointing orders

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